what are the best places to get Mexican food in #sanfrancisco?


City: San Francisco

State: California

Country: United States


This is really a difficult question...but the answer is, San Francisco's Mission District.The Mission District has many many Mexican restraurants that feature Breakfasts, Lunch and Dinners. For Breakfast I recoomend Chavos, authentic food and style...Lunch my recommendation is La Tepa, tacos, burritos etc....but Dinner is difficult, there are so many choices that it would be an injustice to name one. Go to the Mission, walk around and follow your nose....there are Yucatecan style, Nortenos, etc....what ever you want, it is in the Mission.
I agree - the Mission District is IT. A lot of people also swear by (and follow on Twitter) certain Taco trucks - which have even been featured on Anthony Burdain's "No Reservations" Travel Food show. If you want upscale restaurant with a gorgeous view take the Ferry from SF to Tiburon and right where you get off is Guaymas restaurant - with a killer view back over the bay to SF skyline. Fun to take the ferry no matter what.
For high end Mexican I would suggest Colibri near union square or Maya. These are representative of cuisine from central Mexico unlike most of the Mission which is good, but mostly north Mexican.
Some favorites include a new spot in Potrero Hill called Papito (unique and stylish, with a bar), Mexico DF downtown (high end), and La Coroneta for great burritos in the Mission.
This is just a personal favorite -- El Balazo in the Haight! Amazing cactus burritos!!!!! Otherwise, lots of great spots in the Mission. Also, Oakland has good Mexican food -- taco trucks can't be beat!

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