Questions about San Francisco, California

Any suggestions for can't-miss restaurants in #SanFrancisco ?

What is the best group activity for adults to do in San Francisco for the holidays?

where's the best BBQ in #san Francisco

What's the best place for a hike in San Francisco?

"must see" and "must do" while visiting San Francisco

What's a good souvenir to bring back from San Francisco?

Two of us will be coming over from the UK and staying in SF on Tues 27th and would appreciate advice on your favourite hotel with an...

Who do you think makes the best ny style pizza in san francisco?

Where's the good beer in san francisco?

Can I get a list of great local restaurant in San Fransisco, CA?

Please recommend a nice, reasonably priced restaurant in San Francisco to take a date to.

hotels near start of bay to breakers?

I am looking to spend two weeks in october in San Francisco. I am looking for a nice gay or gay firendly hotel (you can't find that...

We are interested in leaving Union Square on Jan. 31 or Feb. 1 and touring Napa

#localyte #san-francisco Anyone know of a nice monthly rental (2 months or month-2-month), <$1000/month, kitchen/bath, in...

Karaoke bars in San Francisco with private rooms?

Any suggestions for a small modern luxury hotel in San Francisco?

Used HSH Car Service last May and LOVED it - want to book it again for next Friday, March 5th

Can you tour San Francisco and Muir Woods in one day?

Which one is better - San Francisco Zoo or Oakland Zoo?

Visiting San Fran' from UK on Mon'. All you locals: what's yr best recommendation for eating/entertainment close to Union Sq please?

where is a good bike shop in the sunset?

Best Easter brunch in San Francisco?

Wine tours

Is it safe to shop in little china in san francisco?

Is it possible to rent a car in chicago, drive it to san francisco and leave it there and fly back home to chicago?

best tacos in San Francisco?

Best seafood in San Francisco

Cheapest hotel in South Lake Tahoe, CA?

where can i get sushi in san francisco

What is the best salon in San Francisco?

Camping sites in San Francisco?

I am travelling to San Francisco with my wife for a 6 day trip. She has never been and I have only been there once. we are looking...

Could you recommend me the cheapest places to stay in San Francisco? (hostels, dormitories) What would be the price?

Where is the best pasta in North Beach?

Can I rent a house for two weeks in San Francisco?

I have been living Foster City for the last 2 years but will be leaving this place in a few months. I have been to the usual places,...

Good pubs in the Haight Ashbury?

Is walnut creek san fransisco far from your place?

Is California expensive to live in for a college student?

Hi Susan- Would you be able to arrange a tour to Napa/Sonoma for a family visiting us from India for tomorrow 6/23. They are staying with

going to be in San Fran in the next week and would like to do a Saturday trip to wine country ... have never done it before and...

Who has the best seafood in san francisco?

where a good place to find apartment in san francisco?

I have a friend in town that wants to see the Golden Gate Bridge. What is the best way to show her the bridge? (I have a car. ...

Where's a good bar/restaurant near Potrero Hill to watch the NBA Playoffs?

Finally heading to San Francisco in a few days :D what do I have to see? where do I have to eat?

On my way to #San_Francisco tomorrow. Any good casual restaurant recommendations in the city?

Hi, I'm going to be in SFO for a few days in February and wondered where locally I can surf? Can anyone let me know the best beach...

Romantic restaurants in San Francisco area

I will be travelling in November to S F.What are the best places to visit and do ?

I've been to quite a few bars in SF, but what I'm really interested in is knowing where to find the BEST martini bar. Not a gin...

Where is the best place to take two college friends in from NYC out for dinner? Reasonable price but an awesome example of SF Foodie...

What's the best coffee in San Francisco?

where are the best places to surf in (or near) san francisco?

What are some affordable vegetarian restaurants in San Francisco?

looking for dinner for 2 adults, 1 toddler and 1 infant in SF. still want good food - its san francisco, not just family friendly

Best asian restaurant near MOMA

Best area for antique stores. Not tourist spots but locals.enter your question

How do you get to Alcatraz

Does anyone know about "hop on - hop off" bus tour in San Francisco? I am looking for an inexpensive way to see the SF? I am located...

what is a good hike in the san francisco area?

Best Dim Sum in San Francisco?

Going to #San_Francisco for a few days, are there any places to see or experience that are on the less traveled path?

What is the best neighborhood in the city for getting spectacular views?

what are the best places to get Mexican food in #sanfrancisco?

Is there good Mexican food in the Outer Sunset?

what is a good french restaurant in the sunset?

Looking for someone to give us a tour of Napa , Sonoma area tomorrow 6/23 Tuesday.

Where is a good place to buy vinyl records in San Francisco

what is the best breakfast spot in san fran in the mission?

Can you recommend a good ski resort near South Lake Tahoe? I'm a beginner.

what is the best ramen in SF and / or the bay area?

Hello, We are a french family (2+2) who want to spend next august in or near SF, in a renting house or condo (2 BedR + 2 Bathr) .

what is the best seafood restaurant in san francisco? (not TOO pricey :)

Best crab stand?

I'm looking for Farmers' Markets in San Francisco that offer an alternative to the one at the Ferry Building. The Ferry Building...

San Fransisco Oct. 15-22nd, what can we do for free entertainment?

Where ia a good motorcycle shop in the Potrero?

What's a good sushi restaurant that doesn't have a long wait? Does such a thing exist in San Francisco?

Has anyone ever done the drive from San Fran to LA? Any suggestions about route? Stops on the way? I appreciate any help- Thanks!

where can I find a local hiking guide in Marin county?

Is it safe to walk alone from the Mosser Hotel to the Mission area during the day?

Visit California

Best Hotdog in San Francisco?

Looking to spend $100 per night for a hotel on Oct. 12 and 13 near Moscone Convention Center in San Fran. Any suggestions.

we are young seniors, but everyone listed is under 50, would like to get a senior's perspective. will be traveling the end of the year.

I will be in San Francisco for three days in late june. Any recs for the best area, with great shopping, cafes ect?

what are the new up and coming must see restaurants in San Francisco. Especially ones that I won't find in guide books

Are the windmills in Golden Gate Park worth the trek out to see? Are they functional?

What are the must-see attractions in San-Francisco?

How expensive is San Francisco compared to other parts of the USA?

I'm going to be in San Francisco in Aug for 2 weeks - 8th - 22nd, are there any great must see music or art events going on

How expensive would it be for 2, do you think?

I'd like to visit San Francisco this summer and would like to know where the best parks, museums and restaurants are.

Cinco de Mayo is quickly approaching and I need to know the best place in San Francisco to celebrate. I'm looking for parties,...

What's the best place for brunch in the city

What is the best spa in SF?

I need a travel deal to San Fran for the weekend of June 18th - ideas? Recs? Need a hotel!

Off to San Francisco end of May beginning of June. What/ who should I see and do?

What are some of the best "local", NON-touristy sights to see in SF?

Where's a great place to get sushi in the Financia District?

anything interesting to visit

where are the best places to get brunch in #sanfrancisco ?

Where can I get a sub sandwich in the inner sunset

are there any good swimming beaches in san francisco

whats the best backpackers hostel in san francisco, close to main attracttions and fun?

Got one afternoon free in San Francisco city. What's best option for a nice lunch while entertaining?

What's the best campsite on Angel Island?


What is the best area to stay in San Francisco so that I can enjoy the city via public transportation?

What's a good place for a nice sit-down brunch before heading to the farmer's market at the Ferry Building?

what is a must see and do in Chintown

Hey #SanFrancisco folks, where do you go for dim sum? #sf #travel @localyte

What should I do for my last day in #San_Francisco, when I can actually SEE it?

where do I go to rent a 4 man raft to float in McCovey Cove during a Giants game?

Would Gary Danko's be the best 4or 5 star restaurant in SanFran?

What is a good cafe in the central sunset

Where do you recommend going to get a selection of foods that are gluten free?

Any good recommendations for San Francisco - we're heading there in July? Hotels, Places to visit, etc....

will be in SF for 5 days. What is the best way to get to wine country?

best italian restaurant on the bay

What are the most popular food trucks at the moment that come to San Francisco, and where can I find some?

Where is a good place to get a burger in the sunset?

What are the best breakfast spots in San Fran near the embacadero?

Where and which are the Best pastry shops in town yet affordable?

I'm going to plan a trip for @MrCarter43 and I... I'm thinking #San-Francisco. Any suggestions?

place to stay by fisher man worf

Cheap hostel for a pair

Can you get crab in San Francisco all year round?

If you had a friend coming to SF for 1 night only and they've never been to SF before, what restaurant would you take them to?

Which is the best beach for swim and clean water around San Franciso area?

any recommendations for San Francisco?

Is there a walking tour of roof tops in sf

can kids ride segway?

what is the best place to eat in April at San Francisco?

what is a good MC shop in the western addition?

Recs for San Francisco Chinese food? Please! Not pricey cause that probably wouldn't be legit. #San Francisco

best restaurant(s)

A little help from my San Francisco friends? Can you guys recommend a delish restaurant in the city? Gotta throw a...

Amend my previous question to read how safe is it to travel on BART?

. I already got my Alcatraz tickets. I will love to see the murr woods and much more. Please advice what are the must see in a weekend long

Looking for a bar that offers live Slims a good choice? Will be there tomorrow through Sunday, the 13th. Thanks, Sheri

have tried house of Nanking?

Napa or Sonoma for a day trip?

I think I've found the best food places in San Francisco, but can't remember the name. Folsom and 8thish? #San Francisco

simply want the finest restaurant in sf price not important prefer italian or french

who deisned th dutch windmill

Where can I get a good coffee?

San Francisco next week. Any good food truck? #San Francisco

Oh, and on that same note, I'm going to be in #SanFrancisco most of this week. Where should I eat?!

Are there any beaches in SF that have shells?

Looking for a great B&B in wine country close to nature, coastline for wife's first trip to SF.

What is the best place for sushi by the ballpark?

@chatzy84 @fandw: Any fun food/wine festivals in #San Francisco this summer that shouldn't be missed?

Does anybody have a nice hostel to recommend in #SanFrancisco?

best mountain biking

Is there a good bike shop near the Golden Gate Bridge?

Is Romolo any good for food?

what's a cool little under-the-radar, romantic restaurant that only a local would know about? thanks in advance!

I am hosting and producing a short documentary for Dutch TV. The GG bridge will also be covered, we need a GG bridge expert.

@Localyte where's the best Irish pub in #SanFrancisco?

Any recommendations on great hikes near the city?

things to do

where's the best place to get your irish jig on in SF?

Looking for a fun bar/ sports bar, easy to get to, out around the airport area...will be staying at the BW Grosvenor on South Airport...

How do I get, using public transport , from San Francisco to the Olympic Golf club please ?

It's a rainy day here in the San Francisco Bay Area. What's your favorite rainy day activity? # San Francisco

prod test 1: netops -> brad

Can anyone recommend a good hostel in #San-Francisco? #hostel #travel #sanfran

question test 1: brad->craig

does the falafel food truck still come on thursdays?

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