Questions about Nairobi, Kenya

Hi! I would like to know where I can take cooking classes in Nairobi. I am interested particularly in Asian cuisine.

where would you recomend to take young children for a weekend picnic in nairobi kenya

where is naivas supermarket in nairobi city

Do you like to visit clubs, pubs, discos and rave joints while in Nairobi? If so, what are your favourite?

what are the top 10 outside caterers in nairobi?

Motorcycle rental in Nairobi, to go around Kenya? Maybe visit mountains as well? - any suggestions?

Where in Nairobi can one hire motorbikes (>250 cc) for racing or where can one get these activities and at what price?

where is Tigoni falls situated?

Please give me suggestions of great and affordable places for easter 2011 for a group of 20-30 young christian Kenyan professionals.

hi , how much would a kids new quad bike cost to buy in kenya and how much would a used one cost. i promised my nephew i would buy...

Has anyone ever held a wedding at Maro Gardens? It is a good location for Photo session

Tattoo cost

I am looking to trace a family in KANGARI which is up country near Nairobi, does anybody know this place

Where can i do cycling in Nairobi City?

where can I go quad biking for a day near Nairobi?

what do i expect at Resurrection Gardens Nairobi? are they expensive? and what should i carry?

want to know the headquarter of naivas supermaerket

where is the only place one can enjoy at ongata rongai

biggest supermarket in nairobi

Hi, I want to improve on my cooking skills? Where do I go for a short course on cooking ?

Hello i would like to know about secure club in Nairobi?


We are Kenyan Residents. Require 4x4 car with experieced safari driver to travel to Mara bet 22 -25th April. Cost plz:

Hello: Can you tell me about the hotel Masinga DAm please?

where is a cheap place to stay in Nairobi ? Cheap in the sense that it is also safe ..?

Hi ...anyone know a place in Kenya, that offers quad biking ... on site especially near Naivasha or Lukenya .... and there hiring charges ?

where can i get cookery lessons in town without a ksce certificate

How affordable is food at kosewe?

Who gives cooking classes in Westlands area?

hi anyone know of any cool camping areas especially in naivasha and what the charges are?

Nairobi,how much is it?

How do I contact Aromatics Spa in Nairobi? Also, does anyone have comments or opinions on this spa?

Hotel n accomodation

Hi? i want to take a group of children to Lukenya Hills and would like to know if there are fun activities. please send me a list. ASAP

hi where can i go for quad biking in mombasa

As a local what is five favorite foods

I would like to start baking and decorating classes, what kind of qualification should I have. I am a homemaker

Hi, i would like to find tours agents in Nairobi can you refer me to some?

hi. which is the best place for birdwatching around nairobi city? and which are the common birds that are found there?

does ngong bounty have a gym facility

Hello,I am spending a few days in Nairobi.Can you please let me know your rates to take me on a tour.Thank you.

Hi does any body know a good safe campsite in Limuru?

am looking for cooking class clubs in nairobi

Details about wine tours and tastings.

where is thayu roundvales located?

What are the best places to visit at the coast of Mombasa-beaches, hotels, discos for a group of about 20 people?

Hi Eddah Kindly let me know whether you've boats for hire for a wedding in Nairobi.

I need to travel from Nairobi to Goma

How much is it to hire a min bus(rosa) for a transfer from the airport to city center and back.And then a whole day excursion in nairobi

hope you doing just fine.However, i would like you to suggest 3-5 days safari to lake Victoria since its the place of interest. NOTE:...

cab taxi bussiness and safaris ,

Is there any college offering French classes in Westlands? Mercy

what is the location of choma boma?

Which are some of tour companies dealing with Turkana Safaris in Northern Kenya?

where can we go balooning in kenya and at what cost.

Do you have a helicopter charter service to fly from Arap Moi international to a private site in Kilifi tomorrow morning?

charges of helicopter from mazeras-mombasa, mombasa-mombasa for wedding ceremony

Where is the best activities for kids in Nairobi, age 7-12?

Do you have ground handlers in Zanzibar ?and what about car hire ?

Hi.Could you be in need of hiring tour vans,4*4 in good condition and fitted with all necessary gargets and professional driver/guides?

jambo, looking to travel to kenya. would like to travel independently to mara /serengti. Any decent local 4x4 car hire and average cost?

Kindly forward the web site for Swiss Air. Also advice on the charges payable for change of date of travel. Regards Parmar.

hey do you know of a mufadal from nbi who went to aga khan academy???

Moving to Kenya looking to Volunteer

We are travelling to Nairobi on the 9th June. We would like to do a safari aand then want to get to kigoma to visit friends. Can you help?

How really safe is Nairobi ?

Is this an old church? I am looking for a St Stephen's church where a friend's parents were married in 1914! Can anyone help? Juliet...

Safari to Maasai Mara in September

I am coming to visit Kenya next week, is it possible to by malaria medicine Palodrine without recepy and where in Nairobi is possible...

which is the famous hotel in Masai Mara and has the highest number of visitors.

Hello - can anyone help me with information on Githima - Rgd's Gary (London)

where is nairobi backpackers,and how much do they costb per person per nite,do they change according to nationality?

hi the local exparts my question is that are you there and you are in a position to connect us in a cab taxi or tour and safaris...

how do we make fruitful,for you localyte and ourselves to gain for this service, advice

Where is Ramgharia Sikh temple located in Nairobi

Hey Edna... i dont know whether you are one of the Gallileo people but just wanted to ask whether i can get a cubicle this weekend.

Ask a question about ANIMAL PASSION TOURS & SAFARIS in Nairobi and locals will respond here on NileGuide.

What is your opinion on Gracia Gardens hotel as a place to stay for 2 middle aged ( In their 50's)savvy world travelers.

how much will it cost to have a full goat choma and five crates of beer at jambo grill thika

The Price for a sigle room with breackfirst

where can i hire a reasonably priced 4 wheel. what are the local hire rates. looking to be in kenya/tanzani for 2 wks.

How best is Masai Mara interms of tourists attraction apart from the wildbeestmigration at the mara river?

hi, i would like to know where to take Baking classes wthin Nairobi CBD.


As you all know, it is now approaching the season for the great wildbeest migration.

Hi I would like to tour on the North of L. Turkana crossing in to the South of Ethiopia, would you know to get get about it...

cooking classes

Contact for ant tourism info Kenya dat is hotel reservations,car hire, safaris,taxi services, hotel transfers etc.

how much is the entry fees to ngong hills currently?


hey. got any home stay/ mission programes in up country say in 100 km from nairobi

Has anyone ever taken a tour around Mt.kilimanjaro.I want to know which route is the shortest to get to the peak and also cost per person.

when is the best time to travel to maasai mara

How much do you think it'll cost to go to the Elephant orphange & Giraffe Santuary and Olepolos for Choma? Depart from Hotel Boulevard?

good reasonable place to camp in naivasha

Does anyone know where mountain biking is done in kenya?

Is Paradise Lost a nice place for a wedding photo session?

My name is catherine bowler, i am scottish and trying to contact a family in kangare nairobi

I am looking for a great place for a family vacation in Costa Rica? Ideas? Thanks!

Would Spalsh Water World be good for 10 and 12 year olds?

what are the contact numbers for choma boma? i cant find any telephone numbers??

i need to know the address of naivas in kenya

We are 4 from Italy.Require1 4x4car with 2roof tent&full camping equipm. travel to Mara-amboseli-tsav betw12-17August.

any safari on 26 december, for joining to masai mara /lake nakuru

where can i find a quad bike

hope to travel to kenya for 2 wks,group of 5. Any operators that arrange independent travel. we hope to drive to mbs and...

Where is the best place for boat riding?

tratoria, nairobi

masses on sunday 31 st march

Visas at Jomo airport....are 2 photos required when purchasing at the airport rather than in home country before departure????

Are there any cheaper hotels close to Hotel Boulevard? I need somewhere very clost to this hotel, but cheaper. Thankyou - asante sana

Cheap hotel in nairobi

We are 4 people(italian),search a safari package full inclusive for 5night. Masai Mara,Amboseli,Tsavo.From 12august.

Please can someone give me the street address of Kazuri Beads? A visit to Nairobi would not be complete without a visit to these ladies.

I need a hotel where i can get accommodation for not more not more than 1000 ksh. It should locateda around kitengela,A/river

looking for pocket friendly sites for a weekend gettaway for two inclusive of trasnport from the CBD and back

hi shiku am kiarie,kindly send me your package charges for acapacity of 12 mixed as person and as groups for a nairobi tour 1 day

vegeterian restaurants in Nairobi,

what type of genres of music can u get at the loft club???

where is the best place for hot airballon in kenya

How far is it from Hotel Boulevard located in Nairobi on Harry Thuku Rd to Olepolos Country Club? ...1 hr taxi ride & cost approx??

Where is Mukurwei wa Nyagathanga

What should you do in Nairobi?

What are the rates for this hotel for residents

cheap romantic places in kenya...??

Can one shop online in kenya and what items are available online in terms of groceries and where

which park in Kenya has the highest number of endangered species.

Am looking for a East African resident quote for a 9 Days package covering Mara, Nakuru, Sweetwaters, Nayuki , Samburu Amboselli for 2...

how much to pay shopping guide

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