Questions about Lisbon, Portugal

Renting a student house in Lisbon, Portugal for 1 year. Recommendations please.

Where to see cheese making farm?

i would like to know about indian gujarati thali in lisbon and indian food i am vegetarian

Getting to the Museu do Traje (clothes museum) in Lisbon?

what restaurant you recomend, in lisboa?

Are there any secret or secluded beaches in Lisbon good for beating the crowds?

What would be a nice gift from the US to bring to someone in Portugal?

I'm going to Portugal this summer. What is the most beautiful beach outside of Lisbon?

Will be in Lisbon for 1 1/2 days beginning 11/3/08. Would like to go to Sintra and want to know about trains, restuarants, etc.

I need food. is restaurant pequim a nice place? does it have lots of food?

how is catacumbas jazz bar????

What do you think is the best city to visit in Portugal?

Does anyone know how to get from the Lisbon, Portugal Airport to the train station?

is it possible to surf near lisbon?

My wife and I are attending the Il Divo concert in April at the Atlantic Pavilion. Can you tell me is it easy to park a car fairly close?

What modes of transportation can I take to travel from lisbon to madrid to paris to brusselles to amsterdam?

what are the dates of festas de san antonio this year

mature couple who love live blues jazz country rock n roll...where to go/

Tobacco shops

where is the best area to stay as tourist for 3 days

I'm going on a trip to Lisbon, Posrtugal. What are the "must-see" places and "must-do" things there that I shouldn't miss?

good inexpensive Fish dishes in lisbon

best place for exotic nite life fun

Whay language is most prelavent in Lisbon?

please name the supermarkets near saldanha residence

Anyone know an auto shop in Lisbon, Portugal that does custom bodywork and restoration?

The golf cours of Troia is near of Lisbon ? tell me the best way to go?

cheap taxi service from the airport to sao martinho do portp

Where is the best place in Lisbon to eat "Chouraiso a bombiero" and "Frango assado"

Im waiting to be exchange student in Lisbon univerrsity GMIVA. so I dont know how much euros will i need for 5 month ? can u help me...

need to get from lisbon airport to flamingo hotel on rue castiho. How do I do it?

transportation from lisbon airport to sao martinho do porto

do pensioners from england qualify for cheaper public transport

do you know which bus runs between charneca da caparica and caparica town

How far is this mosque from Lisbon City Centre? How is best way to travel to the msque?

Which bus should i take from the airport to belem vila gale opera?

Journey times, driving From London to Paris.


how narrow is the narrowest building in lisbon

Hi, Are the Restelo Stadium swimming pools open for public? If so, can I purchase a monthly pass? Thanks for the help! :)

What time Does Open open?

driving time Lisbon to Amsterdam

My family will be visiting the Setubal region 7th / 8th / 9th June and would be interested in information about the below mentioned tours

Bom dia! Por favor, me dizer como posso contactar o senhor Paulo Baptista. Obrigada.

lisbon hotel.. 4 days in june during euro cup.. busy area, trendy crowds.. pool.. and where do the locals watch the games??

What are the main places to visit in Lisbon? What type of weather should we expect at the beginning of July?

any festivals in Lisbon june 19-28

can you suggetsb me aggod place to listen genuine fado music ?

We need a taxi transport for seven people on Sunday 3rd July 2011 from Lisboa airport to Nadadouro near Foz do Arelho. Price?

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