Questions about Chicago, Illinois

What are good activities for a rainy day?!

How far from Chicago is Six Flags?

What is the cheapest fare, and least complicated; air or road, from Chicago IL to Salt Lake City, UT

Places to get good pizza

best italian roast beef in downtown chicago

Where is a good place to stay for a married couple coming for a weekend without kids for the first time? Close to museums and shopping.

Do you know the best part of living in Chicago?

Can you tell me something about the lakes in Chicago?

Where can I find a Holiday Inn holidome in Illinois?

What are some winter sports activites to do in Chicag

18 year old, arriving in Chicago, can't rent car, can I get to Great Lakes Naval station some other way?

Which are the best eateries,foodjoints in downtown Chicago? Will be there in May and want to make sure I'll get good food.

What to do when you have layover at O'Hare?

Hello) Could you tell me where the Amtrak station is situated in Chicago? I need to go from Chicago to Wisconsin Dells by train. And...

How much doe it cost to go to the Field Museum? If the price is decent, how do I make reservations for June of 2013?

Do you think Chicago is great vacation spot? How about living there?

Recommendations for brunch places in Chicago?

how to get from O'Hare to my hotel downtown

best dance club in downtown Chicago where I don't have to wait outside?

@TheJasonT @gachatz What type of food? Which do you most recommend? I'm staying @ the Fairmont.... Thx! #Chicago

Do you know where I can find the cheapest flight from Chicago to Orlando in March?

What must I avoid in Chicago?

bars and clubs for 30 to 45 year olds

I need travel suggestions for Chicago. Anybody got tips or a favorite restaurant?

Do you know where I can find the Sears Chicago ridge?

Do you know any cheap hotels/motels near the Riviera Theater?

hey #chicago followers where is the best Harold's in the city?

What is a good bar by Millenium Park? -Helen

Is there any skateparks indoor or outdoor and is there any shooting ranges that you dont need a licence?


If one is staying in Downtown Chicago, which airport is easier/better to use: Midway or O'hare?

I am 25 and I am currently leaving 2 hours south of chicago. I have been there for 2 days already, mostly in the north side of the...

My boyfriend and I are coming to Chicago over Christmas and New Year for 10 days from the UK. Any must do/see? Any tips for dinner...

jazz festival

This year will be my first time at the @NRAShow in #Chicago..any tips on things to do/see??

fun saturday night bar

heading to Chicago end of April.. does anyone have hotel suggestions?

Heading to Chicago in two weeks. Any suggestions or recommendations? I've never been to the Windy City before!

Just booked a trip to #Chicago in August - Never been before. Any suggestions?

Best hot soup or warming meal in Chicago??? #Chicago #healthy #organic

What restaurants are on your "must try" list in #Chicago? (Excluding Next and Alinea.) #Food

Devising our meal plan for NeoCon11: Is @doughnutvault worth waiting in line for?? #chicago

I'm looking for a great yoga studio (with affordable packages) off of the Brown line El -- anyone?

I need to find a seafood restaurant for two VP's to have dinner near Millineum Park? 300 E Randolph Street nice but not extravagent

Heading to Chicago for Easter weekend. Any favorite restos, shops, off-the-beaten path must dos?

Favorite local cofee shop in Lincoln Park? #Chicago #GoLocal

Next month we are staying at the Intercontinental Chicago Hotel what is there to do within walking distance?

Is there a good vegetarian restaurant near the Blackstone Hotel in downtown Chicago?

Where can I find the best pizza in Chicago? I know there's a lot of controversy, so I'd love to get some locals answers on this one.

After 5 years of searching, still have not found a great #Thai restaurant in #Chicago. Help??

How far of a walk from the South Shore station to the #chicago science and industry museum?

2 days till I hit #Chicago for the first time. any recommendations? Best local #craftbeer ?

Is Diana Lawrence playing this week ?

looking for music venue this Sunday night, rock, blues or jazz, smaller venue closer to downtown would be best, adult - we're 50 but...

I'm headed to #chicago and looking for help. Any restaurant suggestions from tweeps?

So ready to be in #chicago....anyone have any suggestions of where to #eat?

i will be in Chicago from feb 17th to April 6th some sugestions???... thanks alot

Is there a tea store in #oakpark #Chicago ?

@chatzy84 @fandw: Any fun food/wine festivals in #Chicago this summer that shouldn't be missed?

What are the hours at the Garfield Conservatory?

2 hrs to kill by midway airport...what to do? No car, and only 2 hrs.

Does anyone have any accommodation recommendations in Chicago?

Where is your favorite place to eat in Chicago River North or Michigan Ave area?? Suggestions please!!

What's the best way to travel to O'Hare airport at 3 am?

Where is the most romantic park in chicago?


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