Questions about Portland, Oregon

How cold does it get in Portland, Oregon during the winter?

Life in Portland, Oregon VS life in NYC. Chalk and cheese?

I am thinking of moving there from Las Vegas,NV. I also used to live in Arizona. I do like sunshine. Is there any there??... Also,...

I am coming down in the US in July. I am going to flight to PORTLAND, OR. I'd like to know some interesting and excting places. Could...

Which stat has the best scenery Oregon or Washington?

What park in Portland Oregon (and surrounding area) is the most beautiful for taking fall portrait pictures.?

Open during after christmas week???

Music or live shows 4/18 or 19 who and where?

best upscale restaurants

when is the rose festival?

Can you refer me to finest restrant in Portland?

Any recs for the best area in portland, with the best cafes and shops?

Doe s#Portland have any true gastropubs? Or just good restaurants that might have a few gastropub-ish menu items?

What is the foodlikeat Jake's

What is your favourite restaurant in Portland?

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