I will be arriving in Tel Aviv Airport Sde dov How can I go from this airport directly jerusalem? And if the only way will be a... much should cost? Thank you Manuel


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Dear Manuel, You can take a bus from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and it will cost you about 5$ one way. You can take a taxi from the air-port to the bus station at Arlozorov St. The ride from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is about 1 hour. Have a wonderful time in Israel
you can also take the train, it has a station inside the airport.
you can look at the scadual here:

its abit slow, but the view is nice :)
There isn't any station in Sde Dov airport. You probably meant to the one at Ben Gurion airport.
check this website as an option, is Israel Railways, you will find trains from almost all cities in Israel, the service is chip and you can choose the language in the vending machines. you also will save some arguments with drivers, sherut (shared taxis)is one option if there is not train (Shabbat) but you will need to wait until get full. Dont tip the taxi drivers, ask for Khabala (receipt)and take care of checking license plates in case you forget something on it or if the drivers charged you higher.
Enjoy Israel
Thank you for your help
Are train going Sde Dov airport?
if so what is the station name?
i know on the other airport Ben Gurion there is a train station but I could not found the train station for Sde Dov airport.
thank you
There is no train station in Sde Dov. The near-by is in Arlozorov St or the one next to the T.A University. But, the train to Jerusalem is quite slow. buses are much better.
hello, the Tel Aviv airport is a domestic airport. but if you arrive to Sde Dov you can take a taxi to the train/bus station and from there you can take a bus or train to Jerusalem. It you arrive to Ben Gurion airport so you have a shuttle that goes to the hotels or a train or a bus.
good luck

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