Questions about Japan

We are planning a trip to Japan,how long should stay to see all sights?

Do I need to climb Mount Fuji or can I take a cable car all the way up or somewhere middle?

Where is the best place to see people working in rice fields near Tokyo in April?

Fun things to do in Japan? What are the secret things only locals do?

What places should I definitely not miss seeing in Japan?

I will be in Osaka/ kyoto during Golden week- May 2nd- 5th, and am a little worried about finding accomodations. are there lots of...

Where is the beautiful Onsen in Hakone? Where is the cheapest ryokan in Hakone? Is the best onsen located in same ryokan /hotel? thank you

Hello,I am an Indian traveller going to Japan. Need a good 4-5 star range hotel with an Indian restaurant.Pls help me.

Etiquette for travelers

Hi everyone:) I am visiting Japan again, this time Osaka, and would love to visit some of the themed restaurants I have heard about-...

How can I be sure that I am being polite?

In which season does Japan show it's best face to tourists?

Which places(cities or states) in Japan are the ocean or have a beach?

Which places should I visit in Japan that normal tourists don't usually get to see?

Hi, My wife and I intend to spend 4 or 5 days in Niseko, Hokkaido. So, what part of Niseko is best for skiing ? And any good not too...

I am getting married in july and planning a honeymoon to Japan. My wife loves nature, culture and food while i love historical places,...

What's the best way for a gaijin to find a place to rent by the month around Hirakata (between Osaka and Kyoto on the Keihan line)?

Planning a vacation to Japan ... Any tips? (sightseeing, food, accommodation, transport)

I am taking a week's holiday in Tokyo. I need your recommendations for places to visit, things to do and shopping.

Is it consider rude if I bow and Im caucasian when I am in Japan?


Im planning on taking a trip to tokyo sometime in the near future but im not sure when the best time to go is. Im thinking mabey April...

Greetings All, Will there be good snow on the slopes of Shiga Kogen from mid December? We are planning to stay there for a week...

Sushi tour

How much do I tip?

How do I fond host family in Tokyo, Japan?

How can I find out about events and festivals happening in Japan over golden week? I am on a student exchange from the UK and will be...

How do I get to Iriomote Island?

I am quite interested in taking a long vaction to Japan mainly Tokyo and maybe a trip to Akihabara. I can speak, read, and write a...

I plan on travelling for 2 months throughout Japan, some by bus/train but mostly hitchhiking. I am highly considering purchasing a...

What nightlife can we expect at Tokyo and Kyoto?

I am planning a longer trip of about 8-9 weeks in japan. what should i expect on this trip and how much money should i approximately...

i am flying from usa to narida airport from may 14 till the 23rd (not much time). i most want to go to see the monkey park which i...

Is there wifi in hotels

Hallo, thought of travelling Japan since long time ago, any summarise tour can be recommend with cheap cheap price (must include everything)

What is good for shopping in Japan?

Family, to move to Japan?

Hi I am a 24 year old female and intend to visit tokyo in the last week of dec with a friend...This is our first time visiting tokyo...

What are the top 10

Planning to visit Chugoku in my Japan tour,need details.

what is the nearest city to tokyo and which will not take more then 1 hour to travel to tokyo by train?

does someone tell me how i can go to Mt.Fuji from Tokyo? I want to do one day trip to Mt. Fuji. it will be great if someone can be...

Hi everybody, I will be traveling to japan on mid of July for 10 days. I plan to visit several places such as Hiroshima, Hokkaido,...

travel advice wanted

Hello All. My husband I are interested in living in Japan for a little while. We are both Black Americans and I want to know if it...

What is best time of year for travel?

Planning to visit Japan during Sakura Festival.I'm from the US.

where is hitoana cave located?

what is the best place fro the travelers in Tokyo Japan?

I'm looking for cheap (but not in hostels) accomodations for 2 people in the Tokyo and Osaka area in 2 months time. I will require...

Wat ot know about Saghamehara

looking for any information on camping sites and surfing schools in Kochi,Shikoku island. I plan to go there september 1st thru...

The cost to get a tour guide

can you really buy alcohol in vending machines?

do I need an adapeter?

Is 'Vivre le Japon' a reputable dealer of the JR pass? Feedback appreciated!

Sushi tour is possible in the month of Aug.?

What is the best, fastest way to get from Kansai Airport to our hotel, the b Kobe in Kobe when we arrive in Japan in April

Volcano Tour is possible in Japan ?

Best shops in Japan for buying used electronics ?

best ramen in ebisu?

How to get yokohama and what are the beautiful things in japan and Yokoama?

Are there any entrance ticket to Mt.Fuji?

Is there wifi in hotels?

what is the cheapest transportation to be used in japan?

how to get a local map in english?

Which season is best to see Hokkaido? Is May,july or August a good time?

Is the Kato Sake Brewery still in existnce in Nozaki Village, Wakayama?








































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