I am planning to visit Chiclayo in August. (1) How safe it is to take a night bus to Chiclayo from Lima? I understand there are...

...protests in the Amazon region; (2) what is the h1n1 swine flu situation in Lima and Chiclayo? Thanks


Country: Peru


Well I took the Ormeño bus line to get to Chiclayo and it was good at both morning and night. The swine flu is infecting about 100 people per day, but it's not as bad as it was in Mexico or the US, there are no deaths and people are recovering in their houses.
1.- Its pretty safe depending on the bus-company you choose. Chiclayo is on the coast, and the Amazon isn't. Sometimes there are regional protests, but nothing permanent on the coast area.
2.- The flu is spreading like in every country (even less i think), but under control.
Maybe you could re-ask closer to your travel-date
When you stay in lima, you can take a bus also in a carriage company, for example.. "Cruz del Sur", or "Ormeño", maybe the price is more than 50 soles equivalent to 18 dollars. These companies are in Javier Prado Avenue on Lima. you can by to chiclayo, because the situation of the protests in the amazon region isn´t happened in this region. About the h1n1 swine flu situation in Chiclayo.. I don´t know a case in this region. Be carefull in airport always in any countries. The temperature in chiclayo is very hot. well, I don´t speak fluently the englis, but I´ll hope have helped
It's safe but you've to be careful with choosing the bus line and service you take. My choice is - and always will be - Cruz del Sur. It's a 12- hour journey from Lima to Chiclayo which is mainly covered by imperial and Crucero service. The best of both route services is Crucero. Concerning swine flu, there's no greater risk than you're facing now in your country. Just follow the precaution you're following right there at home.
Chilcayo wow nice place best buses for me are.

to see what to do in Chiclayo go here
The night bus to Chiclayo from Lima es 100% safe.
The protests in the amazon region are already over.
The H1N1 swine flu situation is under control, just a limited number of cases has beeen reported in the country, as everywhere else I guess. Chiclayo is fine.
You are welcome.
Its really safe to take a bus from LIma to Chiclayo, I suggest you to visit this webpage , Right now the problems in the Amazon are over, and In chiclayo everything is all right.Swine Flu, we are not having much problems about that, In the north region there are a few cases.
It is safe to go to Chiclayo by bus , the way is quite long ... 12 hours, i think you might go first to Trujillo see the archaeological sites there, then Chiclayo more archaeo sites and Chaparri it is natural reserve that is very enjoyable, to go to Chachapoyas there are buses too but you should be very carefully in that way, arriving there you can take tours to kuelap, the strikes have finished no problems there "for a while" . check my blog
good luck
Well, you can take any formal bus company like Cruz Del Sur, Emtrafesa or Linea, among others. They are good companies and offer very good services. The distance is aprox. 850 km wich is done in aprox. 12 hours, non stop trip. I dont know why or how long you are going to spend in Chiclayo, but I´d recommend you top make a stop in Trujillo, wich is a beautiful city and has a lot to offer in terms of culture and fun: gastronomy, arqueology, ecology, history, bussines and social work oportunities, fun, etc. So, I think is worth it and you won´t regreat it. Regarding the protests there is nothing you should worry about, because they are not in Chiclayo, and they are over. About the H1N1 flu, so far, there are about 300 cases, in the country, wich most of them have been found in Lima, so you shouldn´t worry about that either. Im from the northern area and know a lot about it, so if there is anything I can assist you, just let me know, and good luck on your trip. Blessings, Paul.
Take Ormeño or Cruz del Sur they are more organized bus companies, but i would recommend take airplane and naybe when coming back to Lima drive Bus. The flew is the same in everywhere even somepeople do not know that they are sick. Regarding the Amazon protests is too far from Chiclayo, there are allways protests in the third world.
I have done that trip many times, what I do is to take the bus with bed or semi bed like oltursa, cruz del sur or civa, this buses are the latest technolgy, like sattelite traking, controlled speed, they are very, very, comfortable with on board tv, hot meals.
The best and safest way to go to Chiclayo,would be bus companies OLTURSA or CRUZ DEL SUR, nothing to worry about roads beisn closed; the flu is mostly affecting school kids; in Perú there are around 1000 cases,none in critical conditions: have a good trip! Exchange for the us dollar is about three soles per 1 us dollar
Hi, my suggestion is you take Oltursa bus, or Ittsa bus, or Cruz del Sur Bus, the other ones are cheaper but not safe ones, actually I always just take Oltursa Bus. The better for you should be to take an airplane, then you could take a bus to other towns in the north because those are close. My other advice is to rent a car: ...The protests on the Amazon and the flu are now under control, but I don't know how the situation will be one month later. you also could let me help you, I live at the north of Chiclayo. My e-mail is: . Keep on touch.
The situation in the northern Amazon is localised and won't affect travel to Chiclayo. Bus travel to Chiclayo is very safe, especially with one of the bigger companies; Cruz del Sur or Ormeño. Get in touch for further information:
and Buen Viaje!
If you want information I recomended write to
she is a tour guide in english german and spanish in nort of peru she live in Chiclayo her name is Ms. Martha.
success in your journey
Take a night bus in Oltursa , Cruz del Sur or Ormeño bus Companies, the safer.
Protests appear with at least three or two days before; may wathc web of , autorities had set conversations with all the different groups of manifestants , about the flu we are prepared all medical systems are in alert.
Enjoy your visit.
it is safe to take the bus from lima to chicalyo,my advice is for you to take "OLTURSA BUS" is very safe and the bus dosent stop any where until it gets to chiclayo,it also takes 12 to 13 hours from lima to chiclayo on is far away from chicalyo so dont worry,its safe..and we are not that bad with the swine flu situacion in lima and chicalyo is more safe than lima ;)
you must take a safe bus as oltursa, cruz del sur , ormeño, about the swine flu i think is controled. Peruvians dont believe on sickness

good luck
Jose Antonio

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