Questions about Cozumel, Mexico

traveling in Nov with 3 & 6yr old to run IM cozumel. Want a KID FRIENDLY hotel that is not for from event (chankanaab parl). any...

Would any one know the e-mail address for Suites vima Thank You

I am coming in on a cruise May 5, 2011. Any ideas where the best celebrations may be? We are two women who have never been to Mexico.

Can anyone tell me where the best beaches in Mexico are?

Do you know how much it would cost me on average, a scuba holiday in Cozumel?

i am taking a cruise to cozumel in july and would like some suggestions for a romantic outing for my husband & i

Were can I get a printed map of Cozumel listing hotels, things to do, restaurants, beachs, reefs, and historical sites? Thank you!

where can i find an onyx backgammon board and what is pricing

I am planning to spend my summer in Mexico. Is there anything that a traveller must know before I go there?

Do you know a resort that is all-inclusive?

Which are the best places for nightlife and party fun in Cozumel and Grand Cayman? I'm going there with a group of friends.

We saw many great deals and recommendations from has anyone used this company?

We are coming to cozumel cruise ship dock. Where should we go for fun & good food close?

What is the best beach that is not real populated near the cruise ship ports where you can order food and drinks and enjoy the beach.

We are a family from Norway.5 years ago we viseted a hotel named Sol Cabanas del Caribe.Are there anyone who knows if this hotel stil...

I am looking for an all inclusive hotel in Cozumel North Marina I want to be close to Mestizo Divers , can you help

Is the lobster cruise worth the time & money?

My spouse and I want a place for vacation in QR like what Playa del C USED to be like in early 90s. We DON'T like huge AIs. Suggestions?

Are there any beaches in North Cozumel country club?

crusing to progreso and cozumel in january. any recommendations?

Where is the best place for shallow snorkeling? I'll be staying in Riviera Maya in March, but plan on going to Cozumel for a day or two.

how many miles is it from the ship dock yard to the Cozumel Airport and how much would a Taxi cost to take me from the ship dock to Cozumel

How much time to get to occidental grand cozumel from ferry dock by taxi & how much is the fare .. also is there a local collectvo bus

Bringing my 4 sons ages 10-17 to Cozumel for the first time. where would you recommend that I take them for an inexpensive, but fun day?

I'm planning to visit Cozumel Mexico?

What shows would 6 hot ladies from Iowa go to on Sunday, March 27,2011

the weather in may

What is the best dive shop for getting to devils throat ?

We are going to be in Cozumel May 9-16. I was reading about the fishing tournament. where can I get all the details.

I am taking my Mom on Carnival cruise and will be Cozumel from 8am to 5 pm in March Suggestion w/out a lot of walking to sight see the area

I am very interested in the ancient ruins on Cozumel.Can anyone give me any ideas from their visits to view them?

We are looking for a good seafood restaurant that serves crab legs. Any suggestions?

Arriving on cruise ship with a family of 10, one is a 3 year old. Would like to spend the day at the beach. Any recommendations?

Where is a good local bar in cozumel? Nothing around the main thoroughfare, with good drinks and a good atmosphere?

Arriving on cruise ship in Cozumel with a family of 10, one is a 3 year old. Would like to spend the day at the beach. Any recommendations?

What is the difference between Cozumel and Ilsa Mujues Island? Which would you recommend for scuba ?

Taking a cruise to Cozumel in Nov. Which is the best beach there, with not a lot of tourist.

what to wear

i will be in cozumel the day Breaking Dawn comes out and was wondering if I would be able to see it there in the movies?

I've got a possible trip to Cozumel and the Riviera Maya this May -- any recommendations?


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