Questions about Miami, Florida

Is the metrorail or metromover in Miami a safe way to travel?

I am visiting Miami for 8 days in November, need help with things to see!!!

What are the best clubs in Miami?

Where to find the best Cuban food?

best sports bar near american airlines arena

Hello! We need transfer service in Miami (speaking Russian only) from airport to hotel on 01/17/2010. Thank you!

what's the best source for info on Miami ?

I plan on traveling to Miami January 13-19. I would really like to go to some places off the beaten path around Miami. I have access...

Looking to go to Miami Beach, what night clubs or bars would you suggest. Also a nice restaurant to go for dinner.

Planning to visit Miami Beach and For Lauderdale

Which season best for sightseeing at Miami?

Epic places to visit?

Need a cheap hotel for a family of 8. 4 adults, 4 children.

Could you tell me how much (approx) it will cost to hire a taxi from Ft Lauderdale Airport to South Miami? Or average taxi rate in MIami.

What to do in Fort Lauderdale & Miami between apr27 and may5? Can you help me to have a ride on a motorbike to Key West with U? - coretalk :

Hello I’m searching for cruise from Miami to Bahamas 4 nights 5 days starting from July 19 so please send me the best of the best...

weather forecast shows it is going to rain from May 26 to 30th. me and my wife are planning our first visit & want to know if we...

What can you do here? For Fun? Nightlife? Cultural?

Want to play a round of golf near airport. Where should play?

Is Gameworks located in Miami, or in Miami Beach?

Which beach in Florida would you recommend for surfing?

Hi!! I´m planing to visit miami in November for thanksgiving, I wanna go to shopping at black friday but I want to know how too good...

how long will it take from orlando to miami and what transportation will be riding

Which Cuban restaurant's best in South Beach Area,Miami?

can you get into these clubs at 18 or you have to be 21?

Is there a good seafood or Stone Crab restaurant in downtown Miami?

best way to get from Miami Int airport to Fort Lauderdale and cost?

from Miami Int Airport to FortLauder pier , apprx .how many minute and how much usd we have to pay for taxi ?

where to go to see crafts

Could you suggest a nice park to celeberate my B'Day?

When is the Bob Marley Festival in Miami ?

I´m planning a trip to Miami on sptember 3, and need informations about transportation to malls.

Is Miami a good place for an 18 year old to go ?

What's the best time to visit Miami?

Is it possible to visit the keys for one day only and where does one go to rent a boat to do so?

Is the surfing good there?

Contemplating a trip to Miami this summer, anyone have some must-see spots?

Vacation homes in Miami?


vietnamese restaurents

Going to be in Miami for Memorial Day and still don't know where to stay. Suggestions?

Where would be a good hotel to stay @ that allows me to shop and party all in the same area?

public transportation availability?

Nearest outlets to Miami International Airport and how to get there from the airport?

I would like to ask Waterfront in Miami is it far away from downtown and south beach?

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