Questions about Tokyo, Japan

Hi Lance

Lost in information! 2-3 Suggestions on what to do in a week in Tokyo!

Anyone know how the weather is in Tokyo in early June?

I will be going to Mt Fuji from Shinjuku. I plan to perhaps stay 1 night at Kawaguchiko then check out in the morning and thereafter...


greetings! we are planning to visit Karuizawa in early Dec to experience some snow. Any recommendations of where to stay there?...

I am looking for anyone to help me out and show us tokyo for a an afternoon and help us navigate the good bars and clubs at night. ASAP!

where to visit ard Tokyo for snow ard 12 dec?

Hi, will soon start regular business trips to Tokyo and wanted to know which are the hip gay places to hang out! Thanks a lot.

another question! is Nagano City a good base to visit ski resorts ard 9-12 Dec? Most ski resorts only seem to open later in dec but...

traveling home

Mount Fuji tour

Budget flights into Tokyo

I hope to visit the Hakone in 1 day to try a outdoor Onsen, view Mt Fuji & Owakudani. Pls suggest a Onsen for nonguest? & the route too. =)

kung fu and feng shui

Narita Airport to Asakusa station

Who can give me a good start on a 15 days tour in Japan

I have a 6 hour layover in Tokyo. I would love some suggestions about how I can make the most of this time without missing flight!

I'm going to Shinjuku and would like to what to do by myself while my husband is working during the day and also things to do at nigth...

Hi I posted a question here before and got so many helpful advices - thank you. This time I'll be a little more specific - I arrive...

how to go to tokyo sea llife park


i will be in tokyo for two days. i collect sneakers. where is the best place to shop?

do anyone know the music bar near Akihabara JR train station, I would like to get the address to this place

Hello! Can anyone tell me where I can find a Naginata dojo in Tokyo that will accept a Beginner level non Japanese student?

What Wattage travel converter?

Location of Yoshinoya restaurants in Tokyo, please

How much spending money should I bring. Staying for 12 days...

高知県 吾川郡 いの町 下八川丁 3800

Hi, has the Keisei Line schedule change:

Is the safe for a women to travel aroundShinijuku alone, and should I bring my pass port with me at all times?

I'm from Hong Kong. How to book Prince Snow Resort Karuizawa ?

Hi, If i buy a Canon camera from yodobashi camera, will the menus be in Japanese, also is the warranty only valid in Japan. (i am from India

American Tv Show Big Brother Jeff Schroeder is doing a new show called Around the World for Free and is coming to Tokyo on Monday..Any...

first date tokyo

I will have stayed in Hotel Villa Fontaine Roppongi Annex next week. Where can I take a good Japanese lunch/dinner at a reasonable price?

safe to travel with kids to japan

We are visiting Tokyo 19-28 July. What dates are the Sumida Fireworks displays and where is the closest Hotel for viewing?

I have a 7 hr layover in Haneda(5:15AM Arrival). What are some cool things to do? I heard the tuna actions don't allow visitors right now.

Where to get cheap digital cam and portable harddisk)? How much cheaper should I expect the items to be? Any big chain stores?

Booked my flight to Beijing today - Comes with a 12-hour layover in #Tokyo! What should I see?!

I am coming to Tokyo from 15/8 to 19/8, would like to take some cooking classes especially wagashi, any suggestions?

Hi, What is there to do within walking distance of the Hyatt Regancy in Shinjuku?

best tonkatsu restaurant in ueno

How much is an average beer at a bar in toyko?

Arriving Tokyo Narita airport. Need to get to Hotel Vista Kamata. Can give me detail description(step by step) how to get to hotel, please?

Who's been to Japan/Tokyo? How much are the usual package tours? Is a week enough? :)

where to eat in a budget in shinjuku?

I'm new to the Tokyo area and am looking to research/purchase antique jewelry for a new project. Where/how is the best place to accomplish?

Traveling on business to Tokyo with my teenage children. Any suggestions for fun, teen-friendly places to eat dinner?

My boyfriend and I are traveling to Tokyo for only 2 days in the end of July. I have looked at many tourist books and travel guides. I...

I will have 2.5 free days in Tokyo on April 3,4, and 5th 2011. Is there a place to buy remnants of fabric from a costume museum?


hello there! arriving at 5PM, where is a must go on my first night?

how far is air night club from the ANA Intercontinental hotel in raponggo.Is it walking distance. Thanks

where is it?

What are the best places to send executives to eat in Tokyo?

Favorite hostel in #Tokyo? I need a place for 1 night between Kobe & Narita on JR line. Please share.

Pls recommend average budget place to stay Mt Fuji,traditional guesthouse + hotspring. Is Hakone near?

With all the radiation fear, can someone from Tokyo let us know how is everything there? Still have tremours? Is the seafood safe to eat?

@ToshioK So is Disney in #Tokyo really worth a visit with young children? #travel

Im going to Tokyo for 3 days in Feb in Higashi Shinjuku. Recommendations to places to visit, and private spas? thx in advance.


Where can I find Akihabara Tours available on March 2012?

i am going to visit tokyo for 4 days should i buy JR pass?

is there any place in Shinjuku for dance

We're planning to stay at the Ginza Tokyu Hotel in a few months but can't seem to get a reservation. Is the hotel closed ???

How can I make a reservation at the Easton Hotel? I can't seem to find a website for it. Thanks.

we been tokyo 4 times and will be making another trip this april. how do we hook up a local to do what the locals do

What is a good tourist area to book a hotel in Tokyo?

does it hae good chicken?

Where are the best places to go to try the different styles of ramen?

What's there to do in Shibuya ?

greetings:) I would like to attend asakusa sanja matsuri festival. I know its held in mid may but do any one knows exact time ?

will spend 4 days in Toyko in Sept this year, Love to see trendy, local young designer shops, average price, which area/hotel u recommend

Hi Sir Namaste, can i ask some of japanese culture,

whats the best meal you can get at the Barbacoa restarunt

Do you provide tour with SUV around interesting spots in Tokyo and also in bamboo forests and fishing spots?

We live in Japan (not Tokyo) and tonight we are meeting friends, who are here on holiday, in Tokyo for dinner. Where should we go?

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