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How's shopping in Singapore? Are the electronics cheap there? What about clothes? Can you suggest good places to shop in ?


Country: Singapore


Congrats! You've ask the right person. Well,currently it's the Great Singapore Sale (GSS), clothes are cheap here, I guess, it depends on what you're looking for though. But it's currently GSS, and things are all on discounts. As for electronics, you should get them during the IT shows here, where there's all kinds of brands, all kinds of electronics gadgets and stuffs. =D
Best place to shop for electronics is Funan Mall, a concentration of electronic shops all in one block.
GSS is on now so you will find plenty of clothes sales, shops are around every corner. Vivocity is biggest shopping mall in singapore
That pretty much depends on what you are looking out of your shopping experience.
If you are looking for unique trinkets,or a shopping experience that includes anitque of arts & crafts, you can try places like Clarke Quay, Central Mall and Holland Village, much like the Greenwich Village in New York except that the Farmer's Market is only open on Sundays and sells mostly second-hand hand-me downs.

As for electronics,if you are looking for Windows based computers, we are slightly cheaper but if you are into Mac Products, you get a better deal in the U.S especially in states with lower tax rates like Salt Lake City.
The best places to get computer stuff and electronics like home theatre system etc are Funan IT Mall, opposite City Hall MRT shops like Portable World has great and knowledgable staff, Newstead.
You can also check outplaces like Giant, Courts in Tampines or Mustafa in Little India.
Hope this helps
Hope this helps
Three words to start you off: Sim Lim Square. Take the train down to Little India and cross over to the 6 floors of electronics. Be sure to check out at least a few stores on different levels to get a good price for your items.

Clothes are a bit tricky. Most shopping centres in Singapore have the typical shops and brands you will probably be familiar with (Espirit ,Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Fox, etc) so if you just want everything on one street head down to Orchard Road where you can shop for branded goods, middle-ranged priced clothing at Tangs/Takashimaya or affordable clothes with great choices (but mainly for the teens) at Far East Plaza.
Electronics: Sim Lim Square (but you're better off to go with a local, else these ppl will rip off your wallet)

Clothes: Plenty! Many shopping complexes... Orchard is just a heaven for shopping... Check out Bugis Village which is walking distant from Sim Lim.

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