Questions about San Diego, California

Fun things to do in San Diego with your boyfriend?

I'll be alone in San Diego for 3 days. What should I do?

Which one is better - San Diego Zoo or Seaworld?

What's the best time of year to visit San Diego?

Does anyone have any recommendations for Local Tour Operators in San Diego, California?

Travelling from San Diego to Las Vegas?

Hi, I will be arriving from Los Angeles, what are the transport options from LAX to San Diego?

I will be in San Diego soon and wondered if there are any good jazz clubs? Also, any restaurant suggestions for Pacific Beach area?

Where's the best place to go cabin camping in San Diego?

Night clubs in San Diego, which ones are the best?

I'm looking for a good surf break around La Jolla for a beginning surfer.

Where's the nearest outlet stores if i'm staying near the San Diego Convention Center?

Wine tasting in San Diego?

going to a conference in late February - what can I realistically expect for weather?

Just looking for some good wholesome fun adult activities that are exciting and interesting that are not trashy.

I am looking for a decent, inexpensive hotel near the Sea World area (Mission Bay, the beaches). Thank-you!

Good pick up bar

We don't want to rent a car. Is there good local transportation available? Trolley, bus etc?

horse back riding

i am bringing a date to san diego, i would love to have a good romantic day , just need to know of good nice places to visit , etc.

Is the USS Midway tour worth going to?


Looking to take 8 clients to dinner in San Diego. I have never been there. I have been granted $250.00 per person for dinner.

fish tacos

Hey I am a marine spending today and tonight in san diego what are some good clubs in the gas lamp distric?

Headed to SD in late March. what can I truly expect for weather in evenings? Coming from Colorado so used to wool, fleece and more wool...

who's flown to San Diego from the midwest before? What's the best airline?

where can my son and I go just for some quick, local fishing

Are there any casinos close to San Diego

What are some fun things to do in December in San Diego (especially around Christmas time)? Can you recommend inexpensive places to stay?

What is the best way to get from the cruise ship dock to the zoo?

It's my first trip to California and i'm staying at the Pacific Terrace hotel. How much should i tip the staff there? I'm traveling int'l.

How would you rate the fun on Catalina Island- What is spectacular to see- including Sandiego sights?

where do the locals eat for seafood/mex/ italian near gas lamp and marina..

family beaches

Things to see and do in two days

how far is it from the airport

Best Pubs and Bars near West Ash Street.

things to do

I heard there was a starving artist sale this weekend. Does anyone know where it is? 4-3-11

what is the most unique beach to surf at that alot of tourists would miss

Is there any gluten free stores, delis or restrauants

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