I'm going to travel to Thailand in september and I will be staying on the Ko Samui. Which is the best place for scuba diving, please?


Country: Thailand


Hi I recommend this one ok,
Here are a couple of sites on Ko Samui:
1. Big Blue Diving Center, Hat Chaweng
2. Easy Divers, Hat Chaweng

3. Samui Sports Divers, Hat Bo Phut

If you want to concentrate on diving and not on entertainment, a better place to my opinion is Ko Tao (belongs to the Samui archipelago).
Hi , i would suggest that you go to Koh Pangan there is a great diving school there caled Lotus diving.
Best spot for diving is Koh Tao, but they now al the right spots.

Have a great time.

Fokke van Egmond
Best Diving Centers are on Koh Phangan:

1. haad yao divers ()
2. reefers dive resort ()

if you book a course with reefers you get the room for free!
Hi, if you are real dive lover. I recommmend you spend some nights on Koh Tao (Turtle Island). Since Koh Tao is the best dive spot in the Gulf of Thailand. Though it's smaller than Samui, but lot of natures and fun, all you can find there from few dollars to hundreds accommodation range. Learn to dive there perhaps the cheapest in the world. Getting there is easier like you go to Samui, train or bus. Then ferry. Try to visit they operate daily service from BKK - Koh Tao - Pangan - Samui.

Try to know Koh Tao at a glance:

Dive resort:

But if you prefer more Samui, there are dive shops operate day trip to Koh Tao, it's just 1.30hrs away. Most dive shops offer 2 dives day trip from Samui. You can also dive around Pangan Island (fullmoon island).

All those I recommend you may try those 3 islands hop, stay on Koh Tao 3-4 days for diving, island discover, and relax. Then Samui for 3-4 days and Pangan for other 2-3days. Yes why do not try to overlook the original fullmoon on Koh Pangan too!

Have a fab trip.
The largest concentration of diving operators are found at; Sairee Beach (Koh Tao), Bophut Beach and Chaweng Beach (Koh Samui). You can also go on a daily dive trip to Angthong National Marine Park and popular Sail Rock. Whale sharks can be spotted here.
THE place for diving in that area is Koh Tao, an island close to Samui. If you go diving with a company in Samui they will just take you to Koh Tao on their boat, to dive anyway!
Plenty of good suggestions by fellows Localytes.
I could't add more.
Good luck
Hi There
I hope you are ready for a brilliant time. The one concern with diving as I am sure you know is safety and there are international Paddy dive centres on the island. If they do not know the nearest at your hotel then ask a driver.
If you come our way, we can help you personally. We have customers that are instructors.
Take care
Hi there
The one concern for divers and I guess you know this is safety. Make certain you get a Paddy international recognised outfit.
Wherever you go, part of the fun is talking to other divers about where you should have gone. Good dive buddies are important and you will find them in abundance here.
If you make your way to us, we will be pleased to sort you out first hand - even point you to a mistery container off Sattahip!
Best wishes
I second Easy Divers on Chaweng. Their PADI Course Director Camille Lemmens would be of great help to you. If you google his name you will see that he has a great blog and is very visible on most of the diving forums.

well Koh Tao offers definitely the best dive spots around here. I always went diving with Discovery Divers, located inside the front building in the Amari Palm Reef Hotel north Chaweng. Have a look at their site: and have a look at their reviews at

Sail Rock, Chumphon Pinnacle, White Rock and Green Rock are my favourite places for dives.

Day trip to Koh Tao, you can dive with small sharks in a total safety

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