I am planning to attend the Annual Carnival of Brazil. Can any Brazilian Localyte advise as how much time is sufficient for the Carnival?


Country: Brazil


That is a bit vague of a question: It'll take a lifetime to get all the intricacies, but to enjoy Rio's carnival (and sights) a week will be enough.
I can get tickets and hotel-bookings for you, arrange the tours, and all that ... but I shall need a confirmation asap, so as to keep the fare from skyrocketing.
Jim Campbell
Salamaleiko Malik, I think we can help you, Rafa and I work together with tourism in Rio and all over Brazil. and we are very keen on events in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Olinda where Carnaval rules!

Please be in touch, my email is and Rafa's mail is
Thank you Marcone, we are really here in Rio to prove an unique experience in Brazil.
Actually it is a direct question, thanks for that! :)

Salamaleiko Malik, we are pretty interested in the arabic culture, I deeply admire your heritage and also so many wonderful countries that really helped our civilization. So naturally it will be a pleasure to give you any assistance regarding Carnaval or anything you can imagine in Brazil.

Carnaval is famous in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Olinda, but the whole country is a giant party which I think we all should see.
Humbly speaking, Rio is the gateway to Brazil, and here you will find the best and the most colorful Carnaval, here you will find beauties in the mountains and in the ocean, and you will find beautiful people!
I work with Marcone, Fran├žoise, Suzana and Diana, important guides. We are a real team here and we can really give you the best assistance with taylored tours according to your needs!!!

Be in touch with me please,

Ishallah we will meet you here!
Pak or Malik, please contact us, we will be happy to give you all the assistance you need!
I have contacts in escola de samba. I do alot of parade.
I think a week is enough !!!
if you explore the blocos of Santa Tereza you will see a genuine Carnaval.
Afzaal, spending one week in Rio de Janeiro should be enough for you to enhoy the festivities for about four days and later three extra days to enjoy the city itself. I was born and raised in Rio and that's what I would do.
It depends how much energy you have! If you are planning to go to all the parties,carnival balls and blocos you will find it is actually quite exhausting! Carnival officially only lasts four days but the parties start weeks before and go on for days afterwards. I would advise around a week - a couple of days to get to know the place before carnival, time to party, and then maybe a couple of days to recover afterwards - maybe you might need to go somewhere quieter down the coast, such as Paraty or Ilha Grande to wind down!

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