Souvenir from Singapore?

Aside from the usual t-shirts and key chains, what would be a good souvenir to buy in Singapore. I'd prefer cheap ones, though. Thanks!


Country: Singapore


food items will be nice. if you haven't heard of barbecued pork(locally known as Ba Kwa), it'll be great to get some back! Most of my local friends give these to their foreigner friends whenever they head overseas. These can be stored in room temperature for days and can be kept in the freezer for months(toasting it whenever you wanna eat). Easily available from a chain store called Bee Cheng Hiang.
Go to chinatown and buy something chinese (ying/yang balls/majhong/perfume bottles) there are plenty of things which are cheap and cheerful.
Also orchid souvenirs.
Postage stamps would make good souvenirs. Light to carry and First Day Covers go for abpout $3 eacg. You can check out the pricing and their latest designs at

Other items might be tea coasters, post cards. If you like to DIY, you can buy postage stamps, the lowest denomiation is $0.26 and paste it at the back of a post card together with coins that you have left over from you trip in Singapore.
Food is always good! The local fares are famous. Try a pack of Prima Taste Singapore Curry. Just add chicken and potatoes and you'll get a truly authentic meal! You can get it from all major supermarkets. And when you bring it back, if the customs check it. Just assure them that all ingredients are in powdered form.

there are plentiful of cheap and good sourvenirs at Bugis Village. Chinatown is another location that offers affordable sourvenirs.
I wish you could bring back a sample of our local cuisine back as souvenirs for your friends, it's not too practical at the moment, but there are a few options. When you visit Katong (which is the Peranakan area), drop by the Peranakan shops - one of them being Kim Choo's Kitchen) and grab a jar of sambal belacan if you or your friends are a fan of spicy condiments. Granted, this may not go with all foods but have a try and you'll know what may suit, and this is something you'd hardly fine elsewhere. A couple of shops there also sell Laksa (one of our famous local dishes) base/soup in packaged form. If you have really fallen in love with that dish, the ladyboss at stall 49 East Coast Road even does freezepacking!

Also, a great place to shop for something Singaporean would be . Ironically, it is online and they ship anywhere so you don't have to be physically here to get it, but it would be nice to get a T-shirt designed by Singaporeans. Don't worry, not advertising for them, but they came to mind as something truly Singaporean.

When you visit Little India, Chinatown, Geylang Serai or Arab Street, there will be plenty of items you could pick up as souvenirs. Perhaps some incense from Little India, a nice painting from Chinatown, snacks from Geylang Serai and perfume oil from Arab Street. These tend to represent the different communities that make up Singapore and although the selection is still considered traditional, they are mostly decorative and relatively pricy.

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