We are looking for a travel agent who we can work with.We are a reputable travel company in Nairobi and we do all types of travel.We...


Country: Canada


Your best bet is GAP Adventures in Toronto, they have tours and connections around the world and a wonderful track record across all types of conditions. The President & CEO is Bruce Poon Tip and he is a terrific example of what is possible in this world.

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Gregory B. Gallagher

There are all kinds of reputable travel agency's in Canada. Travlocity is probably one of the best, but there are several others to choose from. Only you know what you want, so perhaps you can look travel agencies up on the Internet, and contact them one at a time, to see which of them gives you the best deal for your dollar. Like everything else in the world, when talking business the color of money changes minds rather quickly.

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