looking for low cost accomodations and transportation for my children and I... to see Petra, Wadi Rum, Dead sea, across to Cairo in a...

...rush... no leisure no luxury


Country: Jordan


ok about commodation , u have two choices hotels or furnuture appartment & very nice one .

hotels we have from none star up to 5 stars each one has it own special price & it depence if you know some one who can help to get the good price , the furnuture appartment i have many of friends who got avery good one with agood price comparing to the prices of hotels .

about transportation :
u have many choices :
1. rent acar company like avis , hertz , payless & many
international names & they have expensive prices.
2. local rent car companies & for my self i dont trust the
cars they used.
3. the best way is to hire car or mini van with driver as atoruist driver & im sure this way is the best also for the price case the driver would stay with u full day where u go.
best trip tour inside jordan is :
first day : jerash , ajloun ,city tour in amman try to start early like 8 am.
second day : desert castles , dead sea & back to amman
third day : king way start from mount nebo , madaba , mujab valley , karak castle , petra for over night.
fourth day : visit petra for 4 hours & to rum valley for riding jeep 2 hours , thin u can over night into camp or u go to aqaba .
fifth day : into aqaba swimming , diving , city tour , shopping for example .
the best way to ask for car with driver is to tell : i need car with driver ( disposal used ) dont mention the places u r going to visit , so u fill the gasoline & u save much money.
some will ask you about 60 perday with none gasoline inside amman & the cities near amman.
out side amman with none gasoline about 80 to 100 case car model 2009 not like 2005 & the brand name too.

if u can contact me i will help you from a to z case im working as free lance into toruism field.

good luck for you

Hi , it is easy to find hotels or Motels cheap and in the other u can find high prices , it depend upon ur budgget and money ,and about transportation , I prefare to use JET buses ,fixed prices and limit time , call me when u arrive to AMMAN , I will do my best to help u free no charge,my mobile 0795809663 Mohammad Lahham >welcome to Jordan
i have found furnuture appartment for you & your kids for 68$ per day , very nice one in west of amman , also available car with driver model 2009 per day full day with you 24 hours 90$ incloded gasoline , or min van 7 seats with driver 110$ full day 24 hours incloded gasoline .

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