I am an Tajikistan citizen. Can I get a Visa-on-arrival at Kenya?


Country: Kenya


I agree the wait in Nairobi is not too long. Done it many times.
I do suggest you print out the forms from the Kenya website and fill it in before arrival to avoid that rush.

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Depending with what kind of Visa you need, you should be bale to get to Visitors or Tourist Visa on arrival. Somtime they may ask you if you do have itinerary for your travel from gtavel company here in Kenya. I can help to get you a stamped itinerary which will help you to get you Visa. But is not a must they ask you for teh your itinerary in Kenya.
It's a common misunderstanding that there is a single visa that allows entry to Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. There isn't. The only visa agreement between these countries is that the respective single entry visas for each country will allow you re-entry after traveling to the other two countries. I do suggest you print out the forms from the Kenya website and fill it in before arrival to avoid that rush.

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yes you can get a visa from kenya but it all depend which kind of visa you want. It is easy to get visa as long as you have an itinerary from one of the tour company in Kenya, it easy so you need to print it and present it when you arrive.

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Hi, Thankyou for asking before you travel,as a Tajikistan you need to make the visa application while in your country,you will receive a letter and details to how long the visa issuing will take, a copy will be send to Kenya so that by the time you arrive our immigration department is aware and hence you will be issued with a Visa,otherwise without the letter No visa or you will go through many inconveniences.
Please incase you need more info talk to me I will liase with our Immigration Department here in Kenya just to make sure your visit is Smooth...We are here for you. . DO NOT MAKE A MISTAKE OF LIVING YOUR COUNTRY WITHOUT THE APPLICATION BEING DONE.
Yes you can get Visa at on Arrival at the rate of USD$25-50 depending on whether the govern still have the offer on at your time of arrival, I mean in the range given above otherwise if you have valid Passort and other travelling documents nothing to denie you Visa.
Visas to Kenya are given at the point of entry,as long as you a have a genuine come to Kenya you don't have to book for a visa,but you can ask at the nearest Kenyan consulate or any British embassy near you for further clarifications...welcome to Kenya though,we hope to see you
sure u can
not sure?
Yes, you will get a Visa at every entry point.
Yes i you can get Visa on arrival but you have to specify why you would like to visit Tourist Visa has no Obligation about you get straight on Arrival welcome to kenya .. Stay Bless
Although it's advisable to get a Kenya visa from your country of origin before you travel to Kenya, you can always get one at the Kenya immigration office upon your arrival. Not everyone needs a visa to enter Kenya. In order to get your Kenya visa at the passport control in Nairobi or Mombasa, ensure that you have the following items at hand:

* Supporting documents showing the purpose of your visit to Kenya
* A passport that is valid for no less than six months
* Visa fees as specified by passport control, currently US$ 50, Euros 40 or Sterling Pounds 30

(Your Country falls in the category below)

Holders of U.S Refugee Travel Documents issued by the Department of Homeland Security(Greencard Holders/Permanent Residents) and Nationals(Passport Holders)of the following countries shall have their visa applications referred to the Director of Immigration Services,Nairobi for approval. The processing varies from case to case. No expedited services for Referred Visa applications.

Afghanistan Jordan Senegal
Azerbaijan Lebanon Somalia
Armenia Mali Syria
Cameroon North Korea Palestine
Iraq Tadjikistan

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yes,you can get on the forms from the kenya website.
get the forms online and have them on arrival.
this will help you faster.


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