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Can someone from Thailand tell me if it's possible for me to teach english there without a college degree? I do have a TEFL certificate. Is that sufficient? I don't expect a high salary, but something that I can live on. Please help me. Thank you.


Country: Thailand


Hello, mostly 3 yrs experience are required. for more info, u can contact British council in Thailand. Very useful website. They will tell u everything!
Good luck. Cheers,
Yes - you can... But if you want to stay in the country getting a work permit and therefore a visa is practically impossible without a degree.
Hi. Where do you want to teach? I can recommend you to my high school named Kanlayanawat School in Khon Kaen. It is located next to Khon Kaen Police Station. Maybe they still want more English teachers. If you need more information, please contact me
My name is Aom.
It is better if you have a degree, but it is possible to teach with just a TEFL. However many schools are tightening up their requirements and so, experience is preferred.
Yes it is very possible to teach English with a TEFL certificate. English teachers are in great demand all over Thailand so you should have no problem getting a post and work permit.
Try this web site it generally has most, if not all the answers to your questions:-

Yes you can do this but possibly have to work illegally as from last year miniumum requirements for a teacher in thailand is TEFAL,a teachers liscence, and a degree or you will have to take part in extra teaching qualifications....but it all depends on the school and how they want to play it,right now a new term started about a month ago so the next window of many more teaching jobs for foreigners will be through or the british council are websites but i prefer to look independently there is a company i use to work for called Media kids thailand who recruit foreigners you might want to give them a try
Sure you can/could; providing a couple of MUST's! You MUST be
good, better than all the "ones" with University Degrees. You
MUST have a Visa + WORK PERMIT to stay in the Kingdom. You MUST have enough financial resources for your living.
All this - and more - on the internet sites of Thai Immigration Department.
very difficult you need experience too, try JP education website it has vacancies without degrees.
Yes you can get a job with a TEFL qualification provided that you can cope with local salary. It is best to come here and go to a school direct and work for them on condition they can help you with your work permit. No permit, no work condition from the outset and to get this in writing.
The very basic requirement for teaching English in Thailand is to being a native speaker (UK, USA, NZ, Australia). Anything on top of that improves your chances. The big internationals for adults offering one-to-one or small group intensive courses, like BERLITZ and INLINGUA may accept you just with that. Just walk into one of their offices and present yourself. If they are short of teachers, they may even offer you a crash course into their teaching methods. You may have to start as a freelancer without work permit, which basically is illegal. If you are good they may provide you with a work permit later. Thai schools for kids certainly require a degree, university teaching even a university degree in philology (major in target language).
However don't forget, that next to an official way in Thailand there is always another possibility.
Success with your efforts!!!
In Thailand the even hire unqualified non-native English speakers to teach English. So there are enough opportunities to get work. It's for you to find the best one. Getting a visa & working-permit can be a hassle. Put this into your conditions to work with the school so they will help you with it.
yews it is possible
look arround the ads and the bangkok post

the main problem will be the visa
as thailanmdf have terribly complicated the visa procedure

good luck
It is possible, but things are getting tighter and tigter as regards rules, A TEFL will certainly help as well, but your choices are certainly narrowed down (some people use fake degrees,which can be bought on Khao San road in Bangkok.
if you are english native it's not a big deal. Salary will be better in private school in Bangkok but life in the country side is much more affordable

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