Questions about Singapore

Where can I find the night market in Singapore?

$3,000sing per month - will I be able to live in Singapore with that amount of money?

Please recommend a good day to visit Sentosa Island

Fresh hazelnuts in Singapore - where can I buy them?

I need an ATM account in Singapore. As a tourist, am I allowed to get one?

Can you recommend a nice beach in Singapore?

Food in Singapore I should avoid?

where is the best cinema in Singapore for Avatar? How much are their ticket prices? have caption or not? thanks!

any free WIFI spot in Singapore? THX

Is there an IMAX cinema in Singapore?

I have two full days in Singapore. Whatshould I do and where should I go?

Does Singapore have amber alerts for missing children?

Can you recommend a place in Singapore where we can have our annual team building activities?

Is there an IMAX 3D cinema in Singapore? Where can I find one? How much are their ticket prices?

Can I ride a train from Singapore to Malaysia?

Souvenir from Singapore?

Singapore tourist spots

Do you know of good craft stores in Singapore?

Do tourists need a round trip ticket when visiting Singapore?

Elizabeth Hotel near Orchard Road in Singapore?

Good budget hotels/hostels in Singapore with ensuite rooms?Is 4 days good enough for Sin Tour?

Do you have any information about craft store which supply handmade card making, such as puncher, fancy paper, embelishment?

Foreign student from Malaysia going to Singapore

I will be visiting Singapore on vacation. What's the maximum amount of money can I bring with me?

in 26 hrs stopover,can u leave your baggage in singapore airport and go out then just come back for it?


Hey, any information where i can buy cheap iphone 3G S unlock in Singapore?

Is it possible for an expat to become a Singaporean citizen?

wht are the cost? from Jurong to YMCA (orchard rd) singapore?

would like to taste authentic Singapore home cooked food ....whats that ,thanks ?

Where in Singapore do cruise ships dock?

I'm a localyte myself but would like to ask a question that even our ICA has failed to explain properly through email (big FAIL, lol)....

Hi, i'm going to visit Singapore for a very short time, arriving on Friday's afternoon and leaving early Monday morning. I am...

A friend is about to visit Singapore. He's been to Singapore before, but has never had Chilli Crab. I know of a great place in Toa...

Need info from Singapore. I will be there 17-20 Jan. Can u tell me what is the interest place in Singapore? And how to use...

I'm planning a short 4-day vacation. Should I go to Hong Kong or Singapore?

Anyone here live in Singapore can help me plz?

Chilli Crab

Is it convenient and safe to stay in harbour Ville Hotel? I want easy access of transportation from hotel to Sentosa Island everyday....

Can u send me a plan for bag packers for 4 night 5 days in Singapore?

Calling Singapore from India

Where can I find good Thai food in Singapore?

pls tell me where I can find Abercrombie and Fitch shop in singapore. thanks!!!

I want to have romantic dinner with my GF, can you suggest the place?I will ask her to marry me...Budget is medium price..

Shopping in Singapore

I'm applying for a work permit for Singapore. Do I need to take a health exam?

I am gong to visit Signapore in the end of October.where can I go with my kids there?

Im planning an asian trip singpore, malaysia and thailand, any tips? I'd like to try backpacking and book as I go, is that possible?

I would like to ask about places of interest in Signapore.what can you recomend me to visit there if it is my first visit.What about Novemb?

I am looking for information about books. Novel Harlequin but American Harlequin. (The author like miranda lee, rebecca winters, peny...

whats is the best Theme park?

Wich is the best place to visit if you are single in Singapore?

How can I bring my pet dog into Singapore?

Wich is the place to stay at Tioman Island? Is it possible to visit there just for a weekend?

Hi, I'm interested in doing some Singapore city walking tours in Jan 2011, anyone know who to contact? Thanks

I have two passports - Australian and Egyptian. Which one would be better to use on my trip to Singapore?

Be going to Singapore for a 5-day holiday. How much will I be able to spend on food and transportation?

Hello Friends, Can you help me? I'm looking for experienced network marketeers to head up a new network in your country and I...

Do you know a travel agent in Singapor that I can contact to arrange a rental car with a local driver?

what is the best theme park? santosa or universal world? OR other?

How's the weather in Singapore in November? Would it be good month to go there?

Can anyone recommend an itinerary for my 3-day Singapore tour?

I want to get a sak yant buddhist tattoo. what is the best place in singapore? price?

where can i get indian food in singapore?


How log does it take for mail from Australia to arrive in Singapore?

Can I ride a train to Malaysia from Singapore? Would I need a visa?

we have about 2,5 hour free time at the airport waiting for connection.Does it have sense to visit city centre.How far is it from the...

How much would it cost me to ride a bus, round-trip, from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore?

Singapore fines

Overseas friends visiting....

Getting to Singapore budget terminal via the free shuttle bus in Changi airport?

Hotel/place for backpackers in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur?

I have a student visa for Singapore, is it legal for me to work part time while studying?

What do I should avoid in Singapore City?

Hello, I want to ask if I can buy jackets and raincoat in Singapore and where.

Hi all, i would like to travel to Singapore with my friend, we are 2 people. Please advice: 1. Where should we visit? 2. When is...

Cost of living in Singapore

What is the best place to buy spares and parts for super bikes? i.e. exhausts/ body kits/helmets/ if there is URL (Web) or...

Is there an website of an online agency that hires people to work in Singapore?

Hi, I want to know which should be the best way to find a flat to rent around Orchard / Tanglin area?. Cheers

Why are fish & chips not served with white vinegar in Singapore?

Aside from famous Chicken rice what else can I order @ hawkers? I want the authentic one and specifically where? Oh btw, nothing beats...

What languages do you need to know if you want to study in Singapore?

Wanna to go Hong Kong this thursday, any place is good to play?

i need to know which is the best resort on santosa island to stay with my family, i have 2 kids. please tell me thanks sunny

Whats a good online travel website in Singapore , to help search for flights from Singapore to Thailand?

Looking for cheap clean secure accomodation for up to one month (possibly longer) close to Havelock road/chinatown area if...

is it okay to wear braces in singapore?

hi will be visiting Singapore for the 1st time during the youth Olympics games..whats 5 things i must do or see while there.

I am a Pakistani and need to know visa process for Singapore for cruising.?

Where's the best,but economical 'bakuteh' ?

Singapore Airlines- do I need to book transit lounge etc?

Best place for a romantic dinner.

I'm a foreigner. How can I get a permanent residence visa in Singapore?

URGENT: can anybody tell when where is the best place to buy a CANON 500D, 450D or ... Do you know if it is cheaper than in Thailand?...

Business visa to Singapore?

Hi I am going to have stop over for 3 days in singapore. Can someone guide me what todo. I want to see everything in singapore in 3 days.

Malaysian children studying in Singapore?

Do you know of a school or a person in Singapore that would teach violin?

Hi I'm sending my parents with my uncle to a trip to singapore 4 days 3 nights on july 7-10, 2009? Can you recommend a nice place to...

halal food restoraunts detail if available ?

I am going to spend 2 days in Singapore. Last time I already visitted the center. Where should I visit next time? Thank you a lot!

Best Places to SHOP, NIGHTLIFE and Visit??

I have a 5-hr layover in Singapore. Would it be possible to visit the city and take a quick tour?

Im graduate student of economics and finance. Im looking for an intern in SG. Recommend me plz some websites or companies which can help me

Do you know of a good and reliable job placement agency that can help me to find work and process my papers for Sinagpore?

Hi! Does anyone know any yacht chartering service in Singapore? And if yes, have you experienced it, or would you like to? Please...

what is the cost of cable car for sentosa??

hello. im a 24yo from japan, and im a big fan of the beautiful country of singapre! i am trying to find a job and move to singapore!...

How many in the group and how many in each raft?

I'm looking for great deal shop to buy camera ( a simple Sony Nex 5) any idea?


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