Questions about Rome, Italy

Where can I find the best Tiramisu in Rome?

When is off-season for tourists in Rome?

Cute, Quiet Restaurant in Rome

Does Campanile Shoes have a website?

I'm looking for cooking classes, wine tours, etc. I'm a single traveler on a budget. What do you have to offer or recommend?

Will it be okay to visit Rome during the Easter weekend or are the tourist spots closed?

how long does it take to fly from Tampa fl to italy rome ?

I am looking for a french guide in Rome. Where can I find one ?

do u think 3 days are enough to see rome ?

i'm travelling to Rome in Aug/Sept this year. I wanna know what are the best clubs for 20 year olds like me, that want to meet people...

Cost of 2 day tour for 4 adults. Sept.9 & 10

Does Campanile have a website?

how long does it take to get to rome from paris

What is the best way to travel around Rome?

We are coming to Rome in November for a special romantic birthday treat, we have visited the Forum & collesium previously and would...

can I buy tickets for the sistene chapel at the vatican

I will be visiting in November and wanted some suggestions for restaurants near the Spanish Steps where my hotel is.

Where is the best non-touristy bar in the Trastevere?

looking for a great market place and inexpensive place to shop.

places to eat in piazza venezia?

Hi, do I have to pay to visit the Stadio dei Marmi ?

how do I get to Hydromania

I'll be staying in Rome over Christmas and New Years. What do Romans do for these holidays? What do you recommend I do?

Does anybody know the La Locanda di Van Gogh Hotel in Rome? I'm staying in Rome for two weeks.

Lungotevere Aventino

i need a minivan from rome / florence / venice / geneva / interlaken / zurich. a motorhome for 6 - with driver preferred.

I am flying to Rome,Ciampino airport,what is the best way to travel to city centre? train or bus? what is the cost? approximately how...

Seeing Rome through the eyes of a local

Appartments in Rome

best place to eat in rome

Are there any running/jogging areas(parks) in Rome? any other outdoor sports a visitor could do(cycling?)

I`ll be staying at Rome for this Saturday (January 21). What is most worth doing/seeing for this one day?

Please help me to get from Fiumicino Airport to Hydromania.

hi I'm 21 years old i will arrive to termini Rome and i dont know what do i have a couple of hours until i met with a friend.

I'm going with 7 friends we are 18 years old and we wanted some nightclubs where we could go. Thankyou

I'm going to be in Rome on my Honeymoon in September and I am looking for a private Tour guide.

we stay in Rome on 25-26-27 november 2011; has anyone suggestions for live music, musicals or music-dinners on those dates? our age is...

Trying to decide on an apartment - between one on via della purificazione or via monserrato. Which would you suggest?

hey we are visiting rome beginning of april. What do you recommend

can you tell us of a good classy night club or wine bar to go too , we are 50 years so would like people our age tks

best route to take from London to Rome

Doea anyone know how long it will take to travel to Rome then to Reggio di Calabria using the Eurostar?How much would it cost?

One Month in Europe and no clue where to go

Do you think that September is good time to visit Rome?

What are the best spots to visit in Rome, Italy?

Suggestions for train trip

what restaurants/pizzerias in Vatican area would you suggest?

I am coming to Rome Sept of next year. This is a very budget trip for me so can anyone reccommend some cheap / clean accomodations. ...

Is there a web-guide (in english preferably) on restaurants/bars/clubs etc that Italians consult to choose whrere is best to go?

What is the best way to go about finding an apartment in Rome Italy as an american here on business?

Hello Nancy! I will go to Roma in may and i need to book a cheap hotel!

where can i find an apartment good for 2 persons for 500 euros/month?

Hello All I am planing to spent one weekend in Rome with one of my colleague. Can you recomend me some nice place for diner or...

Dutch journalist looking for locals in Rome to tell something about culture and arts in the city, going out, eating out and shopping.

Hi. How much would it cost me to get from Fiumicino Airport to the Stazione area in Rome, Feb 18 and back to airport Feb 21. Thanks

We will be staying at an apartment near Piazza Mazzini near the Ottaviano Metro station. What would be a good local resturant nearby?

how is the restaurant in The Hassler--Imago?

can you give us a good local restaurant in or near to via Maroniti, thanks.

Hotel Barberini- would you reccommend? Does it have elevator and shower?

What is the best way to visit Pompeii for a day on 18-02-2011

What is the cheapest and most efficient way to travel around Rome from near Termini? What is the cheapest entry to ancient monuments?

Hi, i would be coming to Rome on the 11th of may and i would need some showing around.would be staying for a couple of days.

Could you please advise a special place in Rome that need to be visited?

Looking for a house to buy were do I go?

I'm moving to Rome in a few months. Should I live in Parioli or Cassia (close to AOSR)?

Hello everyone! We're going to Rome for 8 days and have a few questions.

Where in Rome is Pizza Re di Roma? I am having trouble finding it non a map.

Hi I am thinking of visting during my honeymoon. What are the prices for Da Lucia?

I need to know the tel. no of Tian jin Chinese restaurant nearSpanish square.and two more good Chinese restaurant in Roma...

What is the best Chinese restaurant near the Coliseum in Rome?

i m coming to rome tomorrow so if you can guide me either on thursday or friday or if you cant, can you give a reference for someone nice

Do you know the cheapest airfare to Europe right now?

Do you know a nice place to stay in Rome for 10 people? Not a hotel.

Looking for a nice hostel in Rome? june/2009

I plan to visit Italy in June, do you know a small city that I can go to?

Hotels in Rome, FLorence and Cinque Terre (happening area, low cost)

info about rome / capri day trips - on 6th september

2 days in Italy.

What is Rome like for new years?

Hello, I plan to visit Rome in May 2010, basically I might be travelling alone for leisure. I would like to inquire about good yet...

Hi! I would like to know some nice and cheap accommodation in Rome (for March 2010) for a married couple, if it's in the center even...

resturants near trevi fountain and pentheon

where can i find personal guides ,peoples who are always in contacts with tourist?

we are travelling to rome on 8th april for 4 nights as celebration of a ffriends 60th birhtday there are 4 of us, staying at Le Stanze...

a really good luxury apartment for 4 in rome?

Saturday night, May 22. I will be in Rome on my birthday. Suggestions for dinner?

Is it possible to walk from the rail station at Termini in Rome to the Parioli neighborhood (Via Acherusio)?

Any idea which is the most budgeting transport I can go from Rome to Santorini island and cont to Turkey ?

Is Al Moro a good restaurant for a 60th birthday dinner

how's the food

Can you suggest a good, nice restaurant that is not very expensive and that is not touristic

Which area in Rome can i find an affordable flat share to rent, and which area in Rome can i find summer work related to tourism such...

Very excitedly heading off to Rome this Thursday! Looking for restaurant and itinerary recommendations - suggestions?

Does Bar Navona also sell seuvoniers?

I am looking for a trust worthy, reliable company that has apartments for rent for 4-7 days for families traveling to Rome.

do you recommend Hostaria Romana?

I had lunch in a very very old restaurant beneath the Teatro Marcellus and cannot recall the name. Please help?

I'm going to Rome for five days with my boyfriend and want to do something romantic. I've already thought of the baths. Any other ideas?

Hi, I will be on my Honeymoon in rome 9/19-9/23. Can you quote prices on various tours to see the great sights in rome. Vatican Colliseum

best way to get to campo di fiori

i am visiting rome from 30/12 until 03/01!will it be able to see sightseeings those days or everything will be closed due to holidays?

Hello, I'm searching for cheap souvenirs shop. Do you know some? Thanks

what would the price be for a dinner for two?

we are looking for a lesbian club in rome. does one exist? thanks!

Do Romans tip in restaurantsin Rome? If yes, how is the tip calculated?

I'm planning a trip to Rome, when do you think is the best time to visit?

Do you think it is good to rent a villa in Tuscany to see Rome and the other cities?

Can anyone suggest me the best yet the cheapest way to go Rome from Venice?

how much does it cost

How big is Rome /FCO/ airport?

i have uk full drving licence ,i have sia security licnces. can i get a security job.

i want to travel to Italy for vacation.

i am going with my family to rome for christmas. is there any special event (including christmas luch or dinner) or anything else...

Hi,and happy new year! - my daughter wants to celebrate her 40th birthday in Rome - sept 20 - approx 25 friends and family. I've been...

What is the easiest and tourist-friendly way to get to Rome city centre from the Fiumicino airport?

any bus tours in Rome?

Hello Nancy. my wife son and I will be in Rome June 15 for three days and would be interested in a tour. please tell me how your...

My son has been studying in rome for 4 months. He leaves in a week. Where can he shop for clothing thats less expensive in the...

hi how are you?

What is the area near termini station Via Principe Amedeo like to live in

I am traveling to Rome for 6 nights beginning of March. Where is the one place I should see that the average tourist knows nothing about?

Hi=) Im celebrating New year in Rome=)and I wonder where I should do that? Any club ,party or carneval?and parties going on after New...

my son is 11 is he old enough to enjoy the gladiator school he would love to do this but not sure if its for adults only

When is the market open?

Tell me about the horse show in siena italy

What is a good area of Rome to stay that has interesting shops, resturant, homes.

Hi, I`m going to Rome and my returning flight is at 7am from Fiumicino airport.Can anyone tell me how to get there so early in the morning?

Testaccio or Aventino, in the 24 of april ( pasquetta ) can we visit San anselmo church ? Sabina , parcs eat at trattorias or closed ? tks

@Abiwhere Anyone got any good #Rome tips? Restaurants/things to do/places to be/hotels?

Where are the restaurants in Rome that only locals know about?

Where's the best area to stay in Rome for less touristy living, markets, nightlife?

Oh Italy is getting close, little bit excited. When In Rome.... anyone got any tips??

I'll be in Rome with my family (2 adults, 2 grown up kids) for a couple of days in May. Aside from the Vatican and Colosseum, what to see?

Any tips on what not to miss out on (bars/restaurants/food/sightseeing/etc.) in Rome, except the obvious?

Ciao! I need a good deal for 2 nights in Rome Apr 30- May 2, 2011. Got anything tips?

Any tips on cool places to chill/see/visit in #Rome? #travel

We are looking for great Italian food at a reasonable price of 50e for two. A place where locals eat.

Is Rome fun for a single person who doesn't actually plan on going to Rome?

could you recommend a beach holiday for us - we will be driving from Kitzbuhel in Austria to Italy at end of August. Is Venice Lido just too


i would like to know the name of bar or pub or night club which is next to termini staion on via giolitti; i want ot know web site

We'd like to hire a private guide for one day and are trying to decide between: Vatican City & Museum -or- Forum, Colloseum and that area

Where is arid ang exactly located

Hi! Me and my friend are going to Rome to study Italian for 2 weeks in August. I found out about ticket called ROma Pass, please...

Can you recommend a nice place which is affordable to stay in Rome?

hi, my friend and I are going to Rome on the 24th of September till the 4th of October. We are looking for an apartment. something not...

Hello Mauro. My wife and I along with our 18 yr. old son will be in Europe this June. our plan right now is to be in Italy the week of...

Hello Brigitte. we will be in Rome June 8 for three days. I am traveling with my wife and 18 yr old son. We are interested in an...

Hello Sarah. I am traveling with my wife and 18 yr old son to Rome this June. we will be there for three days and are interested in at...

visiting rome first time for 3 days,what must i not miss!

The best Vatican Tour Company?

Hello - I an staying at Hotel Pineta Palace - is it a good hotel central to Roam? Via San Lino Papa 35 Rome, RM 00167 Italy

Planning to visit Rome around Dec 18th for 3-4 days, what would be the best way to get there from Strasbourg,France? how much would it...

I will be arriving in Rome on a Sunday around 9AM IS THERE A NEARBY Church so we can attend Mass about 10 or 11 AM?

I recently saw a video about a small eatery in Rome which sold the Doner Kebob (similar to a sandwich). I am looking for someone who...

Best view from a hotel balcony in Rome?

Hi, i was recently in Rome and went to a small bar that was off a side street of Piazzo Navona, it was opposite a shop with lots of gifts

Hi. I am looking for a review of the restaurant Casina Valadier. It was suggested as a romantic place to celebrate our anniversary dinner.

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