Questions about Honolulu, Hawaii

Do I need to bring my passport to go to Hawaii?

Do you know what family activities to do in Hawaii?

Island hopping in Honolulu?

We think Hawaii's a beautiful destination and we want to go there for a holiday next year.

Which beach resort in Hawaii should I book for a big family reunion? Should be kids friendly and have lots of entertainment for the young.

I want to go with my kids to Hawaii. Which island would be best to got o with 8,10 and 12 year olds?

where should I stay in Honolulu? 1st trip there--50th wedding anniversary!

Can you give me tips on a Hawaiian travel?

will be visiting while husband works what can keep me buzy

would like to become involved in Pacific Island cruising as deckhand. Have exp. East coast, and caribbean. In oahu now

We're coming to Hawaii in Jan for our honeymoon and my Wife's 40th. Would like to meet locals and learn about Hawaii.

aloha what would u suggest i do i have a 4 hr wait t the airport anything around there to do? (without spending lots of cab fair n $)?

Like to know a reasonable price day tour that captures the real essence of Honolulu and a great luau

How is Tiki Moon Villas?? I'm thinking to have my wedding at there. Looks nice & cozy!

what is the best hotel?

We are staying at Sunset Beach, what is a "must do" while we are there from March 13-20th?

can't wait for #Honolulu travel any tips or recommendations??

Honolulu bars

a nice restaurant for a small wedding party, private table, room, medium priced menu.

Hello!! I want to go to Oahu next april 2012, in our honeymoon trip. is that a good month to travel? what things I donĀ“t have to miss?

Real estate market

Where can I find the best Mai Tai at Waikiki?

I want to ensconce myself in "Old Hawaii"...any suggestions on the best places to do that?

I am looking for 2bed 2bath for Feb.2012. I hear the Discovery Bay has good rates. Can you Advise?

Is there a pineapple plantation that hosts tours on Oahu?

would like to know some things to see and do the 1st of march time frame

How is the local muni bus system for getting around as a tourist?

hawaii attractions


where the best place to snorkel other then Hanama bay?

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