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My husband and I are coming to peru in three months to visit family and then plan to travel Peru for a few weeks. we have two small kids, one 8 the other 10. what are some great destinations we can take them too that won't bore them with too much history, ruins, etc?


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Well there is the Huachipa zoo, Cieneguilla Valley (go to El Palermo for lunch), Travel 3 or two days to Nazca to the very nice Hotel Cantayo, parasailing in Miraflores,Paracas Reserve and Ballestas Islands.
Cusco city back horse ride arround the ruins in Cusco,train to Machu Picchu, Lomas de lachay in Lima, many options!!!
In the Puno region, you can visit Anapia Island, close to Bolivia, they'll take you fishing and everything. Also Tikonata is a great little island to visit. In Macusani you can walk for six hours and go from 4300 meters to the jungle region at 800 meters through a spectacular landscape.
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Please get in contact with Apumayo Expediciones directly with Alberto Paravecino at . This company is expert in family trips in Peru. They have plenty of family activities which are focused into culture, soft adventure, history and community service.

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Hello, I recomend to visit Cusco, if you travel with your kids, is much better if you can buy a package all included, I work in a travel agency, if you want more information you can write to me at : My name is Lesly and I can explain everything that you need. Lesly
Come to Cusco, which is a "normal" town, besides all touristy things. I can set you up with your family in an apartment. BTW, ruins are not necessarly boring for kids. Tipon is a lot of fun to explore. Sacsahuaman has both a stone slide and a short but very dark tunnel (chinkana) , both very popular among kids.
it depends what kind of destination do you like to go, if you wnat to go the jungle i reconemd you iquitos or pucallpa you can take a fly from lima to iquitos and go to pacaya samiria park and if you wnat to go to beach you can chose the norht of peru, you can visit chan chan, the tumbes beaches, if you want to go to a snow place you can go to huaraz, and if you want to go to a archeological place you can go to machupicchu it was named like a one of the new seven wonders of the world, i am in cusco i can help you if you want to come.
well, and the history in peru is interesting.
im tour guide since 6 years ago my name is javier if you like some helps just write me mail-
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Hi! There are tons of activities to do with Children in Lima. Zoos, amusement parks... Perhaps you won't be interested in museums, but in the Museum of Italian Art (the only European arts museum in Peru) you will find the perfect ammount of fun and culture... Paintings, sculptures, ceramics, drawings and prints from Italian artists from the begginnings of the 20th Century. On wenesdays and fridays free english speaking didactic guided visits are available for everyone. Visit us and have fun!

Museum of Italian Art
Av. Paseo de la Rep├║blica 250
(Next to Sheraton Hotel)
Historic Centre of Lima
Open from Tuesday to Friday: 10 am to 5 pm.
Saturdays from 11 am to 3 pm.

Check us on Facebook and Wikipedia...
Cusco is definitely one of the best destination in Peru for families. there are plenty to do here even with kids.
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You have many places to see in Peru with children , depending where you will be we can give you a nice suggestion , please email us to or check our webpage we will help you with pleasure

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Options are many:
Lunahuaná, lots of fun, river rafting, etc.
Paracas and Ballestas Islands
Nazca lines.
see our websites and we operate adventure but also we are able to do tailor made trips in regions near Lima in van to visit communities or just for have fun and visit places not listed on travel guides.
I would recommend dolphin watching (plus sea lions, penguins, etc) starting from Pucusana port near Lima. Forget about the so often recommended Paracas and Ballestas Islands - Nature there is already deteriorated from mass tourism. Tours to Pucusana you can book with nature expeditions For children there is a great bird feeding activity in all marine tours.
Personalize your package with SAMJ at

We can organize tours for shopping, just watch nature if you do not want your kids to learn the culture. Unfortunately we did not develope disneyland in Peru yet, but it has wonderful landscapes.
First of all and most important you need to travel to Cuzco and after that you can go Arequipa, Cajamarca and Trujillo.
You will have a wonderful time in peru, you should go to machupichu and to arequipa and puno too but puno can be a little cold for the kids well you will find a lot of information at you can find articles about the cities and places and some tours too.

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