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Both black and White Rhino


Country: Kenya


The Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary in Kenya has expanded to make more room for its black rhinos, thanks to the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) and its partners. The sanctuary, situated near Tsavo East National Park, was established in 1986 to prevent poachers from slaughtering black rhinos for their valuable horns. Today, Ngulia remains a stronghold for black rhinos, as well as a breeding ground to help bolster other rhino sanctuaries and wild populations. Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary expanded in June, increasing from 24 square miles to 35. AWF has been a major contributor to this project and has worked with Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to oversee the success of the expansion.
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Lake Nakuru National Park has a uniquely rewarding game-viewing venue and a sanctuary for both the Black Rhino and the endangered White Rhino.
The Olpejeta conservancy has been at the forefront of Rhino Conservation in Kenya - infact it is the Largest Black Rhino Sanctuary in East Africa with 86 of them under their care and protection. It is also home to the very rare Northern White Rhino - hosting 4 out of the 8 remaing ones on the world!
we have the ngulia santuary,solio ranch,olperjeta ranch in nanyuki,
Lake nakuru national park is well known for the conservation of both black and white rhinos making it the best rhino sanctuary in kenya.....secondly the ngulia rhino sanctuary in tsavo west national park is specifically for the black rhinos and with its landscape make it difficult to spot them while on game drives but the wwf in collaboration with kws have introduced some black rhinos in the rhino valley circuit which is open plains and can easily be spotted while on game drives...other rhino sanctuaries are ol pejeta, ithumbi in tsavo east national close to the galana river

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