Questions about Managua, Nicaragua

Any recommendations for cell phones in Nicaragua. My phone won't work there so I'll need to get a phone plus a plan or prepaid. I'll...

I NEED HELP am getting married in managua nicaragua or granada

is their cheap cooking classes in Managua Nicaragua?

Change of plans. Looks like I'll be in Loma Linda, Managua. Can anyone tell me where that is and what it's like. I can't seem to...

Where can I buy camping tents or pavilion style shelters?

I'm still scheduled to stay in Loma Linda. However, there is an option to stay in Masaya and travel when I'm needed in Managua. How...

Where are the good places to Paraglide near Managua?

I am looking for a area that is a cool climate in Nic. I am interested in renting a house, room or appartment in a safe area so that i can

Cuanto me cobras un tour saliendo de managua a las ocho de la maƱana y regresando al aeropuerto a las 15 HRS en el techo alto

wedding photographer in managua nicaragua

La Tasca at Gran Pacifica Resort and Beach Club.

Meeting request in Managua. Between July 11-14, 2010. Objective: Brainstorm

2 of us Canadians arrive in Managua Nov. 13/11 @ 12:45pm. Need transfer to Granada . Tours to Leon & Managua & Masaya Volcano. Need costs.

spanish lessons

?Estes disponible al 9 y 13 de julio, lo necesito piloto en y por Managua

planeo viajar a nicaragua recomiendan este lugar

I am in Managua for business, But I would like to meet a local who can tell me about the country and perhaps show me a good restaurant.

?Cuanto cuesta automovil en Managua por hora?

We just move here in Managua & trying i find a good cook for us. Can anybody please recommend us with someone (live in or daily come)

Me mi gustaria carro se encuntrame en terminal de buses, y por la nioche en Managua. Por lo tanto, yo hablo espanol, entonces no lo necesito

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