hi is any bus or mini bus between Madaba and Petra or Ma'an? traveling at the end of this month Thank you Manuel


Governorate: Madaba

Country: Jordan


if u need any help in jordan i can take you every where in jordan i have a car
How much do you charge to take us(2person)from Madaba to Petra.
will be probably wed june 24
HI, THERE is no direct transports from Madaba to Petra or Ma,an > u canreturn back to Amman which is not far from Madaba and take any transpot to every where u need , u can ask about south Amman park (place where buses and Taxes stop)
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thank you
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Dear Mr Manuel,

Regarding transport from Medaba to Petra. You can chose one of the ways I mention to you hereunder:

1= You take a bus from madaba central bus station to Deban and from Deban another bus to Kerak. From Kerak another bus to Tafilah. From Tafilah you take the bus to Petra.

If you are not restricted with time,this is a nice rout because you travel along the ancient King's Highway {caravan rout)You will cross the Mujeb valley (biblical Arnon} once in Kerak You can visit the Crusaders castle
If you would like to stay over night there are hotels then thenext day you can travel to Tafilah where you will take a taxi to Dana Reserve situated in tafilah governorate. Then from Qadisiyah a small town close to Dana you catch the bus to Petra or from Tafilah you take the transport to petra.

2- Second way,you catch the bus from Madaba to Amman /Raghadan bus station/ from there a taxi to Wehdat bus station where you will find transport to petra if you arrive early morning hours or a bus to Ma'an and from there a taxi to Petra.

3- You contact a travel agent or any rent a car agency to hire a car with driver or you can drive it if you are holding an international driving licence.

Please contact me if you have any further questions.
My mobile:(00962)(0)79 6921545

Katia Elias tsichlakis

Jordanian local tour guide
No, u will have to take one from amman which is not far from Madaba, they have a good bus service by a company called JET airconditioned and very clean and that also goes to Aqaba.
we do have local busses and they are cheep but they dont have a high serviced like Aircondition, water and other that u can find in a Tourism Busses,
u can manage a care with a driver or a guide that can get u to madaba, petra, ma'an and come back,
hope that i answer ur question
take care
No But You Can Go To Amman South Terminal from Madaba & You Can Find a Buss To Maa`n and from there its so easy for you to reach Petra
Thank you.

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