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I am planning a tour to Jamaica. What should be my tour plan and whom should I contact for my bookings?


Country: Jamaica


your tour plan should be based on the fun places and things you like, contact Jamaica tours for bookings
Hi Shirley,
FIrst you should book your ticket either online or using a travel agent. Then you should decide what you would like to do and where you would like to go while on your tour. Depending on where you stay (north coast or south coast) you can decide on a hotel. As far as activities are concerned, it is all up to you.
Do you want to:
-spend your time on the beach
- go hiking
- visit historical or cultural sites
- do a culinary tour
- all of the above?
You should also decide where you would like to stay based on your preference for city life or the quiet country life ot the comfort of having other tourists around.
Once you have decided these things, if you're still not sure where to start, send me an email and I'll advise as best I can.
Check out this travel agent
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Hi Shirley,

What do you like doing most? Are you a history buff? Are you a literary buff? A cultural buff? Or do you just cool out? This I need to know to give you a nice tour. Check your travel agent and arrange your hotel and flight then you can call me at (876)306-9449 for arranging a nice tour for you. You can look on the website and get the fees and decide your favorite tour. Good luck and will be looking forward to hearing from you!
contact me jamaica tour guide. i will work with you on tours to suit your interest.
Thank you so much for enquiring about Jamaica.
You may contact us to do your bookings for you after which we will send you a detailed itinerary (which will include departure time, arrival time, rest stops, lunch)
Day 1 - Black River safari, YS Falls, Apple Valley Estate
Day 2 - Cranbrook Gardens, Mystic Mountains, Swimmings with the dolphins
Day 3 - Rafting on Martha Brae River, Outameni experience, Glistening waters
Day 4 - Travel to Negril, Cool Runnings Water Sports, Watch Sunset at Ritz cafe
Day 5 - Green Grotto Caves, Dunn's River Falls, Lunch on board boat travelling along the water front
Day 6 - Ride on glass bottom boat, Horse back riding, Doctors Cave Beach
It is possible to tell the different type of attractions based on their names so I will only describe the ones that are not clear. Outameni is a cultural re-enactment of 500 years of history including the former occupants of the Island the Tianos from whom the word ‘outameni’ came, which is included in our National Motto ‘out of Many one people’. It also shows the development of Reggae and other aspect of Jamaican culture. Glistening Waters is a luminous body of water which glows because of the many Microscopic organisms a boat ride in the night is an exquisite sight. Mystic Mountain involves rides which go across the mountains – for an adrenaline rush try this one. Rest stops “to have a jelly coconut” and refresh your self, lunch breaks and dinner your way - fine dining or casual is included. It helps to know if you have any preferences and for a longer stay some of the other parishes such as Portland and Kingston can be included.
If you want to get a good feel of the jamaican culture it would be better to stay at a guest house. And just arrange to have an driver assigned to you. Trust me you will love it.

Or if you have the money and just want to get away, you should go to a all inclusive resort
Great times waiting for you in Jamaica! I agree with the expert who recommends to stay in a more private establishment and use a driver. check out we have the best driver who will show you the whole island with fun and expertise!
Planning tours in Jamaica is easy, there are many tour companies that are more than capable to assist you. If you are traveling with a group or by yourself will help with the recommendations. If you prefer a private tour or to use one of the big tour companies and become a part of there group is something else I would like to know. Is there a special part of Jamaica that you would prefer to stay will help with the recommendations as well. Most of all, when do you plan to travel. Email me at with all your travel plans and I will be able to better make recommendations to suite your particular needs.
Well your question is a bit vague. Have you been to Jamaica before? Do you have reservations or a choice in what city you will visit? What kind of vacation are you planning? Do you want to relax or enjoy the many wonderful activities and attractions? Do you prefer waterfalls and hiking trails or beaches and bar stools? What kind of adventure may we plan for you?
You should definitely check out the world Renown Dunn's River falls. There are also lots of other attractions like new Mystic Mountain Rain Forest where you can try the Bobsled tour, Green Grotto Caves and if you are a fan of Bob Marley you should check out the tour by his childhood home and resting place. You can check out my website for more options.

Also if you would like to book any of my tours feel free to email me
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One Love!
There are many places to see and many things to do.Some cost money,some don't.I know them all.You can call me for more information 876-422-5600

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