Questions about Turkey

I am looking for some coin shops in Turkey (I mean shops for collectors of coins, numismatic shops)

Winter sale in Turkey- when does it start?

Private schools in Turkey - are there subjects where the medium of instructio is English?

hey everyone , im going to istanbul tomorrow and i dunno how much pocket money do i need to take.. im going for 5 days and...

What shouldn't women wear in Muslim countries in order not to look offensive for locals?

What is the best telco in Turkey? How much the prepaid sim card package will cost me? How good the service is?

Is there a good martial arts shop in Instanbul where I can buy Japanese swords like the katana or the iaito?

Turkish bath houses (Hamam)?

What immunizations/injections does a 1.5-yr old need to be able to travel to Turkey?

2 persons to travel Istanbul/Sofia/Istanbul end June, please help us with the lowest possible airtickets or train options with timings...

Art supply stores in Turkey?

Is there any suggestion for a good homestay for a Muslim couple in Izmir, Istanbul and Anatolia?

Interesting places to go to and see at the Turkish Black Sea coast?

Hello! Where is there in Turkey the most warm weather in December-January? Warm some warm and interesting place to see. Thanks!!!

English speaking dentists in Turkey? Do you know any? I need to go see one but I can't speak their language. Please help!!!

i love shopping soooo much and i want to know good places in turkey that having elegant shops

Hello to everybody! Could you let me know is it possible to work in travel business (for example as a guide or maybe other position)...

Hi, I would like to know the following please: 1. How to get from Istanbul to Antalya by train? Or Bus? and how much time it should...

travel in Turkey

Travelling by ferry from Italy to Athens and then to Instanbul?

Trains from Turkey to Finland?

where can i found clothes with good prices in antalya?

JUSTINIANO CLUB BELEK, has anyone been there?

Hi, i plan to spend my honeymoon in turkey in september (from 20 september for a week)..i want to go to istanbul and maybe izmir or...

Fun things to do in Turkey? What are the secret things only locals do?

Im travelling to Istanbul in group of 4 and planning to take a 3 days driving. What is the best routes/places?

What festivals/events in Turkey are the most popular with tourists?

What was your best experience with a Turkish friend during your tour?

Strongly need advise about 1 bedroom appartment for rent or a nice hotel near the center in Istanbul. 6 night, reasonable price.

I am planning to visit Istanbul for few days next week with my wife and son for tourism. I understand Taksim is good place to stay....

Blue Lagoon in Turkey?

if you are travel agent ,please contcat me to my mail

Can you tell me of an inexpensive way I can send my children to a school in Turkey that uses english as a medium of instruction?

I am going to visit Turkey with two kids.what town can I choose and what hotel resort for our rest?

i would like to visit istanbul at the end of this month i will stay for one weeek ... i wanna good hotel and wanna go to the kind...

Travelling tips for Turkey?

Planning a vacation with my partner,for mid of March.

Interested in blue cruise all inclusive from 7 to 10 days long journey with stops in Turkish coast cities. Can you tell me more about it?

I'm interested in Islamic Heritage in Istanbul. I will go to Turkey next week. Could any one suggests to me any Islamic heritage...

do you accept Dollars in Turkey?

We'll change cash in Istanbul. What can we expect for a rate and where would I get the best deal - which bank or exchange? Or is ATM better?

we are driving across Turkey (from TelĨ to Tbilisi and back), and would like to enjoy it :). Is it better to take the route by the...

hi i would like to know some hotel in turkey, exactly in Istanbul and i would like also to know the price for the night, thanks for help.

What agencies organize flights by balloons in Turkey? Thanks.

can you please give me some infomation as to where you think are the best places to visit

What can I see in Kemer.?I am going there with my kids.

Is Marmaris good place for rest and shopping?

Hi... what the easier, best & cheaper way to get Georgia from Istanbul (air, land & sea)?

what is the best website for learn Turkish! I want to find a website that is easy & step by step for learn it because I'm thinking to...

Questions about Istanbul & Bodrum

How bad is water problem in Istanbul right now? Because I read a lot of comments from many tourists that water shortages usually...

hola, que tal estoy interesado en viajar a turquia este ano, especialmente a estambul, pero me gustaria un guia que supiera espanol.

Hello! I am interested in steam cog railway tour. Are there any in your area?

what hotels for family rest can you recomend in Turkey for June?(with good kids' animation)

Looking for menu or website or recipes from Albura Cafe in Sultanahmet area . My My husband wants his birthday supper to to be like a...

I'm planing to visit turkey in april , just wanted to know if there is a bus from nevsehir to dogubeyazit and how long does it take...

I would like to plan a low budget vacation in Turkey for september. What places to visit on the Mediteranian sea coast would you reccomend?

got any good book recommendations on turkey? Or places to go?

i need some information about turkey im planing to spend my hony moon on february in there so i need some idea ??



























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