dive trip to sharm june staying at military base, ? nearest dive centers


Country: Egypt


I think "7 Diving & Snorkeling Center" is a good one, and it's vivid heart of Naama Bay.

You can contact them through this E-Mail:

Or you can visit thier website to find out more about them

Wishing you a nice trip.
ya that is a good source of information
At Hilton Feiruz hotel on the beach you can buy a dive trip from Sun and Fun (in the middle of Naama Bay)or call Hassan Luxor in Sharm 20-122189163 and book it
In June is very hot there
yeah Sharm El Sheikh provides exceptional access to some of the greatest diving destinations in the world.
all suggestions are right
i think one of the best options will be Red Sea Diving College Number one in the world at 2007 & also in the heart of Naama Bay you can check also through this & to e-mail them here you are
Hi Jed,

Depends which military base you're staying at as to which will be the nearest dive centre, but if you're talking about the MFO one you're actually very close to the Travco Jetty (where the boats leave from) and not so close to Na'ama Bay. There are a couple of dive centres associated with hotels in the Old Market area (3 minutes by car, 10 by pushbike, perhaps 15 on foot) which you could drop in and see.

Several people have suggested centres around Na'ama Bay, but the downside to this is (firstly!) Na'ama Bay itself (think Vegas, without the charm!) and secondly the fact that you'll need to take a cab. It's not really walking distance, you can't drive into the bay itself, and parking anywhere near it means haggling with parking attendants to let you use their bays while you walk into the bay. With that said, it's well stocked with dive centres; check out Red Sea Diving College (as already mentioned here), Emperor Divers, or Ocean College. The Peace Road contains about half a dozen others - Mr Diver, Egyptian Divers - but I can't personally recommend any of them having never used them.

Ocean College () also have a dive centre in the Umm Sid area - behind Delta Sharm - which is probably as close to the MFO base as you'll get while sticking with a dive centre which is well known. It's also easy to drive to, from the MFO base - head into old market, take a left near the flower shop, then keep going in a straight line until you see Delta Sharm. Right and then right again and you're now on the road parallel to the one you were on a moment ago, heading in the opposite direction. 3 minutes down the road and you're there.

Hope that helps. Feel free to drop me a mail if you want some other suggestions.

in sharm u can find may diving centers .i recommend for u .camel diving center in camel hotel.
ocean colege and 7 diving are good contact us if you need it arrranged as we can arrange special prices
Hi ya 1st it depends of which base u gonna stay ... Mfo north camp or south camp anyway here is my number +2 011 49 60 666 iam speaking English & italian and iam a PADI DIVEMASTER & DSD leader so, once u step in sharm just ring me to arrange this wiv u and take u in a diving trip overthere ... enjoy ur stay buddy...
Empror divers is one of the best diving centers in sharm el sheikh and also they can arrang for u daily transfer
hey how r u doin I think hilton has nice one also 7 Diving & Snorkeling Center is good , and it's vivid heart of Naama Bay.
Hi,I really all this suggestions are very right.
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