Questions about Pretoria, South Africa

How much is a helicopter ride and how long will it be?

A romantic weekend get away for February have place to stay.. but what can we actually do when we are the area..

Grocery stores in Pretoria, South Africa

i want direction from tshwane train station to tshwane events centre

Best restaurant, prize average

world cup accomodations

How much is an hour helicopter flight over Pretoria?

How safe is it to stay at the Formula 1 Hotel? Is it in a rough or quiet neighbourhood?


can i book a resevation at dros resturant in Montana-Pretoria?


i plan on hosting my 21st birthday @ fountains but am not sure about the time arrangements or if it suits wht i have in mind

Is Hartebeespoort Dam Cableway stil open????

One day in Pretoria

Can anyone recommend a nice, reasonably priced hotel for a woman planning to be visiting alone for 2 weeks? Preferably near Loftus...

when is the jazz festival in pretoria

Where can I find a natural foods market in Johannesburg? I am looking for one that carries everything like Whole Foods Market in the US

the phone numbers for hartebeespoort cableway are not working,how can i contact them to make a booking?

I have a group 0f 4 to 6, I am a travel agent in Atlanta, USA and need transportation for a group of 4-6 with luggage

How do I get from the Pretoria train station to a hotel in Johannesburg? If taxi is the only way-approximated fare

I need to know about the nice park around here in Pretoria, where I can go after work for a walk with my son.

I am coming to Pretoria for a 3 month long maternity medevac, a furnished place in a fairly central (read: walkable) location. suggestions?

looking for a hotel that is a walking distance to civitas building

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