I've been in Pattaya for almost a year now. I am looking for groups who participate in activities like badminton, jogging or swimming....

...Does anyone here know of any such group? Many thanks/


Country: Thailand


This may help you, check out the web page at
Heja Ken
Jogging, swimming you should find some pals on the "track",
or in the "pool" !!! Indoor activities / sports either on
Indoor "Stadiums" or Hotel facilities. There should be more
than 1 ....
Hello Ken. You have already been given a e,mail address. I suggest looking in the big hotels that have sports, maybe on the notice boards or put a add in the Pattaya mail for playing partners,
Dear Ken, there are many sportclubs in Pattaya. Have a look at I'm quite sure it's something you're looking for.

Sorry, do not know but if you find one, please let me know

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