Which city in China is the best?

Im planning to go on a Southeast Asia trip with my husband. Which city do you think I should go to in China if we are into history, culture, art and shopping? We only have three days there before we go to Indonesia.


Country: China


Hi, If you only have three days in China then why not go to Beijng which is the capital city of China. It is the combination of the old and new. here you can visit the Imperial Palace, climb the great wall and walk around the 798 art district. Lots of shopping places from high-end products to the knock-offs.

catherine Lu from Beijing
Hi, If you only have three days in China then why not go to Beijng which is the capital city of China. It is the combination of the old and new. here you can visit the Imperial Palace, climb the great wall and walk around the 798 art district. Lots of shopping places from high-end products to the knock-offs.

catherine Lu from Beijing
I would like to suggest you to visit Guangzhou and HK together . These two cities are just very near from each other , just two hours train travel time . HK, famouse as world international city , definitely couldnot be missed .Guangzhou , city with more than 2200 years history, the city the starting point of the Historic Silk Road,the city where the first open -reform policy was completed , is a city for exploring history and business as well . If you have further questions , feel free to email me at : .
If you're going to SE Asia, then a sound choice is Hong Kong.

There's basically nothing but shopping there. A decent portion of the population speaks English and you can get a guide for cheap. I recommend the Giant Buddha ((with the gift shop inside it...classic irony) but also cultural and historic)) and there are several old school cemetaries you'll want to see. Chinese have a fairly unique way of tending to their dead.

Avoid over priced hotels...they're not any better...just more expensive. You can take the train out of the airport. (its actually reeeeaaaallly nice, for a train)
If you want a cab from the airliners, the cabby is willing to barter with you on the price.

Where ever you end up going, dress down as you can...if you can pass for students, do so.

(this includes not taking that fancy new suitcase you just got and throwing everything in backpacks)

Store any jewelry, lock your packs.

electronic equipment should be taken carry on.....DONT take Air China.
well, if u wanna do know some history and real Chinese culture, I dont think Hongkong is ur right choice, its too modern and just good for night life and shopping. Beijing could be cool, or maybe Yunnan, the landscape in old town Dali and Li jiang are totally amazing. But three days for beijing and Yunnan maybe not enough.
you know what? why dont you just go to Guilin, its in the southern and its a small but tourist city that has the reputation of having the most beautiful mountain and rivers in China. If you wanna see the awesome landscape, go to Yangshuo village, if you wanna know the minority culture and visit the rice terrace, go to Longsheng village. it'll be enough for three days.
anyway, good luck and enjoy ur trip here
There are many nice cities for you to visit, like: Beijing, Xi'an, Hongkong,Dali,Lijiang... but now looks you just have short time,also depending your requests, if let me make decition, I will go Beijing!
I think shanghai is the best choice.
It is one of the biggest city in China.It's combination of the eastern and western and it's has long history.It's a fantastic city to explore,shopping paradise,full of history,culture,art etc,people r so nice here too.
I bet u will love it since most of the foreigners or expats love shanghai most among china cities.

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You can visit Chengdu, capital city of Sichuan Province and birthplace of wolrdfamous Sichuan Food, esp. noted for its pandas.
Peter Wood
In China for tour ,the best city is Beijing. I am a local tour guide. I wish you can use my service. my e-mail: Best wishes!! peter Zhao
personally, I think Beijing is the best choice though I am from Shanghai. Beijing is not only China's capital but a ancient city with long history. You can get some idea about Chinese history, traditional culture, art, food,etc. If you like shopping,modern history, culture and art, Shanghai is an idea city. If you need more information, please contact me at
i think Beijing and Shanghai are cool
i think its difficult to answer such a question because Chinese cities really have each of them something particular,its better to choose according to what you would like to see, but generally speaking,i think its better to visit a city like Beijing because its still a mixture of traditional and modern China! you can contact me for anything concerning Beijing
I will suggest Shanghai, This multinational city has everything you looking for, we are not talking about only shopping, but aslo it is a very convenient city for Foreigner on communications or food. You will amazed with the city's facilities, culture. however, if you want to see historical building or China's empire palace, then go Beijing. Good luck!
Chongqing, or Chungking certainly. hoho
I would recommend Qingdao
Hi, the best you can go to for all what you are looking for is Beijing.
i would like to guide you, just contact me and we can discuss it!
regards, Arie
Beijing is not the best, but is the best option if you only have 3 days to spent in this country. Use 2 days for the hightlights in the city and use 1 day for a trip to the great wall and maybe the summerpalace. Otherwise consider Shanghai...
i would suggest you go to Xi An..there's so many museum and so many history, culture and art. you can visit the terra-cotta museum, it has almost 2000 years history. if u want to go shopping, u can go luomashi road at Xi An.
For my point of view,i suggest that you should go to Gui Lin ,then take the bus to YangShuo where you can see the famous sightseeing part "the Worldly paradise(the mountains and river " by raft, and you can experience the Zhuang ethnic culture life,whoever that has been there ,only say "Wow ,yes !" ! 3 days will be ok for this!Trust me !I am going there with friends on Apr.
hi. your Southeast Asia trip is so shot. and Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Hongkong , you can know history, culture, art and shopping. but some special cities like Guilin, Kunming, Dali, Tibet, Sanya. it's better to fly from Sanya to Jakarda, indonesia. Good journey. ANgelia2041

3 days is a shot time.

I would go to HK - Shenzhen - Guangzhou. T see the older city Guangzhou in comparision with anew city like Shenzhen and get a day in HK for the special HK history.
Also, excellent flight connections in and out of HK.

HAve a good trip

There are many cities worth to visit in China.Different cities,different style. If you have never been to China, my suggestion is Beijing. You can feel the charming of an old Chinese city. My hometown,Dalian, is a romantic city in the north of China.Welcome you to Dalian.
To my opinion,Guangzhou would be the best choose.History and Culture:Guangzhou have a age as long as 2222.there are Chen's Ancestral Lineage Hall(陈家祠)and Guangdong Museum.Art:Xinhai Musician、Guangdong Art Museum and so on.At last,there are many shopping place you can go in guanghzou,such as Beijing Road、Shangxiajiu Walking Street and Tianhe Gym Square.All of them can go very easy by subway.
Guilin of course !
Especially for photography !
The beautiful Karst mountains along the Li river.
And the Longji rice terraces.
Have a look:
Guilin of course.
In the neighbourhood:
the beautiful Li River
and the Longji Rice Terraces
it depends what do you like. Terracotta warriors at Xi'an. Beijing and great wall. Shanghai and Hangzhou. Chengdu and the land of panda. n the south there is HK. Fujian province is nice as well Qindao.

Three days is a short time.

Visit SHanghai or Beijing and get a bit of everything.

Have a nice trip

many people will tell you beijing or shanghai. yeah, they are like the most modern cities in china, but i recommand Yunan, or Xi'an, they are beautiful cities, and you can see much more about culture instead of concrete buildings. Yunnan is also one of the most romantic cities in China.
well,Thanks for planning to visit our country.Actually there r a lot of wonderful places all across China.But I figure Xi'an is the best,especially when u want to see the real China.Xi'an has the longest history,and she is one of the 4 so-called ancient cities in the world.She will definitely not let u down,I promise. My e-mail:.
To be honesty, three days in China looks limitted, possble itinerary as follows:
sightseeing include Forbidden city,The Temple of Heaven,and summer palace
Early flight to Xian,visit the Terra Cotta Warriors and Big wild Goose Pagoda...or you can take a night train to Xian on the first day.
Highlights of the day is Great wall and Ming tombs.
I hopoe that will help you to plan your trip in China.
Hi, I'm a guy living in Guangzhou, and thus knowing a little bit about it and the rest part of Souch China. Honestly, if you wanna experience more of the cultural heritage, you definitely should go to Beijing, Xi'an or Nanjing, among which Beijing is the top choice since it has almost hosted the longest period of ancient dynasties and has mixed the most modern stuff. Shanghai is another option if you have enough time, since to many folks' eyes, it's the most significant case which demonstrates China's fast growth. And it is now the biggest city in China in which you'll find everything. It's also my suggestion that, please don't come to Guangzhou if you don't have enough time, since in whatever terms, I just don't think it can represent the economic or cultural aspect of China.
Shanghai should be ur best Chioce. As the most developed city in China, u could not only visit the metropolis landscape in Asia, but also some very graceful small towns nearby this city. U can have a dinner in the highest rotating restaurant in Asia and have a bird-view of the whole city; u can have a sight-seeing of totally different style architectures in Bund,which are just located cross a river; u will have an amazing experience when u visit some shanghai-charactered building named Shikumen,u will never believe there are so many high class bars, restaurants and hotels hiding inside in such houses.
You really should go to Guilin. It is connected with cheap flights to Kuala Lumpur. Check out my website !
As an Chinese,I would like to recommend you Hangzhou for sure.It's place near Shanghai,where you can come by air plane or any transportations very easily.Hangzhou is the No.1 city which the citizens feel happiness to live in.this city has a lot of famous place for you to visit,will make you exprience the mysterious of China.
With only 3 days you really can't get involved.Try Beijing -- at least it's the capital city of China,boasting hundreds years of history and royal heritage.
Or xi'an -- a city reveals an ancient China.
More information,only if you come to China next time!
You can come Guangzhou,A city which has been established for 2200 years, its old English name was "Canton".The starting point of Maritime Silk Road, with some wonderful museums and temples,a street of 1000 years that you can see its pavement of "Song" dynasty,meanwhile, owns an very important status in China's modern history, and also a good shoping place.It's nearby Hongkong and Indonesia.
The idea that there can be a best city in China is amusing...after all mostly they are all dirty, polluted, traffic jammed, massive crowds, grey, colourless, etc, etc...there is also little notion of 'culture' in best you can do a bit of shopping, although even that can be overpriced if you compare with other places in some local food and knock on wood, go an see some temples that had all the charm restored out of them populated by some fake monks...this is the harsh reality; for that reason I would recommend Shenzhen, especially as it is very near - next to - Macau(which is a wonderful little place) and of course HK... these 3 cities are all an hour from each other with good transport links...and all you want to see or hope to see about China...
If you've only 3 days, and are interestd in history, culture, art and shopping - I would definitely recommend Beijing to you - as for "frank" in Shenzhen, his view is completely negative and utterly wrong, in my opinion at least. Beijing's local culture is still very strong and the city has SO much to offer travellers. There are great art galleries and museums, as well as some of China's most famous historical relics! As for shopping, the malls at Oriental Plaza can't be beat, but if you're into more local flavours, there are lots of lovely shops in the hutongs you can visit! As I think someone above has already commented, Beijing offers the best of things old and new!
Well,I hardly think that Shenzhen is a city of history,it's quite new,and,as Frank has said,polluted,uncolorful,terrible food and overhigh price, most of China's city in his negative discription.I doubt about how he can survive in such an environment.

I won't strongly suggest you a city,because in my opinion,every city in China has its own character and deserve to go to. You might have to face some problem in this trip,like your other trips,or not.But if you want to know a place well,go there.

Good luck and have fun!
Beijing is the capital city of China and you can visit there, then go to shanghai,the largest city of china, you can knwo the real china from these 2 cities
good lucj
As is known to all, Beijing, the capital of the People's Republic of China, has a history of over 3000 years. Her splendid culture and history of the Chinese nation made prosperous.
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