I am going to Jeju Island for 2 nights 3 day trip. Any recommendations on where I should visit? And what is a good resort or hotel... stay at?


Country: South Korea


1. Sangumburi - The only crater in Jeju located at ground level

2. Seong-eup Folk Village - Currently, more than one thousand and three hundred people live in the

village and continue in old Jeju custom and tradition.

3. Seopjikoji - The best view in the Eastern area and the location of the popular

TV series 'All in'

4. Seongsan Ilchulbong(Sunrise Peak) - "A symbol of Jeju". It was registered as a World

Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO. (Enough time for trekking to the top is given.)

5. Manjanggul - The longest lava cave in the world. Registered as a World Natural Heritage Site

6. Mysterious Road - Cars without power appear to go uphill by themselves

Have fun,...^__^
Thanks bro.
I will try to check those places out.
When are you planing to go? Best way to contact me would be 010-2295-6973. Take care.
Going tomorrow.
What do u offer?
someone already recommended nice places to go in Jeju, so i just add several spots.

1. Jusangjuli: it's a characteristic rock made by magma. those black rocks pillar formed a cliff. looks incredible.

2. Hanla mountain: if u like to tracking and hiking, must go to here. 1950m high, you can see the big lake, Backlockdam on the peak.

Have good trip ! :-p
Don't forget to visit the waterfalls! They are nice... Not sure if anyone mentioned it but Sunrise peak is also worth the early climb.
Hanla mountain if you like to climb. Junmoon is the Korea's official tourist best place. Jeju isl. is itself the tourist paradise. so every and esch step you make is where you can find it worth visiting. It;s not like main land in Korea. You can have lot of info there in English. Don't worry. Hotel thing. If you want luxurious one You can ask the people on the street saying "big hotel" They can understand what you are saying. Cheap one is different.
Cheonjiyeon falls on the southern part of the island near Jungmun beach is one of the best waterfalls to check out in my opinion..and the beach is 10 min away
I don't know alot about Jeju, but if you come to the Seoul area, look me up!
The island is divided into 4 sections with Halla Mtn in the middle. There are 5 places I highly recommend. You will arrive at the airport in Jeju City. Shuttle buses are available at the airport. I usually rent a car to see the sights but a individual bus tour is possible. Taxi / Tour Photographer Guides are popular for Koreans. These guides can drive, take photos, and tell you about the sights. I haven't tried it yet. The sights I've visited many times are the Chungmun Resort Complex, Jongbang Waterfall, Jongjiyeon Waterfall, Songbong Ulchiro Peak, and Jeju FolkArt Museum. All of these places can be seen by car, bus, or taxi. #1 is nearby Seugipo near all the famous hotels like Shilla, Hyatt, etc. This place has an angel bridge, botanical gardens, beach, waterfall, and teddy bear museum. Almost all of the shuttle buses go to this area from the airport. #2 The falls are located in the city section of Seugipo. One is by the harbor and one beside Paradise and KAL Hotel. #3 This mountain peak is famous for sunrises. Most people get up at 5 am and climb the peak for the first glimpse of the sun. It can be enjoyed all times of the day. Spring pics taken here with the yellow (rape) flowers are famous. #5 Jeju Folk Museum (The location is Jeju city) It has all the history of the island. It is a good place for photos also.

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