Hi everyone:) I am visiting Japan again, this time Osaka, and would love to visit some of the themed restaurants I have heard about-...

...Alice themed, prison theme etc. I would love some specific details of where these sorts of places are, address, nearest station etc as I can't fin any of this info on the net. Thanks so much for any help, I am soooo excited to be going to Japan again!!


Country: Japan


Hello, about Alice it may help you this post. regards.
r u only going to osaka? not tokyo?
i know a good one u should definitely check out, in tokyo... but i dont know about osaka.
There is "The Lockup" (horror/prison themed restaurant)
near JR Sannomiya (towards Kobe)
and near JR Tennoji (Osaka Loop Line)

The same company produces "Arabian Rock" ("Aladdin" imagery)
near JR Sannomiya (27min from JR Osaka station)

I often take visitors to the much cooler and far more sophisticated UG Corp. owned restaurants, most of which are near JR Osaka/Hankyu Umeda stations. Browse and take your pick!

If you can't read Japanese, cut and paste the addresses into Google Maps, print, and ask for directions at the station. Have fun!
You should check Christon Cafe

You should check Christon Cafe

You should check Christon Cafe

Thankyou so much to everyone that took the time to give me information, it is much appreciated and I am sure I will have fun! :)

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