Hello! I need personal guide with perfect Russian for 2 tourists at the end of December. Can you help me?


Country: Thailand


Which area will you be in, as I can only help in Phuket. Be well.
Try website of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) or Diethelm travel.
Uhhh sorry. I could help out in many other languages, but
RUSSIAN - no connections.
Where do you want to travel? If you want to come to Chiang Mai...I can be your guide! And I recommend you to go to Doi Suthep!...more information please contact
I know a lady from Croatia who speaks perfect Russian and English but not much Thai. Any use?
Most of the "special language" guides are employed at travel agents that provides them jobs on a regular base. Please drop your request at Diethelm travel Travel or Asian Trails. I'm sure they will be able to help you.

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