Questions about Kiev, Ukraine

Hi Now that River Palace has closed - where has all the action moved to??

what is the best club to go to on a tuesday night? What time is best to go?

I would like to move from England to Ukraine. I need to find a nice job and accomodation in KIEV. Any tips please!? Is it good life there?

is there good time to visit Kiev city ?

Where can I buy fresh pelmeni to cook at home?

when the suitable time to visit kiev? how much cost will need it all.

What arrangements can be made for Ukrainian wedding

what do you offer for sightseeing tours?pricing?

Hello Looking for Taxi Guide In Kiev Prefer woman who has Knowledge on both where the Younger and older in crowd Is Am Keen ...

Hi Anna! I am in Kiev pretty often,.....

Where in Kiev can you eat a doner sandwich just like in Europe? All the places I know are disgusting.

1 day tour around all Kyiv places of interest

I will be going to Kiev. What are the best places to see.

I am looking for a guide, to visit Kiev during the day when I am in town June 16-19. I speak English, French and a bit a of Russian....

hotels that are cheap in Kiev

hello,I and some of my friends are planiing to come to Ukraine.Can you please let me know your email or msn address so that we can...

Hi! If you had to list the best night clubs in Kiev, what would be your top 5??



Canoe from Tshernigov on Desna is great idea!

Hello, I will be traveling to Kiev from 31 October till 8 November. I am looking for a guide for few days. thank you

hi im travelling to odessa and wanted to know if there is any wake boarding schools/lakes nerby

I need a French speaking guide in Kiev for a couple of days. Please, contact me. Thanky You Tatiana

I have heard that I can only stay in Ukraine for 90 days, even though I have a visa for longer. Is that true? Can I leave and come...

Looking for a reasonable&reliable guide:friend:) in Ukraine! Hi, I am going be in Ukraine for 6-8 days in July/August and looking...

my wife and son are comming to kiev in may i need someone to help me get to my fathers village it is about 100km from the city we will pay


Hello i will be vising kiev soon and wanted to know where can i get food for a reasonable price

Can you help me in learning the local language overthere.I am planning to come for 3 months

I am going to Kiev in April. I would like to see some parts of Kiev that tourist normally don't go and see. Could you help me? I would also

How are the roads in Kiev now (first week of January 2010)?

Anyone know about V Kavinov's motocross school at sports complex in Kiev?

I am a Pastor in Nigeria,like to come to Ukraine on a tourist

Hello!! I'm planning a trip to Kiev in June from 8th to 22nd but after that i have to go to Vienna, which is the cheapest option to...

Who knows where you can buy the best tobacco for kalian (hookah) ?

Would you suggest me some nice bars where I will not face with tourist trap, and it is really a fun to be there.

how much xpenses needed to come over there

Hi, I would like to take tennis lessons. I am in kiev at the moment. Could you please let me know the prices. my email is

hello people from Ukraine, I visit Kiev on the 30th of april till the 5th of may and I'm lookinfg for a place ( club) to do salsa dancing >

I & my wife need invitation letter and hotel reservation in kieve for 3ds Sep for getting ukrane visa from delhi/india, can u arrange it.?

hi, i'm arriving to kiev boryspil airport and i would like to know how to get to Cherkasy. thanks

Tours Business links/ referrals advice !

can get the contacts with the local tour operators/trip organiser/personal trip organiser in Ukraine?kindly send me your SKYPE ID

Hi, will be in Kiev end May and would like to meet some locals to hang out a Swedish man by the way. Rgrds Magnus

Looking for recommends on Chernobyl tours. 2+ days. Anyone been?


hi i'll be in kiev on 31 of january and i'll leaving on 31 february. i'm from italy and i'm 26 years old.. i'll be every day in the academy

hello,i want go to kiev.where can i go 1 ?

apartment in kiev

Hi, My name is Gregory, I am French I am in Kiev for 3 days and looking for someone to hang around with? Interested?

Ciao Marina , Ho besogno una guida per visitare Kiev , Vengo per una settimana ( 15/06/2010 ) to 22/06/1/2010 ) . Grazie .

What is the best fast food in Kiev except the usual fastfoodchains? I miss European streetfood!

3 travallers seeking English/ German speaking guide with good historical knowledge to Pirogovo for 19th August. Please mail! Thanks

Please write me what is the price for train tickets: Beijing-Moscow Moscow-Kiev 4x Thanks

I am interested in seeing Kiev Churches, architect, Museums, and Nightlife.

We are coming on a business trip to Kiev in March. We are from Dubai and middle eastern origin. In club like Avalon or Buddha bar is there a

Which day of the week is called 'Liberation Day of Kyiv' by local taxi drivers?

Hi! I want to buy some vegetable seeds, for my big garden. Where can I find? (I have seen some old ladies selling but in very small pakets.)

Where would I find a good english teacher in Kiev? I have heard that an Australian person called Russell Cunning is the best. Does...

I will be in Kyiv in May, looking to meet locals for touring/nightlife, I hear it is essential to speak Ukrainian/Russian is this true?

Which is the club that best replaces River Palace ? Moda Bar, Patipa, Opium Dance Club, Tatoclub?? Thanks!my email is

I will be arriving to Kiev on14th April 2012. I need airport pick up and city guide. English or German speaking.

I am looking for a good photograher to share taking go photos when I vist Kiev. Do you know of any

What is the best burger you have eaten in Kiev?

I'm going to be in Kiev for the next couple of weeks & would be interested in a cooking class. Do you have any scheduled?

we would like to book a canoe tour for 2 days, (6 persone, 3 canoes) in Kiev f on Dnepr or Dessna; no guide needed, but boats and hotel

Hi, I'll visit Ukraine on Holidays next week arriving on 17th August. I'd like to hang out with some locals and may be show around? Thanks

I want to fly into Kiev in February. Can someone meet me at the airport and take me to the train station to purchase a ticket to Odessa.

Hi, I'm from Montreal, planning to visit mid-may. Is it still possible to fly a military jet? Also looking for someone to travel with in UA

hi there, whats the price (in grivnas) of Louis Vuitton bag model Palermo PM in Kiev? thanks!

Здравствуйте! Сможете ли Вы сопровождать англоязычного туриста (туристов) во время экскурсии (1-2 дня) по Вашему городу в летний период?

where can I find cooking course (that is not for one or two days but for a couple of weeks) in kiev? Not too expensive.

how do I get in touch with you we would like a tour

Hi Victoria . First of all, I wish you a very happy Valentine's Day. You have a very exciting and interesting job

where I can get a good hotel for a good hotel in Ukraine

I'am looking guides in Kiev. People who like to be guide, and want to earn good money, more job at EURO 2012... Who interested pls write her

Hi Thanks for your reply! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. How much do you charge for a one day tour lasting about 6 hours?

Hi all! What do you think are the 5 best clubs/bars in town? (I know this question is asked earlier, but this thing changes kinda often...)

hi, anyone knows about a store for gothic artcrafts or clothes in kiev ! thanks

Hi, i am coming in to Kiev with two friends from Finland and would like to know more Kiev's nightlife and if possible to have a quide.

i need an invitation letter +hotel booking in sofia from licence holder travel agent fo obtaining bugarian visa from indian embassy -Delhi

Hola, I'm visiting Ukraine on holidays next week. I'll arrive to Kiev on Wednesday and planning to stay there 2, 3 days, any advice: ;)

are you available for a tour?

I would like to visit Kiev for few days, what are the most attractive places to see for first time visitor?

hi :) i'm from tunisia and i'm going to study in ukraine next year but i need to now is it beautiful living there ?

I'm looking for attractions & hiking near kiev for a groupe of 25 people in middle of Aug.

I'm looking to be in Kiev this summer and am looking for an honest, reliable, and legitimate local tour guide. Any suggestions?

Hi What are the opening/closing hours of D'Lux

I'm going to Cherkassy on the 1st o May. I arrive to Kiev Borispol. I know that there is a bus not so far from the airport

Attention to all all outdoor teambuilding training centre, I have the expertise to help you centre make more money and upgrad into...

Hi. Are you in Kiev now? Ivan

Need English speaker to help out me and a group of friends in 3 weeks time in Kiev. Please email: or SMS +46737392543.

Good afternoon, Arik. Your offer on 95 in force for September 12-15?

Hi friends , We are 3 friends who planned 9 days Ukraine-Trip. Our trip is between 26 August,2011 to 4 September,2011. We need quidance.

Hello you answered a question for me recently on where was a good night spot. I was wondering if you could tell me how I can get a train

Hi, I will be in Kiev soon for 4 days and would be interested in your halp as a guide.

i am guidde and english speaking driver in kiev!

is keiv safe

Hi Anna I'm going to Kiev in April. Can you recommend any cool places to go out - and also do you offer a walking sightseeing tour?

hi! i'm student of circus and i'be in kiev next 2 months. i need not expensive accomodation, maybe with other students....

am form kenya and would like to know more about your country. my email address

You had answered me a question about good night spot recently and thank you. Could you tell me how I could get a train

thanks for your answer I will try to find travel agency.

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