Questions about Venice, Italy

Hi! I need nice and cheap accommodation in Venice for March 2010. If it's in the "center" even better, or at least a place where is...

Dear all!!! Could you advice the best wedding agency in Venice? Is August good month for marriage in Venice? What is avarage price for...

Does anybody know how much a gondola ride cost in Venice?

Is the vaporetto the best way to travel from Piazza San Marco to the cruise port? How long is the ride? We are staying at Hotel Riva,...

Where is the gondola factory located ?

Which is the best location to stay at venice I'm there for a couple of days with my wife from 22nd to 25th.

Transfer from Bergamo to Venice

Hello, I need little bit information about parking in Mestre. How much it costs for 50 places bus if we are staying here for one day?...

How can I get from Trevis air port to the hotel Nuova Locanda Belvedere (Via Mezzacapo1, 30175 Venice, Italy)?

Hello, I am organising a trip to Italy for my friends, but I don't know how much costs a ferry or something else to the Venice if we...

I'm going on my honeymoon in sept and were looking for a 4-6 day cruise out of Venice on a smaller ship that goes to ports the big...

what is the depth of the canals

Hi, I'm coming over to Venice with a group of 8 between 31st March and 4th April 2009.

when is the best time of year to visit

My husband, I and my 13 year old are planning on visiting venice soon. When is the best time of year to visit? I don't want to be with...

Hi, Looking for nice and cheap accommodation in/around venice for first week in Nov. 09. Thanks for your help

We are staying in Venice (Dorsodura) this Sept. and wanting to spend a day exploring the Dolomite Mountains ( Sesto region). Can we...

where to hire the car (minivan) for 9 days at reasonable price

Hi, We will be in Venice for 3 nights in a couple of week and would like suggestions of good dining options. Thanks!

shopping in Venice

Hi there :) My boyfriend graduates in december, so my plan was to take him on a christmas trip to Venezia. I don't want to plan an...

will i be troubled by mosquitoes in venice this weekend?

Is there a bike shop you could recommend that my husband and I can rent road bikes to venture out of venice proper for a day. What...

How do I get from St Marco to Dorsoduro?

Do you know the best time to visit Venice?

I received an email with pictures of Venice with people wearing tall boots to get around because Venice is so flooded. Is this true?

looking for restaurant recommendations in Venice pleae

I'm arriving at Treviso at night. What are the best options to get from there to Venice?

Is it possible to find reasonably priced accommodation in Venice?

Translator for three days 20-22 March inclusive

My husband and I would love to spend a day in the dolomites exploring on our own. We are staying in Dossedori. Should we take a train...

Ferries in Venice?

hello everybody, could someone advice what time is the latest waterbus line running until (inbound Lido island)? thanks a lot;)

Romantic hotel in Venice?

Do you know how long is trip from Paris to Venice with 2 stops in Nice and Monaco will take?

Looking for friends in Venice

please, need information about water taxis from marco polo airport to venice. need to be cost conscience but also i am older and do...

iam wondering how can i gget into other europian counties as iam an non- europian citizen. thanks for your fastest replay than i...

What is the best and cheapest way to get from Ljubljana to Venice? Also inexpensive accommodation in Venice. Maybe recommend nice hostel?

When is the Festival of Venetian Gardens for 2011 please. I am not clear on the dates. I am travelling to Venice in october. Thank you.

Is there any ballroom dance clubs/halls in Venice? I prefere authentic ballroom dancing, not discoteca.

my boyfriend says, water in Venice stinks, is that true?

venice restaurant recommendations?

Hello, I'm looking for the address Cannaregio 1921 where on the map do I find it. Lots of Cannaregio on map

when on a gondola saw a bar in a cave with stalactites -anyone know the name. Thanks

I saw people on a boat tour in the back canals of Venice once. Who runs boat tours - not Gondolas - english tour guide please?

I have to find (affordable) lodging for 12 people... In Venice. This should be fun. Any suggestions?

Any good restaurant near the Venice train station still open at 22:00?

Where can we buy the boots in Venice if it will be high water and what is the average price?

where is a good place to stay, without costing to much?

Are there any places that might have Sky Sports?

how are the winters

If you only had a day and night in venice would you go to verona? What is the must sees of ether city?

san giorgio dei greci it open all day and the lift working...going next week

what is venices climate likeand what are the seasonal temperatures

cost of beer and wine

top 5 non tourisy authentic eateries

will be in Venice for 2 full days. Staying at the hotel bonvecchiati. What is the best way to see the sights of Venice?

Any comments for cip's restaurant in cipriani hotel? Its terrase is it nice for a romantic dinner in May? Do the locals go there? Thank you

I want to watch Sky Sports tv on Sunday (2pm Italian time) in venice. just 2hrs of my 5 day visit. any help?

My husband doesn't eat pasta or tomatoes if we went out for a meal what would you suggest he ate?

I am staying at the Hotel Continental in Cannaregio and have to get to the San Girolamo Apartment at Calle Longa Chiovere de S. Girolamo

Weare a family of 5 (3 kids). Can you suggest very reasonable reatuarants for our Venice trip 6/11-18/2011? Thanks

leaving for #Venice tomorrow. What are the must sees & eats? #Italy #foodie

Find a hotel in Venice isn't an easy task :( Could someone recommend good but not expensive hotel in Venice? Till 80€.

How much does is cost a taxi boat from marco polo airport to St. Marcs?

Any romantic restaurant with candlelights, nice food and view for my birthday in May? Do you know linea d'ombre or fortuni in cipriani?

I am going to be in Venice in September 18-20 2011 does anyone know where there will be an Opera during one of these dates preferably 19th

Anyone who want to chat with me about Venice? I need some good advice for my travel in June. We could talk on a msn or skype.

What area should a young woman not go?

15 years ago I was on a gondola in venice and we passed a place that looked like a bar with stalactites in it. Do you know if thiplace?

Looking for a place with live music on September 16th.

can you pls help me how to transfer (by bus ) from Marco polo airport to treviso airport

Marco Polo Airport in Venice.


need a restaurant that has a private dining room for 20 people celebrating a wedding and would allow DJ music.

how far away is the airport to the ports I am going on a crusie next year a need to know

what are some good musem to go to

What is the entry fee for the Doge's Palace . Also for St Mark's Basilica?

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