I'll move to Brasil for university research about water & health. I've lived/traveled in PA, BA, SC and RJ. Recommend another great place?

I will be living wherever I go for a year... so I want to be in a place where I can learn a lot at the university, but also enjoy a good quality of life. I loved Para because I love rivers and forest and sun and music and dance and the welcoming people, and Bahia for the culture and the ocean. SC I loved for the beaches and the environmental consciousness, and RJ for all the amazing things to do there. It has been suggested that I go to Curitiba -- sounds really well planned and clean, but maybe not very interesting to live there? I'm open to any state in Brasil! I really want input! Muito obrigada!!!!


Country: Brazil


Trully, try Maranhao State, upnorth, it is not so far from Pará and it is a fast growing state. São Luis has such an interesting life and the wilderness of the surrounding is simply outstunning.
São Luis has a vibrant port in Itaqui and it has the same facilities but everything is new there. I think the city will give you a lot of opportunity. the federal university there is UFMA and I can get you in touch with lots of university friends I have there!
Me and my friend Marcone go to Maranhao every year, I organize tours there and Marcone has his family there, so we are very updated about what to do and what to see there....

São Luis itself is a wonderful old city with lots of modern neighborhoods, food is delicious and the prices way lower than in the big cities!
Maranhao is also a beach oriented place and it has paradises like the sand dune lagoons in LENÇOIS MARANHENSES, the waterfalls of Carolina and the Amazon Jungles of Cururupu and Alcantara.
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I have lots of photos taken in Maranhão there and you can always write to me, my email is
I think Rafa is correct about Maranhao, it is a new state, lots of people are going to Maranhao because they believe in the future of the state and there are so many different fields that you can research.
No doubt about it, I am taking my foreign guests to Maranhao and they all have a great time!
You can try Rio Branco in Acre or Manaus in the amazon. Acre is still a poor state but surrounded by the natural Forest and rivers of the Amazon. It is a very interesting state concerning water and health. In the other hand Manaus is a richer city and inside the amazon and also a good option for you. Acre is more of a challenge for it being full of opportunities in your area but being still a state in transformation. Manaus is a port in Brazil and a more developed state as it is the capital of the Amazon. Study them a see which is best for you.
Hope to have helped you,
How about Santa Catarina? It's in the South Region, I'm sure you'll love it!
You might contemplate Foz do Iguassú in Paraná. Plenty of water, forrest, dancing people, etc.
Ohhhhhh wow!!! :) Rafa thank you for such great words about my State. I live in Rio de Janeiro but I am proud of my roots in São Luis.
Maranhao has a promissed future, lots of investiments and lots of travel attractions. I was born in São Luis and you should learn more about it.
I am sure that you will love Maranhão, I am more than happier to give you all the assistance. Rafa and I have great contacts there.
Not to forget that Maranhao has endless natural resources, lots of professional fields for everyone!
Well, Rio de Janeiro is a great option... have everything you looking for, universities UFF, UFRJ, UFRURALRJ, federals and from estate and thousands options more... Have 2 good airports, with flys for all brazilian estates. Here we got a great night life not to much expensive... from the capital in 2 hours you can arrive at mountains, to the other side arrive big lakes, and everywhere have beaches, amazings... beautyfulls..
well now im living near Buzios in Rio, when you come contact me if i can i will help you.
A good site to got more photos and contact me is on my orkut.. see you soon here. Good luck.
Eu entendi que voces estao falando do Maranhao, eu acho esse lugar o maior barato.

Maranhao is beautiful country. Nice people, marvelous thing to do.
Hello Hanna,

I'm student of Aquaculture Engineering at Federal University of Santa catarina. If you want to study about water, you'll have courses in Aquaculture Engineering, Sanitary Engineering and Oceanography. Besides being close to beautiful beaches and good teaching, you're also in a city with good quality of life.
Maranhao is the land of reggae in Brazil, very musical and full of new technical schools and universities. It is a good option, I agree with my friends.

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