Who are eligible for Visa upon arrival at South Korea?

I've heard citizens of certain countries are eligible for Visa on arrival at South Korea. Which countries are these? Who should apply for visa beforehand?


Country: South Korea


It depends on what kind of visa you are hoping to obtain, and where you are from. If you are a tourist from most Western countries, you don't need a visa; you just get a tourist stamp. If you want to teach or work for a company, you have to obtain the visa from outside the country. A teaching visa, for example, requires a criminal background check and blood test for drugs and HIV. Other visas have different requirements.
It depends on your nationality and your reason for coming to Korea. Please contact your nearest Korean consulate and/or embassy. There may be an honorary in your city if you check the phone book. Remember you must conform to Korean laws and not your country's laws. Furthermore, if you are ethnically Korean or a "gyopo" you may be able to come to Korea without any restrictions...
You can't stay here long enough without tourist visa in Korea. If you want to stay and travel around more than 10 days- I am not so sure how long- You need to contact Korean embassy in your country. Just a shor stay like less than one week I think you don't need to have a visa. However It depends on which country You are from. The best bet you can take is you make a simple call to the korean embassy in your country.
You can get a tourist visa upon arrival, which is good for up to three months. With this type of visa you cannot work, and it's hard to switch once you have one kind of visa to another. If you want to stay longer you must find a job and apply for a work visa -- but do that from your Korean embassy at home.

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