Questions about Kenya

Where can one smoke Sheehsa in Nairobi except Casablanca

where can i take a two year old, on a sunday to enjoy him self

Are their big spiders in Kenya?

Does any one know the best place to visit and sleep at Naivasha

is the nairobi - mombasa highway safe to drive ?

where is national youth service in naivasha?

can someone please explain to me where fourteen falls is located?

the best romantic site in Mombasa and where to apend for a week with a loved one. ill be greatful for your answer.

need to plan a great date in Nairobi any ideas on how to make it exceptional?

Still looking for clean (public) heated pools in nairobi,kenya and am tired of tarmaking,someone,anyone?

when i'm in Nakuru which hotel will offer me quality accomodation at a fairly low cost and not Merica hotel pls

where are the following clubs; Shark Attack, Club Havana and Full Moon. Are they interesting places to hang out?

what can a tourist enjoy in nyeri,machakos and naivasha?

Where is the best place to camp in Nairobi?

I am interested in camping in meru national park,let me know the best campsite i can use and what is availble there,

I am looking for the contact details (e-mail address, website, phone number, anything!) of Hunter’s Lodge in Kiboko. Also, does...

Which restaurants would you recommend at Nairobi?

Honeymoon at Kenya

Is it true that Menengai crater is haunted by evil spirit.

Am organizing a wedding for my relative,kindly advise how i can get in touch with entertainment groups like kayamba Africa and how...

Where is the capital?

What about a (budget) camping ground in Laikipia ? How much does it cost per person ? I will bring my own tent...Thank you.

Where else can one buy Coconuts in Nairobi apart from City Market?

I intend to travel to northern kenya,which hotel is suitable in isiolo.

Are there wild animals at small parks.

Is there a camping place at Shimba Hills reserve ? Any one to help ?

How do we organize our family tour to Kenya?

Where can i stay in or near Ileret ? Are there places of interest in or near Ileret?

Fun things to do in Kenya? What are the secret things only locals do?

i would like to take my wife for a weekend outside nairobi,a radius of 150kms.

Is there any place near Mombasa( NOT MALINDI OR KILIFI) that teaches surfing or kitesurfing or anyone who gives private lessons in Mombasa?

What is the current Fahion in Kenya that a traveller should keep in mind.

I will be travelling with a small baby from Nairobi to Mombasa by road. To break the long journey for the little one, I am looking for...

can some body tell us mote about donyosabuk and mt kilimambogo .

I am an American citizen. Can I get a Visa-on-arrival at Kenya?

What kind of activities that one can enjoy at HELLS GATE or rather are there any other animals in particular that one can find there....

Who can organize cost effective safari tours in Kenya other than the safari companies?

i am planning to come back to my birthplace of mombasa to retire,i am a little worried about my safty,please my brothers and sisters...

Best places for 2nd trip to Kenya?

which is the most affordable yet best in services hotel in mombasa that provides lodging facilities as well.

best wildlife viewing

I like to meet people and stay in a private home or villa

Adventure holiday in Africa (Inexpensive please)

what is the criteria of asigning tourists to localytes in any case there are those that need localytes?

Does anyone know about Mara Plains Camp in Olare Orok Conservancy? I need to contact them and possibly make a booking. Who manages the...

am looking for the following intenarary for 2010 jan/feb masai mara two nights savo east ans west. amboselilake manyara...

Where in mombasa can somebody do hiking ? And if possible how much per person.

What activities would you expect to do in and around the Masai Mara Reserve?

Hi? I'm looking for a place I can go for horse-riding for a day, preferably in the wild. Close to nairobi would be good, but not a...

URGENT: Do you own a "really small" Tour/ Travel company based in Nairobi? Contact me now.... Sorry this is a short notice- deadline...

Which are the Kenya's top tourist attractions?

i ant to knowwhere i can take my parents for the x-mas,either naivasha or nakuru.full board,3 days.

Has anyone had about Fountain Enterprises Programme? FEP a club for entrepreneurs in Kenya?

What is the current Rhino population index in Kenya under the current CITES appendix one survey done in Ngulia rhino sanctuary

What activities can I enjoy as a local tourist?

in which kenyan park can i find the rare bongo antelope?

which are the best places to stay at Lake Turkana - budget to average range ,I am not looking for 5 star treatment.

Dear friends I need your help.I'm working with a school and i have to Prepare 10 different itineraries for different types of groups,...

Do you know of any museum around Nanyuki or Nyeri or Meru?

one of your tourists gets bitten by a snake while on a tour in the bush. whats the first thing you do even before giving first...

Which tour operator should we consult for the best beach package or safari at Kenya?

Experienced Safari travelers

When doing an excursion at kakamega area or western circuit, Where can you be accommodated and what activities can you have?

where can I find a safari

Immunizations for our Kenya trip.

who's interest to hung out on the Easter holiday

Does anyone know what the road conditions from Mombasa to Lamu are now? Apparently some bridge was swept up, anyone know if it's now...

i would like to hire a van 7 or 8 seater to travel to mombasa perferbly a noah.self-drive about 5 days.

i need a 2 bedroomed seafront cottage during this month of February at south coast. Please give me the charges per night.

which is the best place to view crocodiles


looking for shortest route

making a safari with the best local company

Long since i went to the Maasai Mara. how is the road to Narok? Have the portholees been repaired?

is there any entry fee that one can be charged to to the peaks or climb mt kenya

Where can one find car hire services in Nyeri and at what cost?

where can a person find a good place for swimming?

I am an Tajikistan citizen. Can I get a Visa-on-arrival at Kenya?

Does anyone know the best place for whale watching?

What is the best job for me. I have guidedpeople on walking trips up mt. kenya. Gone to most National parks of Kenya. Travelled to...

anybody willing to partner wit me start an operations company to the coast?

I'm looking for someone who can sell rooms of a logde in Tsavo East (Kenya). Attractive commisions will be offered on sales. Contact...

Can you recommend a vacation package to Kenya that leaves from Frankfurt? Safari & resort time please. Thanks!?

Contact us for quality Tour Vans

which is the largest game reserve in Kenya and by how many square kilometres?

which is the best camping site in Coastal Kenya?

how hard is getting a bvisa if im an american?

does anyone knows good God fearing taxi psv drivers,tour and travel marketing officers,if yes. email details to...

what is the best place to travel to enjoy especially in this cold month

was up people? I'm a real kenyan> could like to know what else someone can find on mt.Kenya aprt from the canopies, animals and snow?

Is anyone will to take a client to north eastern, Garissa.for two days i will connect you to his and at what rate?

Anyone looking for a campsite,events venue in Kitengela?

i would like a resonable qoute for a romantic weekend for two in zanzibar

Going down to southafrica by road is one lovely experience any one who has a rough idea on the cost.!

any hotel in nairobi or voi serving delicious tender game meat?

i would like to visit hellsgate national park from nairobi.what adventure will find there

Any tips for a good conference facility including full board accomodation in Kitale and its environs?

Hi.Am a tour consultant in Nairobi.Am looking for a job as either a tour consultant or a reservations agent. incase of any vacancy...

Ok i have boys from age 15 to 20. But i need the ten itinerary for diffrent places.And they have to in kenya.Let know what you have...

Hi, does anyone know of a nice secluded and beautiful recreational place (quiet and cozy) where a group of about 20 people can picnic...

which is the best place to hung out when in eldoret and what do they offer

I realize this isn't really a question. But just wanted to give everyone a "heads-up" for the Junior World Rugby Trophy, being held...

I Want to travel into kenya for a few days. can i have the hotel rates in nairobi, maasai mara, naivasha and mombasa this are the...

Hi fellow locaytes, has any of you done a night city-tour? would you recommend it as part of your package for group of about seven...

we are planning for a family trip to mombasa on christmas. we are three famiries with 7 children. lets know where we can stay in...

Hello, might anyone know where i could find camping gear for hire?

If i want a car to hire for a trip where will i get one?

how many ibas are there in kenya and how is every ibas managed?

our company is seeking experienced agents from botswana, london, Kenya, South Africa, Florida and seychelles. anybody with...

let me have a qoute for masai mara three days two nights . for aldult non kenyans

Is there a place for butterfly watching in kenya?

I would love to witness the hunting of lions for the wildebeest during the migration, (1) where will the beests be migrating to, (2)...

How is Mtwapa in Mombasa?Do you think its a safe place for 1st timers visit?What projects and attraction sites are there?

is it necessarily that there must be a wilde beest migration, I want an opinion, what if it fails or it has never

which is the best time to visit masai mara national park

mountain climbing

Which hotels are still available at the Coast (Either North or South) during the Christmas/New Year period?

In Kisumu, Which hotels can a group of people be accommodated and what is there at Rusinga island?

I want to go to the Masai Mara National Reserve. What is the best way to organize a trip here and what are some nice but reasonable places t

as i walked around lake baringo, a site populary known for its large number of ostrish [struthio camelus] i was shoked by the late of...

I need to travel to moyale.How far is it from isiolo and are there any buses going to moyale?

Hi guys,Kindly assist on this,i need to know which are the best routes to follow while climbing mount Kenya during a rainy season,thanks!!

Does anyone know whether the wildbeest in the Mara are still crossing?


i would like to visit meru national park in kenya,are there accommondation there?which one is pocket friendly?

will there be guided tours happening on 4th Aug?

Which is the best place to take a group of fourteen where there's outdoor activities taking place & accomodation at a fare rate in Naivasha.

How can I advertise my guest house in Kenya?

i want a cottage or house either north coast or south coast for a period of one week i.e.december 7th to 13th.we are 6 adults and 4...

hellow i want to travel to lake bogoria for a short holiday. anyone with the prevoius experience. how true is that the water in this...

Is the Mombasa Dar es Salaam road good to travel and how long would it take? Thanks Reg

Did you know that you can view the Safari Rally cars 100 feet away from Ol Peron Resort and Campsite in Kitengela?

who can get me a footage of a lion killing a crocodile

I got the job opportunity in KISUMU and presently i am at the negotiation stage of my package, but preently I dont have any idea about...

I have been a student for four years. i have little traveling experience. a would wish some day to run my own tour and travel agency....

I have been asked abouit Menengai crater and need more information about this place.Where is it situated ?What are the activities...

Hi comrades! Which light aircraft on hire oparate in Kenya locally especially in the Maasai Mara Game reserve and its environs?

Wht other connection can i use to improve service deliverly and obtain more clients to the industry.!

please may anyone find for me a Data Entry Clerk job because am jobless and i have adequate experience of the same.


which is the most attractive tourist attraction site in kenya?

hi, am greg a kenyan citizen and i would love to visit hells gate and nakuru national park with my friend who is a non resident for...

Hi Localytes, am sure you are all following the happenings in Kenya especially with the Sunday bombings.How best can we deal with this...

I am planning on crossing the Chalbi dessert from east to west. Has anyone got information, advise e.t.c...

Does the upcomming refurendum offer a good environment for tourists visiting Kenya for the Wildebeast Migration thst has just began in...

Am making arrangements for anyone waiting to visit Malindi from food to accommodation. Contact me if interested

Hi i want your answers. Chipanzee found in sweetwater conservancy. Abbott's starling found in mt kenya forest. Any idea else where in kenya.

I wish to go on a good safari in Kenya and I want to know how it is and what the duration will be.

hellow every one. am looking for a travel and tour consultant who can bring change in our tour and travel business. our office is...

which is the best tour company in kenya and who is its manager and at what criteria is it said to be the best?

Am looking for an overland Tour to South Africa....anyone who knows buses or trucks that go there? And what the approximate price?

safari park

where is panorama park in kenya?

I just completed my college education having studied for a 2year diploma course in Tourism Management from Moi University and im...

Hi Locaytes I would like to hire 5 Rav4's in Mombasa. If you have any or would know someone who might have these cars, please get in...

Do you want to have more income just from your Localyte fellow?Am planning for a get together forum soon. Register for attendance.

Amongst Kenya's wild animals discuss how many types of Horns you know found in foraging & Grazzing animals found in Kenya's Game Reserves

#travel I'm thinking of going to #Africa next year, any recommendations?

which african country has the highest population of wild animals?

we have the a website for tour and safaris and our company is registered. but we have never recieved a single visitor for the last 6...

what are the best places to visit in western Kenya?

hellow any one with a good crue on how much is the trip to the world cup in south africa on june by road for the last three weeks....

Anyone knows where I can find a self catering facility in Diani

where is the most strategic edge in masai mara national park to plant my camp site as we wait for the annual big event that is...

my concern is that, the volume of the water at lake nakuru national park is decreasing gradually, consinderig the economic impact of...

Have you ever tried safari packages to Masai Mara for 3days camping from Animal Passion Tours and Safaris.Someone advise please.

how is forteen falls and thomsonfalls .do they still have the atraction scenery they had many years back. advice. current photos will...

Are you a french tourist intrested in visiting lake nakuru national park for two days at minimum price that you can afford if yes...

hicking, building touarist attraction.

mount Kenya safari club cost

can anyone direct me to a good site in northern kenya

which is the cleanest and most private beach in the coast?

Am planning for a one night camp coming August in Naivasha, who want to join? (bonfire fire,goat eating etc)Charge are reasonable.

Have friends visiting and I intend to hold a bonfire party away from home but in Nyeri.Any ideas as to the ideal location for such?

serval cat found at Soysambu Conservancy. Any idea where else in Kenya?any studies, collaring or tracking in Kenya?Research or studies?

In the Coastal Beaches of Kenya its safe to take a swim without Shark Attack unlike in South Africa Coastline where Humans Risk Explain

i need a package for 5 nights to maasai mara,camping for5 adults 2 children under 10 yrs,mid should be a road trip.

do u love ur country Kenya

where in kenya can i get the[ swallow tail ]the biggest butterfly in the world in their nartural ecosystem any one to help me.

how can one get to Fort Jesus from Nyali and to Gede

which is the best place for honeymooners

which national park as the largest number of birds

which state in africa has the highest population

helow 2010 is hear with a bung. what do it cost for 5 days 4 nights amboseli ,tsavo west and east and finaly the coast preferably...

which national park has the biggest number of crocodiles?

is there any place in mombasa or nairobi or its environs where i could see parrots??in the wild not in cages or zoos.

Where in Africa do we have the largest Lion family?

Where is the best place for swimming with dolphins?

which is the most visited national park in kenya and africa as a whole

how can one fly to cairo from entebbe using the shortest time possible

any one know this people for a transporter ,staff,airport transfer ,picnic and any other type of of transport mail us on...

any one with a problem in his travel,hotel booking or faced by difficulty in visiting places please contact me

Hi Localytes, Is Solio Ranch still ok to visit after the allocation of small pieces of land to the landless?

how is water rafting at tana river at the moment!


worldcup is coming next june.i have a group of 50 people who want to do a road trip to joburg.can anyone help us on this estmate...

our plan is to travel to kenya and tanzania starting from tsavo east and west,amboseli,lake manyara,ngorongoro crater ,seregeti park...

Am new in the tour and travel oparation and dont have a four wheel drive car for my next trip can sameone provide me with one at th...

magical kenya is the best tour destination. how do we further advertise it.?

what are the five most common wildlife i will be able to see while in meru national park?

Other than clubs,is there anything else one can do for fun while in Nyeri. Such as sky diving for instance.

Where in South Rift was the fossils of the first man found?

My first time going to Kenya and I will only be there two days. What should not be missed? I want to experience as much culture as possibl

What is the best way to treat a client in term of service ?

there is one situation that has really puzzled me,and it happened again to my friend yesterday.what do you answer a tourist when he...

Which is the kenya's biggest National park?

Which Is the first national park to be established and the biggest park in Kenya.

which is the best and fair means visit mfangano island in kenya

Does anyone know the dates for the Camel Derby in Maralal next year?

what will be the cost of driving two guests to mombasa and spend 5 fulll days and come back on the 6th day.

Is there a mystery behind the "Crying stone "of kakamega?

the best time to visit kenya

which is the most beautiful species of flowers that one can access in kenya

from which country's do we receive the largest number of tourist from..?

would love to know the activities at Shimba hills national park in Mombasa compared to Tsavo parks.

Has anyone done a safari to Kenya? tips/suggestions wanted!

which tour firm in kenya offers services for all african countries only?

where can one view wildlife in ethiopia?

how can one move from kenya to maputo on land or water

I am interested in visiting tsavo west advise me on the modest accommondation i need to book.Modest in terms of affordability and comfort.

Have to organize a weekend out with my buddies and it has to be in the great rift.Where is that one magical place for a boys night out?

where can one get entertained with the swahili taarabu music along the coast area on april as from 10th to 14th.

I kindly need a quotation for hiring a 25 seater bus to the following areas; Coast-2days Nairobi NP -1 day Sagana-1day

which is the best hotel in mombasa and less expensive.

family holiday is the best holiday in Kenya.Which is the best place for family holiday this december

Is it possible to climb mountain during rainy season.. Can someone please assist coz am planning Mt Kenya trekking tomorrow.

How do i start my own! small agency!

Hi, anyone with any info as pertains to sleep and shower at the JKIA...cost plus availability.Urgent

Hi, anyone out there know a place in or near Nairobi that offers team building activities like high ropes courses and paintball?

Anyone knows about Lewa Wilderness (the horse & camel rides with animal herds) And how much it costs? An itinerary too will be welcome too.

Mombasa born and raised, I'd like to know if as a US citizen I can retire in Mombasa and what would be the requirements?

Is there a tented camping site near nairobi eg nakuru,naivsha with a swimming pool offering recommended accommodation?

HI iif waant t o travel to kongelo which Bus should i take or flight number? and is there any accomodation near by??

Lion, Buffalo, Leopard, Rhino & Elephant are Africa's BIG FIVE. Why's the name & which is the best Park/Reserve to see all of them in a day?

any accomodation for arawale national reserve?

Wht is our market forcus this season..

Hi, will appreciate some information on Rhino Sanctuaries in Kenya..

which is the best place to visit for honeymoons.

I have a group of 10 to 15 pax,they want to spend Christmas in Zanzibar,which cottages are the best and budget ones.

What other day trips would you give to a traveller apart fom the normal excursions,Lk. Nakuru and Naivasha??

How well do you know Kenya

how many countries are there in asia?

I need to hire a safari range rover old model but in good condition for 10 days, someone kindly advice me on where to get two of them withou

I would like to know where in Mombasa one can find good Indian food.

which is the biggest national park in kenya

Where would one eat roasted beef/ goat meat on his way to Mara if he was from Kisumu?

who is the chair of kenya tourism board?

the biggest animal in masai mara.

i wish to visit an orphanage which has a hostel for tourists, where can i find a similar one around nairobi?

Just wanted to know what other attractions in Kogelo (Obama's origin) apart from tourists just coming to see where Obama 's father came from

i want a good package for 5 days to western kenya for 10 people,23rd to 28th dec.


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