Questions about Italy

Is an American drivers license valid in italy

what are some facts or history about the Trevi Fountain

Places to visit in Italy

Where are the best beaches in Italy?

Train service in Pisa (Italy)?

Can I wear tennis shoes in Italy.

Italy (North Part) activities

Someplace new to visit in Italy

Fun things to do in Italy? What are the secret things only locals do?

How do I hire a persoanl driver

How much do you give for a tip to a waiter in Italy?

I will be traveling to southern italy and Sicily in August with my family. We are looking to spend a few days at a sandy beach...

we need local guide service for a group of 6/7 .... 3 days in rome and 2 days in florence ...... we can pay about 100 / 120 euros per...

rome in 1 day

Hi!I fly to Venezia late at night on the 31st of August.Then I have to take a taxi to Lido di Jesolo (as I suppose there will be no...

wich are the best places to visit in Italy if you love the countriside and olgd architecture, wine, etc.

Do you know any great place to visit while in Italy?

We are looking for an apartment for the first week of August for four people (two couples) in our fifties. We would like a nice beach...

January in Italy?

3 18 yr old females need to know about safety issue

We have two children (ages 6 and 4). We would like to take them to Italy. Which cities are most kid friendly?

Hey Guys what is the cheapest and safest place to stay in Rome, for a week, in July, 09. Are there any guest houses or someone willing...

Hia, we are going to visit Rome on the first w-e of very curious in general about this jewel city...but there...

please advise me about getting a privete room for me and my wife for 3 days thanks

Hello! I`m going to Italy this September. I`ll arrive to Rome and then I`m going to Amalfi coast (by train). I tried get any...

Has anyone here ben to Italy? Can you tell me something about it?

Hello! I will be travelling with my three boys (8,9,10) to Italy in the last week of March. I was thinking to visit Pompeii, and the...

Can anyone tell me what their favourite sity in Europe is?

I need a bicycle in Tuscany for two weeks.

how should I get from naples to Pompeo or amalfi. ferry?

Hello, on 13 of April i'm going to Rome and a bit to the south (Naples) and then up to the north (Siena, Florence, Venice, Verona). I...

what do i wear on my trip to italy?

need family resort in Italy

Whats the best ways and cheapest way to call from Italy to the US?

looking for golf course near campo asso

Hello We are now looking at Sardinia for a familly vacation. Can we rent anywhere or should we favor one side of the island above...

How close is the Marconi hotel from the city centre

Where is our famous footballer Fabio Canavoro was born

i wuld like to visit places were the people live in farms real rural areas some can help me whit something

hello I am coming to catania on 16 may morning. I am looking for a guide for a price of 10 euro and just to take photo graphs and accompany

İs there any good quality and cheap 3 STAR hotel near by rome city center for my group ( 70 pax) date between 19-22 MAY 2009 ?

i need to take 3 night 4 day trip to florence / venice ... it can be by train / coach but should be reasonably priced.

When is good season to visit Italy?

am taking a Princess cruise Oct 2010 originating in Venice. how do I contact you regarding tour of Rome?? Thank you

What's a piazza?

Hello! I am interested in steam cog railway tour. Are there any in your area?

Planning a vacation in Italy - 3 days each in Rome,Venice and Milan. How best to enjoy my holiday?

Do you suggest a place in Rocca San Casciano, Forli?

Do you know whats the best time to travel to Italy?

Buon giorno! I will be traveling to Italy for approximately 7 weeks towards the end of June. The first 6 weeks will be spent at an...

Can you do mystery shopper in your country? I do it in my country and I want to know if people are available for this? Thanks!

hey i want some one lives in Cairo,Egypt to help me in learning Italian language If you Can plz contact me THX bye

I a need place to rent for two weeks in italy

hey i would like to visit rome need your help

I am looking for somebody who can transfer 4 people with luggage from Civitavecchia sea port to the airport with possible 2 hour tour...

Hi, I would really love to visit Rome really soon! I know no one there but I'd really like to experience it to the full, come day or...

A trip to North Italy in April

Vorrei sapere della gita a Firenze. Se e piu comodo fare un viaggio in estate o in altra stagione dell'anno? Che luoghi speciali si...

what's the oldest thing in the city centre?

while visiting italy - do you think seeing blue grotto at capri amust ? pls advise.

accomodations and sightseeing

Is it better to visit Italy or France?

Hi, how much does it cost to get from Italy to Albania by a ferry. Need to get with one car and 4 people. How long is the journey?

Is it legal to rides in italy in forests or offroads tracks on motorbikes? I'm going to travel near Cortona or Fosciandera.

hello i wanted to come to italy this summer i wanted to ask if anyone knows a cheap student hostel anywhere in Italy ? and can u plz...

Anyone knos about the most beautiful countryside places in Itally? Kind of romantic, but country getaways?

Does the south of Italy, camping, free parking, mud can we stay free from somebody else's land?

2 weeks in Italy in October. Where do you think I should go? #travel #Italy

Driving in Italy ( North )

Hello Friends, Can you help me? I'm looking for experienced network marketeers to head up a new network in your country and I...

what is the best town to be visited for Christmas in Italy?

Spending 1 week on the amalfi coast in one accomodation

Planning on visiting Positano - need a hotel without a lot of steps. Problem with climbing. Ages 70 & 67

What agencies organize flights by balloons in Italy? Thanks.

what would be the best way to experience Rome in one afternoon and evening? like to try wine tasting and a restaurant with local ombiance.

On August 7 we will be in Italy, in Milan, is it possible to rent a car for 23 days if the driver is only the Russian law the...

io sono Anita

Hi, i'm going to Italy in November, and got few quastions: 1) how to reach Genoa from Milan or Bologna (if bus or trains please send me link

Where we can go in Verona

I am going to Milan in September with my boyfriend and looking for place to stay 2-3days. Can you recomend some nice but not to Expansive

where to stay in sicily

What are the most beautiful tourist attraction in Florence Italy? Where does the statue of David of Michaelangelo located?

Rome/Venice/Verona/Como/Piza/Garda/Milan? Can sadly only do two, think I have to pick Rome. What do you think?

We are a couple with two boys-7&11 yrs. We will be staying in Motta Camastra (Sicily). Can you please suggest things we could do?

Hello! I would like to know where I can buy leather things in Itaky.Not expensive

I would like to know wath is the best way to travell to Italy, by me self or with a travell agency, for 15 days

hello can you help me! for you what is most beautiful places to do canyoning in Italy?

Italy: I'm looking for a good place to stay in or near Siena.?














Friuli-Venezia Giulia


Trentino-Alto Adige

Valle d'Aosta





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