I would love to witness the hunting of lions for the wildebeest during the migration, (1) where will the beests be migrating to, (2)...

...advice on how to have the best view and/or best place to have a rest during this event.


Country: Kenya


At the Mara river is the best vantage point to marvel the wonder of the migration. Catching a lion hunting is a climax though not guaranteed. However, you can watch the stealth hunter in the name of crocodilus niloticus, the croco at the river.
Migration in abou to start at Masai Mara. Normally starts mid July. Animals move from Serengeti to Masai Mara. Recommend you acccommodate at Mara Keekorok Lodge and atleast have a fullday game drive while at mara.
The wild beats will be migrating from seregeti to masai mara.. the best place to be keekorok ,mara serena then do full day game drive.
Thanks for the good question,i hope this explanations will help guide you to understand the seventh and the eighth wonders of the world.

Wildebeest Migration - The Migration Made Simple

Many have been disappointed upon arriving at a place and been told that the migratory wildebeest are 'in the north' or 'in the south' and that there is no chance of seeing the herds.

A few answers to some questions may help a little towards explaining the phenomenon better.

So what is the big deal regarding the migration?
The migration is truly one of nature's most spectacular displays. Almost two million animals move across the African savannah in search of grass and water and have been doing so for thousands of years.

Wildebeest form the bulk of the migration but they are accompanied by zebra and gazelles.
The herds move between the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya .

Will I be guaranteed of seeing the migration?
This will depend on where and when you book your safari but even then - as with all wildlife sightings in Africa - nothing can be guaranteed.

Although there are certainties with the migration, the exact time of the animals' movements cannot be foretold. The timing depends on the rains.

It is certain that they will move but predicting their exact location at specific times cannot be done.

There is the opportunity to book on tented/lodge safaris that move with the herds but even this safari cannot guarantee a sighting as the companies that provide the service are only allowed to operate in their respective countries and the herds may prolong a stay in an area for a number of reasons.

When is the best time to visit a country in order to see the migration?
Once again an exact time table is impossible to calculate as the movement of the herds is controlled by natural forces but what is certain is that the herds settle for a few months on the nutritious southern plains of the Serengeti to give birth.

This occurs from December through to April/May when they will start moving north again through the Western Corridor.

They generally cross into the Masai Mara in Kenya in August/September before heading south in November/December.

Booking a safari around these dates will not necessarily guarantee a migration experience but it will provide a great chance to view the herds.

Where is the best place to view the migration from?
To view the herds gathered in one area - if it is a vast area - then the southern plains of the Serengeti are the best place to be from January through to April.

This is the time that the females give birth. The Masai Mara in October is also a time when the herds stretch across the open plains in vast numbers.

For sheer drama there is the "adrenaline-surging” sight of the river crossings where the herds have to swim across rivers that host some of Africa 's largest crocodiles.

These reptiles generally do not feed much during the year - they gorge themselves at the time the herds cross the rivers.

The Grumeti and Mara rivers are where the most dramatic interactions are viewed. For the Grumeti crossing June is probably the best time to visit, although this changes each year.

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Hi.m Thank you for the question.
Wildebeest Migration - The Migration Made Simple

the herds move between the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya .
The best time to watch this expedition is between mid July/ november.

I would advise you to take the safari on mid August and spend 3 or 4 nights in Masai Mara.
During this time we make sure that you do a game drive on the Mara River.The tour guides will always know where the migration has been sighted and will make sure that they take you there.but it is not a guarantee.that is where i advise you to spend a few days there.
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Ok, your first request, to see lions hunting wildebeest cannot be guaranteed by anyone. The best chance you'll have is just to follow the migration for a few days, checking up on known spots where lions are. But, as you are not allowed to do night game drives within the park boundaries, and lions often hunt at night, there is still no guarantee.
The wildebeest do not always follow the same path as the year before. Probably your best bet would be to stay at a centrally located lodge or camp, in order to have greater access to all parts of the park. Keekorok and Sarova are in the far eastern reaches of the park. Therefore, if the migration crosses the river in the west, you'll have a longer way to go every day when you go on your game drive. Ilkeliani camp and fig tree are pretty centrally located, and are great places to base yourself for a few days. Ilkeliani is also an eco-camp, supporting local schools, water projects and health services (it's also usually cheaper than fig tree).
Migration starts from mid July( From Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to Masai Mara Game reseve in Kenya) in search of grass and water.An estimation of 01 million wildebeest blanketing the grassland take part in this annual event. Eminent stampedes and jaw snapping crocodiles and preying lion guarantee a spectacular scenery.River crossings in the Mara are favourite vantage points to observe the Mara wildebeest migration on your Kenyan safari. Favourable accommodations include Keekorok, Mara Serena and Olonana Tented Camp
Hi, You can opt to visit Maasai Mara in Kenya during the month of July - September when the migration in on or you can visit Serengeti in Tanzania during the month of March - June. With this you are guaranteed to see the migration, huntings/kills of lions and other preditors.
Trust the above is helpful. For more information, plse feel free to ask


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