Questions about Austin, Texas

Does anyone know if the bar they show in Miss Congeniality is a real place? It's been said it's not actually a bar in San Antonio,...

Can you tell me where the nearest ocean in Austin, TX is located?

Where would you rather be? Dallas or Austin?

Do you know a good city in Texas to move in?

Do you know any fun things a teenager can do in Austin TX?

best free places for fun with kids?

What sorts of tours do you offer and at what rates? Thanks!

Can you tell me any good thing to do in Austin, TX?

We are planning a bike trip through Austin. What should definitely be there in our backpack?

Which are the best hotels to stay in Austin for a long duration?

how far from airport two sxsw

I am flying into the city next month and will have about 4 hours before I am picked up. I want barbecue or mexican dinner. .

Are there any good biking places in Austin Texas? Where can I find one?

Are the bats at the Congress bridge at this time? What time do the bats emerge?

camping grounds

Best margaritas?

best bbq in austin area?

Which areas would you suggest for a family with three young children moving to Austin?

Any recommendations on stuff to do/see in Austin TX, is 6th St. and Longhorn Football the only thing they have to offer?

what is there to do We will be arriving at end of may?

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