Questions about London, United Kingdom

are london waterloo (WAT) and london waterloo (WAE) in the same station

What is the dress code for the Terrace Bar in Harrods?

How long have you been in London? if you live in London. I am looking for a place to live in london and need your advise.

where is the arcade near chinatown..?

transport from stanstead airport to craven cottage and from craven cootage to gatwick airport

Hello everyone.. I am badly needing your suggestions or advice.. Do you which is better, to study in Central London (St. Patricl's...

What's Brick Lane like? What's the feel? I live in NYC; is it quasi analogous to a neighborhood here?

hai i want to know where is the halal place for muslim like me to have a dinner? and where is the place to visit in UK?TQ

best neighborhoods to stay in London (moderate priced) convenient to sightseeing in London and for day trips outside London

Is rthere a new Sri Lankan Airlines office in London ?

Cheapest way from Stansted airport to Heathrow airport? (time it takes, prices, and other options) thankyou!

i am thinking of going to london for the first time at 13th of next january for one week, but am afraid of the weather there.what do u...

Where is somewhere near the Heathrow airport where I can sight see for free or cheap?

I'm coming to London on my own - not with a travel agency. The check-in for my flight back starts at 4:30 a.m. at Gatewick airport. I...

Dos anyone know good short courses of architecture in london? I know about the ones on the university of the arts, but they don't...

Any one know if I should have to tip a bellman in the UK?

Hey, i'll trip to london, 2weeks later! but this is my first time to visit london! so, i wanna look around the london but i really...

Airport closest to London city centre?

Are all locations in London wheelchair friendly?

Can you please let me know where can I find out what kind of sport events take place in London in May, between 19-22?

Hello, i'm a great music fan, so i wanted to ask whether any interesting music events will be held soon in London (10-17 April) - not...

What cities would you recommend for a 15 day trip to Europe?

Hi! I gonna go to London for 2 month (summerwork) with my boyfriend. I'm looking for any nice peoples, cause we wanna spend our...

I want to do some shopping in London.Which are the best shopping areas around London,berkshire,middlesex and surrey?

I will be traveling to London next month. I know that I will require a good vegetable juice or health food while there

where can i get a road map of london?

Any suugestions for a good theatre play around mid- march? what's a good webpage for these kind of events? thanks

hey i want to travel around the uk i dont know if you could help me with information

What's the temperature like for London summer in June? Is is cold at night? I prefer to stay in apartment rather than hotel and I...

I am about to visit London for the first time. Can youtell me the cheapest way to get around to see the sights of London?

I will go to london tomorrow for business and stay there for 10 days. I will have some free time. I would like to meet with locals in...

can anybody advise moderate hotel (price not more then 50 pounds/night or less) in London near metro station for 4 days stay in...

Is the Central Park Hotel close to London city and is it a nice & cheap hotel?

Hello. Do you know Thames International College in 9 Tavistock Place, London? does this school really exist? can you tell me about...

Can you help me find best hostel, not too far from Hyde Park

need cellphone provider

Which serviced apartment would you recommend in London?

I need to get daily travel card in London. where can I actually buy it and how much does it cost?

Planning to visit Buckingham Palace.Need good websites to provide info.

any hotels reasonably priced near the Waterloo station

We want to visit Oxford,Lacock and Gloucester Cathedral in One day.Is it practical to do it by train?

Accomodation in London

where can i buy fabrics and everything for sewing in london? thanks!

I have some relatives coming to London who would like to go to a high tea. The fancy hotels are too expensive. Are there other options?

Hi, Which is the best way to find a room to rent? I am looking for something close to Hyde Park from 25th september to 20 december...

Hi, Visiting London with my friend, and was wondering if someone could recommend which form of public transportation pass to take?...

How do we go to Central London from Heathrow?

hi h r u .i am Naeem Haider from pakistan .i want to see london with .you are so nice .so tell me details of tour & price .

London to Paris.. Which budget airline offer best ? July 2011

i'm looking for a pub serving st peter's on cask. any suggestions?

Where is the best place to have curry in London?

Which season is best to visit London?

Who offers the best deal for a combined hotel stay- theatre program in London for 2 nights?

Does anybody know about "the Tudor?" I would like to join the tour to show me the places of "the Tudor" dynasty history!!!!Thank you...

suggestions for overnight trips in Europe from London?

Hello, im going go Oxfordshire near Didcot north of London to see a classic car. Can you tell me where I can find a place near to...

i am going to London

Hi. I'm having my stag do in London this weekend and realy want to go to Shoreditch(east end) on the Friday. Will the bars be open...

what is good hotel in england,,it is safe to stay?

how do is get to golders green station from brixton by bus

Hi,I'm flying to Heathrow,I need to know what is the best way to get from Heathrow airport to Stamford Bridge,also what would be the...


London with kids,where should we go?

I am coming to London in Nov 09 for a couple of days. I would like to have some company to discover london as a local. I would also...

how can I go by bus from airport terminal2 t to stratton str

please advice me on followg places Tikets cost 1. London Eye 2. London Musiun

May someone help me to contact a family there?

we are visited London in the spring with our two young children and can't decide which neighborhood to stay in. We are choosing...

@WildJunket what's the best way to #travel #europe? - train? motorbike? car? boat? van? am going #london 2 #croatia

hello, i will travel in london next month, what can you report about extra interesting places in this country?

What's a good place to have lunch near London Tower? Does Borough market sell lunch?

best breakfast in central London?

Need to travel from Liverpool Street to Paddington Rail platform 8. Which tube line is best to use in terms of quickest and most...

Other than Stonehenge and Bath, what other day trips or beyond-London tours would you recommend?

I work as a tour guide in Brazil and I deal a lot with visitors...and I have a silly but very serious question for you...are there any...

porto what live music venues are good any website you know with listings for december

What's the best kid friendly restaurant in or near Holland Park?

where's the best fish&chips?.Do they serve it with white vinegar or traditional malt vinegar?10years ago it costed me 7 pds.;-{ . Now?

looking for family accomodations in Mayfair area. 2 adults and 2 children for 7 nights... any suggestions?

Heading to #London next week for 5 days w/@ANewsLouise. Have any must see/do #travel tips for us? #TT

Big Ben bank with peter pan...?

We are in Cape May and want to take a trip to London. Not sure what the cost of a room say with small cooking area.

I am coming to London for 1 week starting 21st September. Any cheap accomodation? Somewhere along northern tube line finchley central??

hello , i'm peter from egypt , i wanna to arrange a visit to london in feb. 2011 , can u help me in accomidation and transp. details? thanks

Any more tips/suggestions for April in London? Deadline approaching! Thanks #London

What time do the 2009 fireworks start at Big Ben on Nov 5 (Bonfire Night)?

Can you give me the name of a good pub for local flavor near Kensington Gardens and/or Hyde Park?

cheep accomadation in London

@ACpush Heading to #London for 2 days- any must-see spot recommendations for me?

Does the changing of the guard happen everyday in London?

Can anyone suggest a pet friendly hotel with parking, close to Oxford Circus.

Hello! We're planning a trip to London in April. It'll be a gift for my mom's 50th Birthday. Can anyone suggest a good hotel...


Hey London: what's going on May 4th-5th? I got some time to spend in you, but not a whole lotta money. Lemme know!

Hi, Can you give me some advice about whether or not to purchase a London Pass? We plan to do about 2 attractions each day.

Please give me the idea where can we send 50 tourists to see interesting match, any sport during the period 19-22May in London

Any suggestions on how to find cheap lodging in London?

Can some tell me the average prices of London universities for one year.,,,

Where's the best Sunday Roast in London????? :->

restaurants near thistle marble arch

So I found a hotel in Bayswater London for 250 for 3 nights, close to central line and Nottingham Hill, is that good?

what is the best way to travel from victoria coach station to charton ?

how much does it cost to visit london tower?

Hello! Where can I buy original DVDs of films, especially French ones in London? Thanx!

can anyone give me some budge hotels or apartments near russell square tube station please?.My budget is around 100-120 per night for...

I come on April 29 for 4 nights, I would like to have cheap accommodation nearby Marbel Arch for only one Adult .thanks

How far is it from Gatwick airport to London city center?

4 days in London, what is best to see?

#london RT @fredwilson: Arrived in London. Need a recommendation for the best latte in soho

we are taking a cruise from Dover,have 3 days to see the countryside, 7/8-9-10, where to stay, need to get to Dover on 7/11 to board ship,

Planning a trip to London in 2011. We'd like to spend a few days in the city and touring homes of Henry VIII.. Can you suggest an...

Does anyone have any recommendations for cheap hostels in #London?

i would like to know how much it cost monthly to have 2bed rented place and feed three people in safe and nice area of kiev.

do you have to book at the nozomi restaurant?

Hey there, I'll be visting london in 2 weeks, n searching for good company and nice places to visit and party in! thanks

Where is best event for out of town gay men on New Year's Eve? Do want to see the fireworks. Thanks

Dreaming of my upcoming trip to London :) any tips on less-touristy hot spots??

Taking the kids to London Zoo, also want to walk Primrose Hill. Are there child friendly eating places and what is quickest route from...

Is 110 pounds per nite as good as I'll find 4 a decent apartment/hotel near central London? Any other recommendations?

how can i get to london

Do you know a good hotel near Heathrow airport that serves breakfast and is priced $100-$150?

I am planning to travel to Sopocani and Studenica Monastries in October. Do you think you can help me?

Hi Ingrid, I have learned that you are a licensed tour guide of London...I am an archeologist and licensed tour guide of Rome I will go

what time are the guided tours

My husband and I along with our 18th month son, would love to come visit England during the festive holiday season, from 21st to 27th...

I have a six hour layover in #london on christmas day. What will be open and available for me to do if I'm in the city that day?

Can you get to the Mulberry Factory Shop in Shepton Mallet, Somerset via public transport? What is the route? What train/bus would you...

I want to visit an authentic, unspoiled, close to original London pub Yjanks Fred

cheap accomodations

What are interesting things to do in the area?

Anyone know any cool bars and/or clubs in Camden?? Getting plans started for Saturday night!

Where is the best place for Friday evening pint that ALSO serves food?


what is the best time tp visit

where is baker street

places for cheap food in london and plz tell me how much?

We are leaving for our London weekend a week from today. Any restaurants I shouldn't miss?

My daughter will be studying abroad and I'm going with her for two weeks. Where can we store her additional luggage while we travel around?

How far is Heathrow from London

has anyone eaten at St John - is it worth the visit??

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