most interesting things to do, shop and eat in egypt in 3 days

please advise


Country: Egypt


yes u r true , U hv here differnet places for shopping and also local food is a wonderful experience :) ... i think when eaten one time , u wanna miss it all time , ...but in the 3 days U can do sometings more than eatin and shopping ...;)
hi there..egypt has sevral shopping centers.the biggest one is is just near out alex. you can shop there. there you can find anything you imagine with low prices.and there u can find also restaurants and cafes with best qualities. concerning eating..egypt is famous for the special local plats and i need you to pinpoint a city that you would like to know where to eat in .then i can tell you what to do and where to go

i will always be at your service any time sir
ok in alex visit catcomb kom el shoafa
it is magnfesent
& may be visit bombie colomn
you can visit also national museum in cairo &in alexandria
there is alot of places you may visit to go shopping in egypt like city stars and khan el khalely and try the local egyptain food you will like it
first you must decide where you will go in Egypt then you will know the most interisting things to do there in 3 days any way you are welcome any time.
Egypt is big, which city?
If you gonna spend your three days in the capital "Cairo", there're lots to do.

But the if you wanna combine, eating and having fun at the same time, My advice to you is to get on one of those restaurants boats in Giza, you'll find a verity of delicious food as well as great shows like Billy dancing and oriental music played by a band and the boat will sail through the Nile on a cruise which you definitely will like very much
as you have very few days in egypt i advise you to explore cairo & enjoy the local food like Koshari in Abu tarek resturant in down town
also you should try the Ful & Falafel & shisha with tea in Khan El-Khalili area
and you still have time to make an overday to Alexandria & do not forget to try the sea food in any resrturant at el kornish area
if you need more help please do not hesitate to contact me for more advise
in each of the 3 days you can visit a special town:
-have your breakfast (either orientall or at hotel)
-visit any monuments and such places in town
-visit downtown and mix up with people there in that town
Three days with so much to choose from! Of course I'm going to have to suggest Luxor. :-) With only three days, it will have to be a day trip but one day is better than none at all. If you book early enough in advance, you can fly quite inexpensively. (Pls send me a PM if you need help booking flights). I would suggest visiting the tombs at the Valley of the Kings, Luxor and Karnak Temples and Medinat Habu. (You can have a look at some of our tours). Then take a leisurely feluccca ride on the Nile at sunset. The Nile is always magical, but is at its best in Luxor (and Aswan). Sorry Cairo :-).

For 2 days in Cairo, day 1 - You'll have to start early but you can do the pyramids at Sakkara and Dahshur, then the Giza Pyramids and then end the day at the Egyptian Museum. It's less crowded in the afternoons. Giza is better to do later in the day as Cairo is sometimes quite smoggy in the morning and you'll get better pictures. Khan El Khalili is a must for shopping and is wonderful in the evenings when most of the tourists have gone home and Egyptian families are out socializing. Have a chai and a sheesha

For Day 2, you can see some of the more popular mosques in Islamic Cairo. One of my faves is Ibn Tulun. The mosque at the Citadel is also quite amazing. Again, start very early and you may get to visit The Hanging Church in Coptic Cairo. Most importantly, take the time on this second day to 'get lost' in Cairo. Wander about, see the alleys, watch the people go about their daily business. Don't be afraid to venture out, try a local dish (pigeon, anyone?) and converse with the people. It is one of the most rewarding things you can do in Egypt. It is a country filled with treasures, but the best of those is its people.

Hope this helped.
KC, you seems that you know Egypt better than us "the Egyptians", you said it all, can't compete with you =D
LOL Hatem! :-) You're very kind. It's just that I love Egypt very much. :-)
First let me know about Me Im Mona work in Travel Agency in Egypt sure the Shoping & Eat but i think you have alot of thing to od it beside this both like Visi the three pyramids - Sphnix - Sakkarah and memphis then take the Lunh in any Restaurenat in Egpt in the same site in the Pyramids then in the seconde Day you start another way like visit the Museum Egypt- citadel then Old Cairo and also can Take the lunch in different restaurant with different Kind Eating and the rest of the day can spend in the Souk for the Shopping and his name is Khan el Kalili
and in the third day i leissure for you to eat and shoping also and in the eand of the day can transfer you for the Final Departure in the International Aiport.

If you intereset by my eamil can arrange for you everthing from Hotels and transfer and Guide be with you during the Visits.

Best regards
Waiting yor Soon Reply
I`m going 2 give u maney adviceses:
If u r making avisit 4 the 1st time 2 anyplace in anywhere u should have aguide or guide book the 2nd thing u should buy amap ,3rd: u should read something about the country which u r going 2 visit
ofcorse I can give u maney adviceses about my country but at 1st I would love 2 knowe what r u interested in? such as historical places ,local things,religes or anything else plz make ur questions more basific
best regards,
Rania Hamed

Have a good day.
I'm Hala. i'm working at a travel agency in Cairo Which can provide you with all services you like to have in Egypt.

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Hi Hala,
Thanks for ur nice mail,u know that I`m English tour guide in Cairo ofcorse I`ll call u if I need anything u too.
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Hi, Egypt have many shops and places you are intersting in such as el Hussain and City Stars, and you are intersting for all the food in Egypt.
***hi Taru, u can do alot in egypt in 3 days so here r 3 options:
1-1st day(egy museum & the pyramids),2nd day(coptic and islamic tour),3ed day(shopping day).
2-1st day(egy museum & the pyramids,2nd day(alex tour),3ed day(coptic and islamic tour),shopping can be during the tours.
3-1st day(memfis,saqqara and giza),2nd day (egy museum,shopping tour),3ed day (flight to the magnificent temple in abu simbel).
***and alot of other optionals if u need to know more or ask about any prices for any thing contact meon my profile.
***with my best wishes***
it is very nice that u have to interest to come and visit egypt.but according for ur very short time here in egypt so all what i recommend to u to try to get close to the real egyptians people and u ll find something different in everywhere u go
we can offer you a 3 days full service with guid eto all the local places and a different major city everyday upon preference and many many sightseeings
shopping in cairo is very nice,For souviners khan el khalili,for clothes the best place is city stars and down town
Visit the piramids, the egyptian museum, and the citadel, shopping in Khan el Khalili, city star, try local food
u have to visit pyramids ,musuems and elhussien and citysatrs mall there u will find anything u want and also u can enjoy nile criuse at sunset it will be night u can enjoy nigh life at pubs such as latex or hardrock and have nice time
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