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Alicante vs. Mallorca for summer holiday.?

Hola... ;) I just returned from a wonderful week long cruise-driving stint along the Andalusian coastal towns.(Malaga, Granada +...

which city has the best nightlife for a university student? Barcelona or Madrid?

Does a US citizen need a Visa for Spain

Fun things to do in Spain? What are the secret things only locals do?

can i get an mot on my english car in spain

Is december a good time to go to malaga in spain? what all tourist things are there in Malaga?

Spanish friendliness

hi:) i need some help with this question: if i am in south Spain in Algericas, or Cadiz, or Sevilla and i need get to Lisbon...

I plan to do Europe trip in Sept,can u suggest me which city in Spain is best to visit between Madrid and Barcelona?

What do i need to be abale to fish in Spain ? i already have a Fishing permit in Portugal.

Hello friends in Spain! Does anyone know is it possible to travel from Madrid to Malaga (or maybe to Marbella) with train and how...

Romantic trip to Spain

upc barcelona place to stay for 3 months

For those living within Barcelona. Where or which is the renowned Restaurant that delivers the Paella I keep hearing but the actual...

Are there any Historical Monuments in Barcelona? If there, how accessible are they?

Best cheap way to go from Barcelona to Madrid overnight ?

any info on Blas de Otero Residence Hall?

is there any surf in Galicia?

I would like to experience the 'real' Spain. Not touristy attractions. Would like to find a little cottage near the sea for a relaxing...

Does anyone know of a well priced but nice place for me to stay on my own, centrally located would be better. I also need to know the...

Catfish fishing trip

what kind of clothing does one plan to pack for a trip to Spain in mid-April?

I want to learn Spain Spanish on the Internet?

What are the 'must see' sights in / around Barcelona & Madrid?

Where can I work,visit and maybe relocate in south spain? Must have airport and other country near. Thanks

Hello guys! im planning on going to Ibiza and enjoy some techno... which is the best time to go? any festivals?

Whre do you think I can find affordable tickets between European cities?

2 Weeks travelling to Spain! I am going to travel to Spain for 2 weeks and looking for the best way to travel around. I wanna get a...

best transport by price to get from Salo city to Valencia

Planning to travel Alicante Spain, I would like to know convenient Car Hire.?

my name is GHEIAS

Lisbon, Portugal or Tangier, me decide?

surfing in barcelona, spain: wetsuit or no wetsuit? level of waves: long board or short? beginner,intermed, or expert? --los angeles.

I'm planning for a trip to Spain in April and wanted to know what the weather is like particularly in Barcelona & Andalucia. Also...

Maters degree in Barcelona?

what's the coolest bar of the town for peolpe in their 30s-early 40s?

Hola , Donde puedo comer mejor marisco en Madrid o cerca y a buen precio ? Gracias

Hello! I'm coming to spain soon, Costa Daurada, in may, and want to see some cities, what is better to see in region Valencia and how...

What agencies organize flights by balloons in Spain? Thanks.

What commercial caves are near Madrid or Barcelona? How far away? Do they have Web sites I could visit for prices and times?

How much does the ferry cost for a return ticket for one adult without vehicle from Algeciras to Ceuta?

I need to get from Barcalona, Spain to Rome, Italy...I don't want to fly!

I will be in Spain for a week and I want to have my personal internet connection, what's the best solution?

I would like some suggestions for less touristic things to do within a daytrips radie by car from Mijas Costa, Costa del Sol. Cities,...

Where can we find the train schedule for Barcelona/Madrid in English on the internet?

earthquake in spain? how does it effect travel

Cheap hostels in Madrid?

How was the Spanish world cup win received in Barcelona given the protest marches around that time?

Hi, I've recently started working for a travel company, may i pls pass this site on to my customers for more local info that i can't answer?

Where can I go for dolphin/whale/other sealife safari in south Spain, Costa del Sol? How much does it cost? I know there is one in...


backpacking across europe.. help needed..

Hi i am planning to visit Spain in November is their any special festival happening their by this time of the year.. ?

I want to attend barcelona vs inter on the 24th of november but i do not have tickets, i checked many websites but i am not sure about...

Hi , i need to know if there is any kind of discounts for international guides in hiring a car or not and what is the best price to...

Which is your favorite in Spain? Costa Brava, Costa Blanca, or Costa del Sol?

hi im albert i just wanna ask you something on how to get a tourist visa because i want to go spain as tourist visa please let me know.thank

hi, I'm a student in the uk and my course allows me to study for a year in Spain. I wonder if you have had any experience of the...

whats the specilaity there

I shall travel to Canary islands, to Tenerife Sur Reina Sofia airport. What are my cheapest airfare options from central Europe?

Hello! I am interested in steam cog railway tour. Are there any in your area?

what to see in Mallorca


Hey party people, where in Spain would someone go for maximum awesomeness?

How far is the international port from the city center in these places? Malaga, Cadiz, Lissboa, Gibraltar, Alicante, Barcelona, Genova





Pais Valenciano


Pais Vasco

Canarias (Canary Islands)






La Rioja

Castilla-La Mancha



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