would love to know the activities at Shimba hills national park in Mombasa compared to Tsavo parks.


Country: Kenya


Shimba hills national reserve is a forested reserve,if you like of coastal forest type.It has elephants,buffalos,sable antelopes,bush bucks and a host of primates.So basically, you can do a game drive,to see the animals.There is also a guided walks to sheldrick falls for about 2kilometres.This is not for the not so fit as the climb back is steep.There is also a walking trail at the entrance to the forest at the turn off to the kws offices.Here you have local guides to take you through.For tsavo of course its different is the home to the largest single elephant population in kenya and the big five and there are easy to see because its open unlike shimba which is forested.Each is for different interests.
gives you the opportunity to experience the coastal rural life. an opportunity to view the rare sable antellope. while there you can have a game drive, you can also ask for an escort to hike the shimba hills

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