Questions about Peru

How long would it take to drive to Peru?

Im thinking of going to Peru in November? Is this month a good time to visit especially if Im going to Machu Pichu?

what is the best way to travel from Peru to Colombia?

What is June weather like in Peru

Hola todos como estan? Vivo aqui en Guayaquil y me gustaria comprar ropa y algunos articulos para el hogar. Con la reciente reforma...

Does anyone know of a safe, 1 day fishing trip within 1 or 2 hours of Lima? We are a group of 5 people and we can all share 1 boat or...

How far is Copacabana from Tiahuanaco

Is it possible to hire a taxi for a whole day to take us around nazca and ica and surroundings? What would the price be?

What to wear in Lima in beginning of July?

How long can I stay in Peru with a passport

Fun things to do in Peru? What are the secret things only locals do?

Need to know what to do in Peru

My husband and I are visiting PERU in MAY. We are Retired. What type of clothing should we bring to wear - MACHU PICCHU ALSO??

Quiero visitar Pacasmayo...que saben acerca de este lugar? que tal es su playa? que recomendaciones me dan y que lugares puedo visitar...

reccomendations for surfing spots from other surfers

What do average people eat in Peru?

Help need. Im going to Peru

Dose the Museum of Andean Sanctuaries have a website?

I am planning to travel to Manta, Ecuador from Peru by bus. I understand it is cheaper to cross the border from Tumbes to a nearby...

Best way to Iquitos

I am planning to visit Chiclayo in August. (1) How safe it is to take a night bus to Chiclayo from Lima? I understand there are...

I want to book a tour in Peru with the following Tour operator: Are tehy good?

Do you have any recommendations for a decent place to stay in Peru?

odd question about food

hi everybody! I am planing go to Lima and Cusco, Machu Pichu, Peru, in july. Is very cold? Thanks since now.

Hello. I'm new in town and am looking for some things to see and do that aren't in the guidebooks. I'd like to visit one of the...

Do you know any good stores in Peru where a 16-yo teenager can go shopping? Im looking for nice clothes.

How long does it take the trip Lima/Cusco-Machu Pichu by bus? Thanks!

Does anyone know of a fishing guide or fishing company in the Piura or Tumbes area? 5 of us would like to go out on a boat with a...

Which peruvian foods should you recommend for a tourist visiting Peru?

Here are some typical, and highly recommended, dishes that most visitors like to try: - Ceviche (fish cooked in the juice of limes,...

Questions about Peru

Family visit to Peru in mid March with kids whomare 10,8 and 3. Looking for someone to help us coordinate.

Une compagnie de téléphone qui a un accord avec Orange pour un appel longue distance???

I'd like to spend 3 or 4 weeks in Peru learning and practicing Spanish. Which city should I stay in?

Do you know a cheap airline that I can get that travels to Peru?

Peru April/May

good places to go in peru?

Anyone out there with advice on getting a guide to tour Machi Picchu vs. doing it yourself with guidebooks/map? If you had a guide,...

Should I go to the Amazon Jungle in Peru or Lima, Peru?

easy way to travel to peru?

Which are the best places to try seafood in Lima, please recommend an expensive an a cheap one, or mention the price range

does anyone know how to find an apartment in lima, peru for a 3 month period. If you have one or know someone then please...

archeological tour of Casma Valley and Caral

Hi this is probably quite an unusual question but does anyone know anybody who is fluent in the Amazonas language Awajun as well as...

Family travel with young Kids

i am going to peru on march 2010 with a groups of friends to a convention. we would really like to know what clothes to take and what...

Do you think it's safe to travel to Peru?

What clothes do they wear in Peru?

backpacking with a friend for 20 days. starting in Lima. what are some 'not to miss' places?

Can someone tell me about a good hotel in Lima?

want to book Inca Trail hike

What are the travel documents I need to get to visit and tour Peru?

Qual é o melhor pisco no país?

I´d like to travel to peru n volunteer for free.

Quais são os melhores alimentos em Lima???

Hello! I am planning on going to Puerto Maldonado/Tambopata Rainforest. There are so many operators options that take you to Lake...

Who designed San Isidro district?

Orthodox Churches in Perú?

Just how bad is altitude sickness?

I am in Cusco for a few days in late June and need an english speaking guide with car to take my family ( 3+ 1 child) on a tour to...

Can anyone recommend some good Travel blogs for Peru?? #Peru

Il ya beaucoup de réponses à propos de la tradition de l'alcool péruvien, pisco, mais je voudrais en savoir plus sur les qualités...

Do you have any suggestions about backpacking n Peru?

Heading to Peru tomorrow...any suggestions on cool stuff to check out?

Can any one give me ideas of what to wear whist on holiday in Peru I am leaving the Uk in late Sept and returning in early Oct. I am...

Planning a 10-day trip to Peru in May. Any suggestions on itineraries? any hotel recos?

I was thinking of visiting Peru.. Input wanted

Hello Friends, Can you help me? I'm looking for experienced network marketeers to head up a new network in your country and I...

Onde posso comprar ornamentos típicos do país?

Acholado est pisco?

Hola me gustaría que me informen de como llegar al Lago titicaca desde Cusco, y cuáles son las opciones? También que hoteles son...

Does anyone know if its possible to rent a place to stay in Ollantaytambo from sept - Nov 2010. I have a 4 year old child & would...

machu pichu

I am planning a trip to Cusco and Machu Picchu for beggining of July of this year. I heard usually everything gets packed and is hard...

Can anyone recommend a good trek operator/guide for the Lares trek including Machu Picchu? I've seen loads of operators, prices range...

Somos 5 personas necesitamos a una persona para que nos de un city tour en Lima la primera semana de Mayo. Y tambien necesitamos...

Inca Trail advice

Is it worth seeing Nazca Lines or the Cola canyon in Peru? Please let me know what you think.

Estou interessado em saber sobre pisco peruano? onde comprar em Lima?

what hotels can you recomend in Lima with beaches ?

what sort of cloths for september in lima cusco

Are there nice public parks to spend a while reading a book in Lima?

Sobre ceviche? quais são os melhores lugares para comer ceviche em Lima?

Contemporary art in Perú: where to visit emergent artists or their work?

Hi! I would like to know what kind of options there are from going from Lima to Lake Titicaca, and perhaps from there to La Paz in...

We have a holiday home near Máncora, Perú. I want to buy a durable, used SUV, to travel around the country. Recommendations on model?

Do you know of there are any immunization shots that are required before travelling to Peru?

Will be in South America Jan11- Apr10.We have heard that crossing borders by land is dangerous so it is better to fly. Any advice?

What do you look for entertainment in Lima Peru

can someone tell me recomended travel agent to book plane ticket in Peru?

Volunteering in Huarez or Huancayo this April/next month.

Hola estoy yendo a Montañita para Año Nuevo, me gustaría que me recomienden hoteles 3 b (bueno,bonito y barato) :) y también me...

Hi I am looking for (1) a single room in a budget hostal in Chiclayo for the week of August 3; (2) Meeting Peruvians with knowledge of...

Someone nows about deparment to rent in Cusco, with parking place?

Où je puis obtenir l'original à tout pisco sour, le mellieur!? juste une option!!!

if you were hiking in the southern andes mountains in june what would the weather be like ?

Does anyone one if the town of Quebrada Honda is closer to Cusco or Aques Calientes? How long would be the driving time ? THANKS!!!

alquien sabe de un hostal u hospedaje en aguas calientes para bagpackers?

Can you suggest a good place to buy andean style clothing in bulk(precio mayor) for export? Preferably made from alpaca?

Is their van transportation service from Lima to Trujillo?

What are the basic directions from Kansas to Peru by car? I'm not going there, just curious.

What is the length of stay in Peru with a passport

looking for a travel partner to travel in Peru and to Iguazu falls.. is it safe to travel to machu pichu and Iguazu alone for a woman? what

I received fifteen responses from the very very friendly people of Peru to my question regarding the protests in the Amazone area, the...

I would like your point of view!

does anyone know about restrictions to machupicchu on 06th and 07th july for the centenary celebrations?

What is the best route to travel from Chiclayo to Tarapoto?

Which will the best company to rent a car in Lima, any further advice as to the best kind of car or fuel?

Where could I get a cheap hair cut in Lima?

Which are the best places to go surfing in Perú?

Which will be a not so expensive place to try good desserts in lima, and a nice cup of coffee :-)

I want tot go from Lima to Machu pichu can u help

Any suggestions for staying safe while driving around Peru?

Viajar por tierra desde Lima a Cuzco, Machu PIchu, Puno, Uyuni. Itinerario completo







La Libertad












San Martin

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